623. Sunday 9th February 2020. Back pain is getting worse and looking back in time…

No Photos This Week.

Monday 3rd February

Today was hot, about 36° with high humidity although we had a sea breeze blowing in off the creek.

In the morning I went with Shirley to the Telstra office to sort out a few problems with her new smart phone. She has had the landline disconnected and will use her mobile to Hot Spot her tablet to do her emails and banking. Afterwards we went for coffee.

Frank called around and cut down two large shoots on the Golden Cane outside the kitchen window. They were rubbing against the house and ants were using it as a platform to enter the house.

Late in the afternoon Diane invited Shirley and myself for a Scotch while sitting on her verandah overlooking Biggera Creek.

After dinner I took Ngaire to the Star Casino to watch The Gentlemen. A violent but humerous movie with lots of twists and shock scenes filled with extreme bad language but midway through you become immune. I was astounded by the number of people here on a Monday night. The theatre holds over 2,000 seats and there were very few empty seats. Afterwards we grabbed a coffee and strolled around the gambling area and watched hopefuls losing hope… and their money.

Driving through Surfers Paradise to the Casino we could see constant  flashes of lightning in the distance. Once home and after my shower the thunder and lightning started again along with some heavy rain and a huge drop in the temperature.

On this day in 2011 I was on the Sunshine Coast in severe pain once again and had X-Rays. Nothing new. The same problem as 10 years ago only this time it had degenerated and there was a tear in the muscle.

Tuesday 4th February

The day started cooler and overcast. I managed to do my 3 Klm walk along the Broadwater before the expected rain arrived. In fact by 6pm the rain still had not arrived.

Mid- morning I had my appointment with the GP to discuss how to tackle chronic pain over a long term. We now have a new plan.

Increase my current Lyrica by 25 Mg for another 3 days. Then increase by another 25Mg every three days until our next meeting in 2 weeks.

I have a referral to a physiotherapist and my first appointment is next week. To be on the safe side I now have Endone to be taken a half hour before the Physio appointment.

We discussed Medical Marijuanna. He is prepared to go down that path but pointed out it is time consuming and expensive. First we have to get a referral to a specialist who will interview me and determine if I am a candidate for the MM. That appointment is $250 and not covered by Medicare so I am out of pocket by $250. If approved the specialist will determine the type of MM will suit my needs and the dose. He then makes a script and the cost of MM is around $250 and once again IS NOT covered by Medicare so again I am out of pocket $250 or more. The benefit of this method is it is an approved treatment and I get a prescribed dose. On the other hand I can drive to Nimbin buy MM there without a prescription, without an interview and without a dose. The quality is not guaranteed.

Last year about June I drove to Nimbin and bought some MM for stepson Peter when he was having surgery for throat cancer. I called to ask how it worked for him. It didn’t. He never took the MM. $300 worth of MM is still sitting in a bathroom cabinet. He has agreed to give it to me. Hmmm! This could be interesting.

Roll on weekend.

Stay tuned as I am sure there is more to the painful back saga, after all it has been going on since September but much worse since early November. The MM might be interesting.

Wednesday 5th February

On this day in 2011, I was housesitting at Traveston and woke with… drumroll…A Painful Back. I even referred to the time when my back was so sore and my saviour was Mary Beth. (It is strange that I mentioned Mary Beth at this point. I am now writing this on Sunday morning. I went back through my notes to look at what I was doing and noticed that on 3rd February 2011 Mary Beth rang me from her home in Cardwell after having spent a terrible night living through the hell of a direct hit from Cyclone Yasi. She told me there were many boats sitting on her deck and in her swimming pool. I suspect that may have been the last time I spoke with Mary Beth. I am sad all over again today. RIP Mary Bet)

A walk along the beach at Noosa did not cure my back but it sort of eased the symptoms. That night I went to a Blackboard Acoustic night at Cooran. I dressed in my baggy Vietnamese Fishermans pants, Wintermoon Festival T-shirt and shortly after arriving realised I was overdressed. Once I took off my expensive leather sandals I looked like one of the locals, in fact I was mistaken – several times- as one of the performers. I had to change seats often and stand to ease the back pain. No different to my daily life at the moment.

Thursday 6th February

I increased my Lyrica dose by 25Mg. I now take 125Mg twice a day. I find it does make me drowsy and I can fall asleep on the recliner within a minute.

I could not do my usual walk today as it was raining and thanks to the drop in temperature and the Targin/Lyrica combination I slept until 7.30 am.

On this day in 2011 I was housesitting in Traveston. It was raining, in fact raining on and off for the last couple of days. It is the same at the moment. The days are almost a mirror image of themselves. 2011 was also the year of the Brisbane floods. I also had back pain and would walk along the beach to ease the pain. Sitting and getting in and out of the car was a problem. The same as now.

Friday 7th February

Now I am on Targin and Lyrica 125Mg, both twice a day. It takes a long time to kick in and when it does it makes me sleepy and I get some relief. I sit in the recliner and fall asleep. In fact it is about the only chair I can suit in without the overwhelming pain. Regular pain, yes,  but once in a correct seating position and cranked back, the pain disappears. Long before my next dose the pain returns. Perhaps I should supplement the day with some Paracetamol or the MM which Pete has promised to bring on Sunday.

On this day in 2011 I was on top of the mount at Traveston, my back pain was not getting any better. I was given Panadeine Forte for the real bad pain and Panadol for the standard pain. I was seeing an acupuncturist as now it seems strange, the referred pain was in my left hip and leg. The acupuncture did nothing to ease my pain and after three visits I gave up. Later the doctor treated me for Bursitis. That means rest (Hah) Panadeine Forte and Panadol.

Saturday 8th February

Another wet days with some heavy falls. I watched a little recorded TV and sorted through some photos and prepared a slide show presentation and created a gentle background music for a wine and cheese night we have organised for the 21st of this month.

Tonight I decided to take myself to dinner and went to Runaway Bay Junior Rugby League Club. Naughty me ordered a pasta dish which is not in my diet. I slapped myself on the wrist several time….and got some strange looks. Perhaps it was strange looks as I tried to sit down in piercing pain. I could not find a position without pain and without making little noises or muffled screams as I did so. Eventually I found a position less painful until the buzzer went off and I had to stand up, shuffle to the counter, collect my meal. Shuffle back and try to sit again.

On this day in 2011 on top of ole Traveston it was a “D” day. That is a Dreadful Day. So many things went wrong on the laptop. Some backing up saved the day. As well I still had my pain in the back/hip/leg left hand side. Now it is right hand side.

Sunday 9th February

Lots of rain overnight and rain on and off during the day.

Once again there is nothing much to report.

In fact on this day in 2011 there was not much to report either. I drove from Traveston to Tin Can Bay and the weather was terrible. Wind and rain. Totally overcast. No opportunities for photos. I walked barefoot along a beach had lunch and drove back to Traveston. It’s kind of strange that both days were wet and miserable and both days there was nothing to report. I suppose I cannot be on the go every day. Oh, by the way. I had back pain on that day too.