Month: October 2019

605. Sunday 27th October 2019. Sunrise walks, exercise and pain…

Tuesday 22nd October

Up early this morning and went to The Broadwater for a brisk 3 Klm walk.221019 broadwater 1 What a glorious sunrise although any morning I can see a sunrise is glorious. 221019 broadwaterBack home I did my floor exercises to strengthen my back. 221019 broadwater2Did sit ups and push ups and some weights. I will have to buy heavier weight to start building up muscle again. My weight is still hovering around the 70 Kg mark and still irks me that I have lost weight but not where I want to lose weight. Actually I want to lose belly girth but it seems that might not happen. I will keep trying.221019 broadwater3

Friday 25th October

Up at 5am and down to The Broadwater for a walk and enjoy the sunrise.251019 broadwater2 I usually take a left turn at the park and walk to Lands End. 251019 brioadwater1Today I took a right turn and headed towards Loder Creek. 251019 broadwaterIt is about 3 Klms return walk. Afterwards it was floor exercises, sit ups, push ups and weights.251019 broadwater3

Saturday 26th October

It was a wonderful Spring day. I decided to do a little pruning. As I stepped into the garden and leaned forward over a large pot plant my back went grmmmp! The pain almost laid me out on the spot. I managed to get inside to rest but knew from past experience this was not going to go away in a hurry.

It has left me wondering about all the back strengthening exercises I do and how in just a moment and wrong choice of movement and all that work can be undone.

Friends Tony and Dawn arrived.

For several reasons, including my painful back I was not able to make dinner for us so we agreed to walk to the Japanese Restaurant, Kabachi Ya which is just outside my village front gate. As always, the welcome is genuine, the service is quick, the food is fresh and well prepared and the prices are reasonable. Sushi does not appear on the menu. The only drawback is the menu although written in English, does not explain what is in the dish. From past experience it seems they only serve beef, pork or chicken. No seafood. They do a number of vegetarian dishes and some noodle soup dishes based on bone broth or Miso broth. Sometimes you have to wait as we did tonight. It is worth waiting and judging by the number of Asian people who eat here we know it gets their tick of approval. It has an open style kitchen so you can see what is being prepared and cooked.

Sunday 27th October.

Woke with pain which in fact was with me all night. The pain really makes it difficult to do simple things like put on a pair of socks or my shoes.

Dawn wanted to do some shopping so Tony and I went people watching at Harbourtown while we waited. The new Harbourtown Food Court is bigger, brighter and busier than ever. The bonus here is that the eateries are all outside in fresh air with lovely garden and water features and it seems to appeal to lots of people. There is even a micro- brewery of craft beers called – Crafty’s Sports Bar which also include a small grill area.

Tonight we went back to Harbourtown for dinner. We did not get to try the fare at Crafty’s but settled for pasta which is a bit of a no no for me as I try to avoid carbs. We ate at Zingara’s Kitchen which was once called Fasta Pasta.

I really did not care where we ate or what we ate or when we ate. Pain does that to you.

604. Sunday 20th October 2019. Mainly Rock and Roll and weight loss…


Wednesday 16th October.

It was Rock and Roll lessons again tonight. It started out a bit of a disappointment, only in respect of numbers. There was Graham, Marie, Jenny and myself. Oh, of course Frank and Kay our instructors were there. It seems that trying to get some people involved is a bit like pulling teeth. It was good nonetheless as we did some revision, particularly in the dance I really wanted to learn, the Cowboy Cha Cha. But, I am getting a little ahead of myself. We were just going through a bit of revision and Jenny was doing her twirling, which she does well and I was making her twirl. Which I do well. Frank and Graham tell Jenny, no, no, no stop twirling so much while Kay looks on with a big smile knowing full well it is me making Jenny twirl. Then a person comes in the clubhouse door. This is about 7.15 at night. It is Betty. Betty is 99 in November. She loves dancing and listening to the music and came along to watch the lessons and maybe find something she can shuffle to. This lady does not act her age. She thinks she is a young 70. She explained her mind tells her to get up and dance, her body tries to disobey, she fears falling but she wants to watch and learn. Graham took her for a slow dance and to see the glow on her face was magic. Betty was one of the first people to put her name on the list of those who are coming.

Last weekend we had 17 names on the list of those coming to the dance. By tonight we have 39 names from our village and we understand another 44 people from various Rock and Roll groups on the Gold Coast have nominated.

Houston, we have lift off.

The dance is on.

The band, Route 66 is booked for Friday night.

Friday 18th October

This morning Graham, Frank W, Wayne, Marie and I gathered at the Clubhouse to set up the tables and decorate the hall for tonight.  Just to be sure we set up the tables to seat 83 people. Somebody always pulls out at the last moment. Also at the last moment a resident and visitor decide they want to come. It usually works itself out.

By 6pm almost half the people had arrived, an hour early. The band was setting up and everybody was jockeying for somewhere to sit with friends.

Soon the band was pouring out a rhythm and a beat. Toes were a tapping and dancers were, well…dancing. Thankfully, enough ladies asked me to dance to keep me on the dance floor and add a few more skills to my learning. Every partner is different especially as males are meant to lead and I have not yet developed that skill. That said, I did Ok and was even complimented by several people who were watching. It’s kind of exciting discovering that I am being watched. Stand out in my mind was THE DANCER, Marcia, who asked me to dance – twice. All the dancers say she is so full of energy and she exhausts them. I know the feeling as she does 3 steps to every one step taken by everybody else. I was exhausted too but there is no way I would have said so.

After the dance, several of us adjourned to Kay and Franks house for coffee. I was home and in bed by 12.30.

Saturday 19th October

I was awake at 5am and no way could I get back to sleep. I am sure sleep will catch up with me later.

Most mornings I do a brisk walk, three times around the village. After the walk I do my floor exercises to strengthen my back muscles and sit ups and push ups then a series of weights to do muscle toning on arms, shoulders and chest. All in all it is about an hours routine. My weight is hovering just a little over 70 Kg, not quite 71 Kg but getting to that final 70 Kg or, even better, 69 Kg is a bit of a challenge. I started my diet at 82 Kg so feel I have lost 12 Kg and when people comment I know the effort has been worthwhile.

Frank and Kay suggested I join them at Southport RSL for the Rock and Roll night there tonight. Would love to but… I am too tired, more’s the pity.

I have some great video footage of a dance last night but this blog page does not allow video. I have posted the video on my Facebook page.

Sunday 20th October.

Graham and Wencke asked me to join them for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant tonight. After trying on several pair of trousers and jeans I have taken a few pairs off the rack in the wardrobe. They keep sliding off. On checking the size labels I realise I have still been wearing  trouser of a larger size. How are they still in the wardrobe? No wonder I had trouble on Friday night, having to keep cinching my belt ever tighter to keep the trousers up.

It might be fun looking for a few new pairs of trousers and jeans.

603. Sunday 14th October 2019. A drive to Lennox Head and JOKER…

A quiet week.

Tuesday 9th October

A quiet gardening day. Actually it is still sorting pebbles day.

Tonight we had Rock and Roll lessons. There were only four of us tonight plus Frank and Kay giving the lessons. I asked if we could learn the Cowboy Cha- Cha as well as the refresher lessons. Despite a shortage of numbers it was a good night.

Thursday 10th October

I do not know how I have these bright ideas. Today was windy. A chilly strong wind from the south -west. Knowing it would be cool and blustery I chose to drive down the coast into NSW and visit…somewhere – anywhere. Preferably somewhere on the coast with surf. I originally thought Evans Head then recalled that is a 3 hour drive.

Naah. Too far.

Undecided I hit the M1 and was doing the speed limit as I passed the Byron Bay turnoff when an idea came along. Lennox Head with good views, good surf good places to eat.

101019 lennox1
Lennox Head
101019 lennox
Lennox Head

I rolled into Lennox and my clock said midday but NSW is on Daylight Saving Time so it was 1pm. I did not realise that until later, much later.

101019 lennox2
Bench seat at Lennox Head.
101019 lennox3
Symbols of love.

The surf was pumping and so was the wind. I took a walk over the headland and tried to take photos but the wind was too strong, making the camera shake.101019 lennox5 101019 lennox4I drove to Boulder Beach where the surf had been whipped into a brownish foam sitting on top of the water.

101019 lennox6
Lennox Head seen from Boulder Beach.
101019 boulder5
Boulder Beach
101019 boulder6
Pandanus on grassy knoll at Boulder Beach.

Then finally back into Lennox for some fish and chips at Fishy Fishy.

101019 boulder1
Skennars Head. Note the people having a picnic on the grassy knoll.

101019 boulder

101019 boulder4
Skennars Head

101019 boulder3101019 boulder2

Then drove the road back through Byron Bay and onto the M1, noting the town of Billinudgel to pay a return visit in the future. I turned off the M1 onto the coastal road to visit Pottsville, Hastings Point, Cabarita Beach and on to Kingscliffe for a drink at the bowling club right on the beach. It was here I realised I was in the wrong time zone. My car clock was telling me 5pm but it was really 6pm. That explained the crowds of people at the club.

Oops time to get on the road so I could be home in time to play table tennis.

Friday 11th October

A bit of gardening in the morning.

In the afternoon I saw the movie JOKER. This is a psychological thriller and I do mean psychological. Be prepared to have your mind played with. The actor Joaquim Phoenix will undoubtably be nominated for an Academy Award.


602. Sunday 6th October 2019. Coffee, Beach walks, weight loss, gardening and Brazillian…

041019 surf4041019 surf3041019 surf2041019 surf5

Monday 30th September

Lynda, took me for coffee today. Goodness knows I needed a break and a new face and new outlook and a coffee made by somebody else. She took me to the Beach Café at Labrador and although the wind was blowing a gale we took a seat at the back and avoided the wind. I was introduced to a Piccolo Latte. Now for somebody who always orders a Capuccino or occasionally a short black, this was an adventure for me. This is like a baby latte in a 100 ml glass. It is as you can imagine a more intense coffee flavour and when ordering, it is best to ask for extra hot. We enjoyed the coffee so much and along with intense conversation and laughs we ordered another. Next time Lynda wants me to try an Afogatto. Espresso over ice cream.

Tuesday 1st October

More pebble sorting today.

I also visited the gastroenterologist who is pleased with my weight loss and wants me to lose more. The bad news is I will probably always have a bit of a belly although I may need a smaller trouser size. What he is trying to achieve is a reduction in my fatty liver to an acceptable level.

Sharon called around she is having eye surgery tomorrow and although she has somebody to drive her has asked that I take her to the follow up visit to the specialist next week. I offered to put in her eye drops but she has other neighbours to do that.

Wednesday 2nd October

Lynda called around today with a big load of plants for my back garden. Where I had intended a basic, perhaps stark, succulent garden, she saw the need for lots of succulents some in pots some in the ground. She took over as gardener for the afternoon. I kept busy sorting pebbles.

Thursday 3rd October

I took a break from sorting pebbles today. Instead, I started painting a trellis I bought for the back garden. Once painted I will then weave white venetian blind slats through the uprights to give it a basket weave pattern.

The garden area is coming together nicely so I will be pleased when it is finished and I can take some photos.

Friday 4th October

041019 the spit
From the jetty you can see across the seaway through to The Broadwater.
041019 sailing1
This large catamaran is sailing along inside the seaway.
041019 sailing
Saiuling toward the Gold Coast Seaway OR The Spit as it is also known.
041019 cameraman
Sitting in the sandhills taking photos. I am guessing iof the boardriders. Then again there was a surf school being conducted. He may have been there taking their photos. It must have been mighty hot in that tracksuit. I am intrigued by his camera setup. He view on a large screen and use a remote control.
041019 cameraman1
He is either yawning with boredom or just saw something spectacular.

Coffee at the usual time then off for a walk along the beach. Luckily I finished the walk before the strong blustery winds came along. Today I paid the $2.20 fee to walk on the Sand Pumping Jetty.

041019 jetty
The sand pumping jetty.

041019 surf1041019 surf1

041019 surfers paradise
Surfers Paradise from the sand pumping jetty.

It gives an entirely different outlook of Surfers Paradise and the board riders are just below.041019 surf9041019 surf8041019 surf7041019 surf6

Saturday 5th October

The day started with predicted brilliant sunshine but by midday a cold windy front moved in along with clouds. The temperature dropped quickly.

I have 90% finished painting the trellis and called on Lynda and Ngyrie (I hope that is the way it is spelled) to help me weave the venetian slats through the trellis. It was a three person job. After that was finished they held the frame in place while I screwed it to the Colourbond fence panels. I do like the look of it even if I do say so myself. Only a bit more finishing off and I can take a photo of the finished yard.

Tonight I travelled with Graham to the Woongoolba Hall, in the middle of the sugar cane fields near Jacobs Well.

051019 woongoolba hall
Woongoolba Hall. Does anybody recognise the red Hyundai i30?

We met the other Rock and Rollers for the monthly dance. I was told a funny story – not sure if it’s true – worth repeating here. The Woongoolba Hall where the monthly dance is held is basically in the middle of nowhere surrounded by sugar cane fields. The story goes something like this.

“A young cowboy dressed in his jeans and worn boots, sleeves rolled up with his mangy, sweat stained, dusty, chewed, Akubra perched on his head. He was dressed in all R M Williams gear. The band was in full swing playing country music and dancers were crammed on the floor. During a break in the music he was asked. “Isn’t this just a great dance venue?” Dancin’ be buggered, he replied, “where else can ya get all ya can eat for $10?”

A woman sitting across from me is Transplant Coi-ordinator based in Sydney. She needs to get away from Sydney every few weeks to relax. She comes to the dances with her local boyfriend. It was interesting to hear part of her territory was the Prince of Wales Hospital where my daughter Averyl had her kidney transplant.

Once you see the spread of food put on by the social committee for this rural community hall you can understand the reason for the story.

051019 woongoolba food
Sue, one of the more spectacular Rock and Rollers is also impressed by the food spread. She also ensured I had a few dances with her.

We had a good night and apart from doing several line dances a couple of ladies asked me to dance. I was only slightly disappointed as those I wanted to dance with were busy.

051019 woongoolba
It seems that everybody wanted to be part of the line dancing after I took this photo. The dance floor suddenly became very populated.

All was OK as they approached later and told me they will dance with me at our Rock and Roll night in two weeks.

Sunday 6th October

I started the day with painting the trellis. At least it is 99% completed and I have achieved a rustic look.061019 garden061019 garden1061019 garden2

In the afternoon I drove to Surfers Paradise and then caught a bus to Nobby’s Beach. I planned to travel light without the camera, figuring I would put the A30 to a test of its capabilities. Besides I expected to do a lot of walking and did not want the weight, bulk and responsibility of a large camera in what I expected would be crowded conditions. I had asked a few people from my village if they wanted to join me on a Brazillian adventure but they all passed.

I came to Nobby’s Beach to see the Street Festival featuring a Brazillian theme.

Really there is only so much one can take watching scantily clad Brazillian beauties with lovely figures, tanned skin and big…smiles.061019 brazil The drummers were relentlessly playing the same beat and I actually got tired of watching the dancers shaking their various body parts.061019 brazil1

061019 brazil2
Honestly how much near naked bodies bumping and grinding to a sensual drumbeat can anybody tolerate?

061019 brazil3

I tried using the A30 to take photos but I would rather use my camera.

Next came a troupe of Salsa dancers and once again there is a limit to what I can take. Constant drumming and the same tired smiles on the faces of dancers and a crowd cheering the dancers. Of course there was an announcer who is constantly revving up the crowd and his perpetual frozen smile and non- infectious enthusiasm was a bit annoying. The beat seemed rhythmic and maybe seductive but I must be getting prejudiced. I would rather a Rock and Roll beat.

The promised street food vendors were in short supply and I was a bit disappointed that tacos and nachos etc were being served but not typical Brazillian food. How can they say Brazillian street food when all they have is Mexican food?

All in all I was a bit underwhelmed by the lack of scale and the little that was on offer.

I wandered into a crowded noisy foodie place which by now were having happy hour and I wanted to be out of the sun, somewhere in the shade and somewhere I could sit for awhile. I ordered a Lick Your Lips Spritzer (Which is a refreshing sparkling drink – and here is the recipe   ) and a seafood pizza.

Seafood??? Yep somewhere on the pizza was a couple of pieces of anchovie and I am sure there was a piece of Calamari somewhere. That said, it was very filling and I passed on the offer to put the leftovers in a doggy bag. I had had enough. The spritzer on the other hand was really refreshing but I declined a second helping. I think I will be making these as a signature drink whenever I have visitors.

Nobby’s Beach was once the site of Magic Mountain a theme park which had a castle at the top of the hill, a chair lift and a water slide all the way down,_Nobby_Beach I feel fortunate that I was able to go to Magic Mountain, in it’s heyday along with my daughters during its 30 year lifespan. Somewhere packed away in a box held by my daughter Averyl are a couple of photos taken from a castle turret.

I left the street festival and wandered up to the beach and tossed an imaginary coin. Heads I walk to Broadbeach along the sand or tails catch the bus.

I walked.

The tall buildings look so close but 5 Klms later I finally reached Broadbeach  and wanted to rest again. I caught the “G”, the light rail through to Surfers Paradise and visited the Surfers Paradise RSL which I joined a month ago, finally collecting my membership card. The Sydney NRL grand final would be telecast on the big screen and here I was with a new membership card in my pocket. I had a rum and coke and nursed it while watching the grand final. The crowd was noisy, The Roosters won and it was late. I found i30 and was home after 9pm, tired and ready for bed.

Oops thats when I found the text message on my phone. I was supposed to play table tennis with Jenny at the clubhouse at 7pm.

Sorry Jenny.