Month: September 2017

570. Sunday 24th September 2017. Long drives, birthday party and Bi-Centennial Park…

Thursday 21st September

Hi Ho it’s on the road we go.

I had set a goal to get away from home, at the latest, by 10am.  Regular readers will know that usually my target times are never achieved. We somehow drag the chain and are late by an hour or so. Today, by some miracle we were on the road by 8.30.

Another miracle occurred when we arrived in Port Macquarie 7.5 hours later.

So we spent a pleasant night with Tony and Dawn, a great dinner and too much dessert.

Friday 22nd September

Away by 9.30 and arrived in Gymea, south of Sydney by 3pm.

Saturday 23rd September

Away by 8am and arrive at Corrimal to start packing and tidying and arranging the remaining furniture and boxes of household items for Errol and Nicole who have moved to Victoria. The removalist was scheduled to arrive at 12 noon. We called him, he said he was caught in traffic and would be here by 1pm.  We were due at a 60th Birthday party for Wayne M at 2.30. By 2.15 the removalist had not arrived and was no longer answering his phone. We arranged for a neighbour to supervise the loading and left for the party. Later we found the removalist did not arrive until sometime after 4pm.

The party was a nice mix of people, friends, family, and past work colleagues. New South Wales and Queensland were in the grip of an unseasonal heat wave with temps in the low 30’s.The party was held in Wayne’s 2 story “Man Cave”. I was able to catch up with old work colleagues from 30 plus years ago. A nice afternoon. Thanks for the invite Wayne.

Sunday 24th September

Back in Gymea we went to Homebush Bay and Sydney Olympic Park for a picnic. The area is a huge park area including the Olympic Stadium (now called ANZ Stadium), Sydney Olympic Park, Sydney Showgrounds and Bi-Centennial Park on the shore of Homebush Bay.

We took a walk around Brickpit Ring an 18.5m high 550m circular raised walkway above the old Sydney Brick quarry. During construction of Sydney Olympic precinct this abandoned site (filled with rain water) was earmarked for a 300 million dollar hotel. Before construction began it was found to be the habitat of the endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog. The hotel plans were cancelled and the Ring Walk was created above the brick pits. The loss of the hotel saved the habitat of the frogs.

250917 ring walk
This was the old brick pits destined to be the underground carpark for a M$300,000,000 hotel. Then an endangered frog species, the Green and Golden Bell Frog was found in the walls around the water. The hotel development was cancelled.
250917 ring walk1
The completed Ring Walk and the flooded brickpits. The frogs love it.

Next we walked to Homebush Bay to seek out more wrecks not found on our last visit in May this year.

250917 karangi wreck
Remains of the wreck of the SS KARANGI.

It is little realised that the Bay area was deemed contaminated with a range of dioxins, including Agent Orange when Union Carbide used the bay as a dumping ground. Fishing and even swimming is still prohibited. In fact at one stage Sydney Harbour itself was declared unsafe to take and eat fish. The bans stayed in place until around 2000 when just the area around Homebush Bay was declared still unsafe. Still it is a lovely bay with lots of bird and marine life including a healthy mangrove system.

Bi-Centennial Park, like Centennial Park before it, were both built on reclaimed and mostly drained swamp and is a popular place for family picnics and riding bicycles.

250917 boardwalk
Boardwalk through the remaining mangrove swamp.


569. Sunday 17th September 2017. Forgetfulness? Or Lazy? Or Nothing to report…!!!

Unbelievable!!! I have been doing this blog, religiously, every Sunday (or perhaps a few days later) every week since September 2010. Suddenly, twice in the space of a few weeks I have not posted at all. I start the week with all good intentions and plans go downhill from there.


Tuesday 5th September

Happy Birthday wishes came from all over then it was time to put Donnis on a jet plane bound for Sydney. She will be away for 10 days. Donnis is helping son Errol and his family move to Victoria. Nicole has been ill and needs a little help. Besides Donnis found it a good enough reason to see the grandchildre.

Perhaps I can finish the painting by myself.

Grrr! Moving furniture, drop clothes, rollers, brushes, stirring paint (I really hate that part especially with a new tin of paint. It slops everywhere) roller trays and all the cleaning associated with painting.

Am I glad I finally finished painting the rooms this week. Now all I have to do is paint the trim around windows and doors and then paint the doors.  Eleven window frames, 9 door frames and 9 doors to be painted with two coats of enamel paint.


Ok Ok! I must admit the rooms do look nice.

Sunday 10th September

Drove to Nundah on the north side of the Brisbane River to watch grandson Chris play in his grand final Under 13 Rugby League game. There was a lot of support from his mother Regelyn and father Peter, grandmother Evangeline, the other grandparents, Uncles and cousins and of course me! Chris team lost 28 – 26 in a close fought game. I say well done to have played the season and the team was good enough to get to the grand final.

Wednesday 13th September

Finally finished all the door and window frames. Now all we have to do is paint the doors.


(Oops will have to wait until a couple more weeks before we begin the doors. We have too many plans)

Thursday 14th September

Donnis arrived home to Gold Coast Airport late this afternoon, just in time to repack a bag as we drive to Noosa tomorrow to celebrate Dave E 50th birthday.

Saturday 16th September.

Happy Birthday Dave.

A nice night at a B&B in the Noosa Valley with lots of loud music and dancing. Luckily there was a TV so we could zip in and out of the big room to watch the Rugby League game between Parramatta Eels and North Queensland Cowboys. The Cowboys were meant to be cannon fodder in the finals series but beat the Cronulla Sharks, last years premiers, last week. This week they were not expected to win but won 24 – 16 and have made it into the final four. Good work Cowboys and thanks for the exciting games.

Sunday 17th September.

On the drive home we stopped at Ikea Northlakes for a light lunch. Donnis usually loves the Swedish Meatballs but this time wanted Salmon. The meal was a little below average and in fact we both felt overful and a bit ill all afternoon. Ikea your meals are not as good as they once were.

We bought a giant photo and frame 2m x 1.4m.

Hmmm! That was an unplanned purchase.

No photos this week but I want to share some photos of a photo class I attended in 2014 when we had a photo excursion to a Japanese garden in the Brisbane Botanical gardens.bbgbbg1bbg2bbg3bbg4

Next week we will both go to Port Macquarie then to The Shire in Sydney, Avondale for another birthday and who knows where to after that?

568. Sunday 3rd September 2017. House painting and a long bush hike…

Friday 1st September (First day of Spring)

For the first time in a long, long, long time I did not post  last week.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

We started painting the house interior last week and it has continued all this week.

Today was a lay day.


Saturday 2nd September

Met sister Enid and hubby Ken at Binna Burra a small parcel of private land within the Lamington National Park along the Scenic Rim Region in the McPherson Ranges. The car park is 800 metres above sea level. Today we took a hike along the Daves Creek Loop Trail which took us through some heavily wooded country, some open heathland and spectacular steep cliffs some 900 metres above sea level.

020917 fallen
One of the legacies of Cyclone Debbie earlier this year. Although the cyclone came nowhere near this region, it was hit by strong winds and heavy rains. We saw many fallen trees along the track.

In places we could look across deep valley floors within ancient volcanic caldera and see Mt Warning across the border in NSW. Todays 4 hour, 12 Klm up and down hike was a sort of warm up preparation for a more challenging hike/climb of Mt Warning…perhaps in October.

In places the track skirted steep cliff edges which made for a nervous bit of careful walking and to ensure there were no trips or slips on the downward slope.

020917 view
Our path follows that cliff line on the left. The track can be seenheading close to the edge. The high range in the distance is part of an ancient volcanic caldera and overlooks the Tweed Valley in NSW. Look carefully and you can see a Telstra Tower midway aling the ridge. further forward but unseen is whta is known as The Best of All Lookouts in Springbrook National park which I have written about before.

We stopped for lunch on a cliff edge overlooking the Numinbah Valley where we could see the ribbon of back road which travels over the range down into the Tweed Valley of NSW to Murwillumbah.

020917 lunch
Our precarious lunch spot.

I am nervous about heights so removing my camera, hat, walking pole and backpack was done very carefully. A playful bird flitted around us looking for a handout of small amounts of bread which it took and placed in the fork of several bushes nearby.

Somewhere along the track we crossed a small brook or creek, no more than a stride wide which had a small trickle of water struggling through the rocks. This was Daves Creek for which the track was named.

After lunch we started the climb on the return to the car park and were surprised by a sign which said Surprise Rock. It was indeed a surprise a large rock in the middle of otherwise rock free bush.

020917 surprise1
Looking across the heathland from Surprise Rock.

The rock had beautiful views across heathland to Mt Warning in the distance.

020917 surprise
Looking past Surprise Rock towards Mt Warning and the Tweed Valley of NSW.

Eventually we made it back to the car park where we stopped to finish our sandwiches but a busy cheeky unidentified bird made three passes snapping at my sandwich, taking a little bite each time. On the third pass he took what remained of my sandwich in one low flying sneaky attack. We never even saw him coming.

On the way home I stopped to watch Para Gliders take off from an impossibly high and steep hill. Now that’s what I would like to do. On second thoughts I am a little nervous about heights.

At least I can watch.

020917 para1
Preparing for a bit of time in the sky.
020917 para3
Quick take off. A few steps and this pilot was flying.
020917 para4
The carry bag doubles as a comfortable sitting harness.
020917 para2
Mt Warning is in the background.
020917 para
A gentle landing.