Sunday 1st December 2019. Mostly about pain, discomfort and musing…

Monday 25th November

A day of rest.

Tuesday 26th November

I have almost completed my last heavy duty drugs but still have some opioids that make me drowsy or at least not me. I stopped taking them over the weekend, trying to go Cold Turkey…after all I am a strong male….right? And these are just a few tablets to help me get through the pain which is diminishing anyway…right? All I have to do is just stop and I am strong enough to cope….right?

Yeah. Right!

I visited the Osteotherapist today and told him my story and he was pleased I was getting off those drugs and prescribed some more exercises and lots of walking, avoid standing too long or sitting too long. Yes of course I can do Line Dancing or Rock n Roll but at any sign of discomfort…stop! Along with specific exercises he prescribed ways of bending down to pick up objects, how to sit, how to stand, how to get in and out of bed, in and out of the car and retrain my muscles and nerves which have been locked up and afraid to allow my body to function the way it ought to. In some respects, parts of my body are fighting other parts of my body. There is a sort of war going on.

Of course the underlying problem, (Spondylolisthesis is a spinal condition that affects the lower vertebrae (spinal bones). This disease causes one of the lower vertebrae to slip forward onto the bone directly beneath it. It’s a painful condition but treatable in most cases.) is always going to be with me and the spectre of a sudden onset of pain sometime in the future haunts me.

Wednesday 27th November.

Not a good night for sleeping. I woke a few times and was aware of discomfort but maybe not pain. Then again maybe it is pain. Maybe just a constant ache.

I was out of bed by 6am and was dressed ready for a walk when I decided maybe two Paracetamol would help and maybe I should wear my back brace.

By mid morning I was ready for Line Dancing but maybe I need more Paracetamol. Sure enough after two dances my back was protesting and I stopped and decided against any further Paracetamol.

After lunch and resolving a couple of other issues by phone I decided to have a little nap at 2.45 believing I can only improve from here.

I woke at 4.45.

By dinner time I had no appetite but was in pain. So go for a walk, wear the brace, use the heat pack more often and two Paracetamol. I guess I am not as strong,  nor as healed as I thought yesterday when, obviously, the drugs were still in my system. I continued my exercises and watched TV until signs of boredom crept in.

I relented and took  the last two Mersyndol tablets which have a higher dose of Paracetamol plus some Codeine. At least they should make me tired enough to sleep while taking away the pain.

Time for bed.

Thursday 28th November

Nothing new to report. Back pain is easing although I feel most comfortable while walking. Standing is not good. Sitting is OK but I need to get up frequently.

Panadol is my only drug.

Sunday 1st December.

More of the same over the last few days. Pain is less but almost constant discomfort.

No photos this week.

I thought a trip to Brisbane might be a good idea but carrying the backpack with a camera changed my mind. I really believe carrying the camera in a backpack for three days while in Sydney contributed to my current situation.

Looking back on this day in 2010 we arrived in Coonabarabran NSW with torrential rain which kept falling for several days. Today it was dry here on the Gold Coast. A storm rolled over, a little lightning, almost enough rain to wet the driveway and humidity increased dramatically.

Hopefully next week brings something new to write about.

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