610 Sunday 24th November 2019. Progressive dinner, beginnings of recovery and music soothes the savage beast…

Monday 18th November

Today I was wondering if I could find a Chiropractor on the Gold Coast who was as good as Mary Beth Bauer who first treated me for this condition – Spondylolisthesis – in February 2000. If I could locate Mary Beth she may know somebody on the coast. I knew Mary Beth was now married and had moved to Cardwell some years ago. I could find nothing on line in either her Bauer or married name but did find the practise she opened with her first husband was still operating in Townsville. I called on the off chance they may be able to help. The lady who answered knew Mary Beth and had worked with her for many years and recalled me as a patient. The sad news was Mary Beth passed away 5 months ago from Liver Cancer. Such sad news and I believe her husband David was devastated. The lady was able to tell me what method Mary Beth used and suggested I could ask any Chiropractor or Osteopath to use the same method on me. I am still saddened by the news of her passing.

Tuesday 19th November

Carer Lynda drove me to Robina to see the Osteopath. I passed on the information from the treatment method used by Mary Beth. He did some gentle exercises and placed some Kineseo Tape on my back explaining, Kinesio Taping is a revolutionary therapeutic method that is designed to facilitate the body’s natural healing process. It helps to stabilize an injured area of the body, supporting the affected area – but without immobilising the joints. It is a thin, stretchy, elastic cotton strip with an acrylic adhesive. It is almost identical to human skin in both thickness and elasticity, so kinesio tape allows for better movement and less restrictions.

I am still using the new back brace I bought last week,

Tonight I took my usual cocktail of meds.

Wednesday 20th November

In the morning I felt good and in fact decided to go cold turkey and not take any meds. Most of the day I felt quite good but by dinnertime was beginning to feel pain so took an Endone and two Panadol but by bedtime was feeling I might be in trouble with pain by morning. I plugged my phone into the charger beside the bed, kept all my meds on the bedside table as well as a spare set of household keys and my Kindle and charger. I had this terrible recollection of last week not being able to get out of bed and if needed I wanted to be able to call the ambulance and other help. I drifted off to an uncomfortable sleep.

(Footnote to this comment. The NSW Ambulance Service invoice arrived in the mail today. $830 for the care and attention and the 9 Klm journey to the nearest hospital. I am sure glad I was not in an isolated place. Of course the good news is there is a reciprocal arrangement between states whereby if I provide proof of my state residency, copy of drivers licence and pensioner status the bill will be covered by Queensland Ambulance.)

Thursday 21st November

Woke in pain but was able to get out of bed and decided to maintain the Endone and Panadol but avoid the other meds which cause drowsiness. If I can maintain this regimen of tablets I hope to wean myself off the opioids and Valium. However I will not try to go completely cold turkey on all the meds. I know I am far from healed.

Today was our monthly Morning Tea in our clubhouse and a guest speaker for Nutrimetrics.

Highlight of the morning though was the birthday cake for Betty who is celebrating her 99th birthday. Betty is always one of the first to nominate for our functions and even turned up for Rock and Roll lessons a few weeks ago. A lovely lady who has many tales to tell and loves her music and these days watching the dancers. She lives alone and still does her own shopping and prepares her own meals. If only we could all be as healthy as her.

Friday 22nd November

A day of Endone and Panadol with a Valium before bed. I removed the Kineseo Tape in the afternoon and tried to do as little as possible. Tomorrow I may have to increase some meds as we have a progressive dinner with an Hawaiian theme which we have been planning for months. There is lots to do but I will refrain from heavy lifting, concentrating on providing beach music and beach photos on the Smart TV.

Saturday 23rd November

Setting up three locations for our progressive dinner was a bit more chaotic than planned. Unable to do any lifting, pushing, reaching, shoving, hammering and any other physical activity I was left to my own devices and as choreographer of tables chairs and tents.

First up I established my seaside slide show which will play as background visuals on the smart TV during the coffee, dessert and liqueur final phase of the dinner. I also established the sound system to play beachy 60’s and 70’s style music as background so as not to interfere with conversation but loud enough for songs and tunes to be recognisable. I also established the Rock and Roll /Line Dancing part of the programme to be louder to encourage those who want to dance to get up and do so. I also established the beachy background music around the pool for the first course and the same for the main course which will be held in pergola tents beside Biggera Creek. Citronella Candles on Bamboo poles were also placed around the pergolas.

Just in case I have not mentioned this before, or not mentioned it recently, I live in what is called an Over 50’s Resort. It is a gated community. That does not mean it is 100% safe and secure. It just means it keeps out most of the people who should not be there. There are 101 houses or villas or units or whatever you want to call them. Of the approximately 150 people who call this home, about half, keep to themselves, doing what pleases them. The other half is roughly made up of about 50 people who support every function the social committee organises while the other half support us when they are not travelling somewhere. Our progressive dinner was expected to have about 40 people but it is travel time so the tight group of 30 people still kept us on our toes. Some people did not want to attend as mostly it is outdoors and they have a perception outdoors means mosquitoes and or sandflies. Perhaps there are some of those insects but we took steps to ensure they were kept to a minimum.

My ancient, original iPad connected to a battery operated set of Logitech speakers kept the music pumping all night. Those speakers produce an amazing sound over quite a distance.

Graham did a great job of making two punches, one with punch the other without. He also kept busy making Pina Colada, a drink I have not had the pleasure of tasting before. Now, I am not sure how this drink should be served, in what type of glass, with or without ice or with an umbrella. Mine was in a disposable plastic cup and the three I had needed no embellishment. It did come with an umbrella and a chunk of pineapple and a cherry. The only problem was he ran out of ingredients and could not keep up with the demand.

Dinner of baked ham was beside Biggera Creek and the tide was in, making it a great view in the gathering darkness. Who cared. Dinner was fabulous and there were enough wine choices for everybody.

Back in the clubhouse for dessert, liqueurs etc and of course music and slide show. I got myself a Tia Maria with cream to sip/slurp/ inhale.

I was asked to play some line dancing music and of course had to do some dancing myself. My back will give me problems tomorrow. How could I resist when the music was calling?

Sunday 24th November

Packing down and unfolding everything from last night was completed by 10am. With a friend I drove to the Ramada Hotel at Hope Island to check out prices for a possible launch trip to Curran Cove or Tipplers Resorts for a Christmas function.

241119 ramada
Ramada Hotel Hope Island Marina

As most of the trips begin from the Ramada it was a good idea to start there. The Ramada is not an easy place to find and it is so easy to get lost along the way. Oh goody a band was getting set up so it was a good excuse to stay long enough and listen to the Memphis Moovers   https://www.facebook.com/memphismovers/   a really talented and fun group.

241119 memphis moovers
Nope. No idea who the man in the yellow shirt is. I understand the band is often a 6 piece. The lady in black wore great big heavy 6 inch heel shoes.

Maybe next week I will be off the meds and can drive again and operate a camera.

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