619. Sunday 12th January 2020. South West Rocks, Trial Bay, Minnie Waters, Yamba and Home…

100120 pm town beach
Port Macquarie Town Beach

Friday 10th January

After breakfast we went for a walk along the popular Port Macquarie Town Beach breakwater walk.

100120 pm breakwater
Port Macquarie Breakwater.

All the rocks have been painted with messages or memorial comments or family names anmd dates of visits etc. 100120 pm breakwater1100120 pm breakwater2100120 pm breakwater3100120 pm breakwater4This was followed by morning coffee and more conversation which threatened to lead into staying another night. I was anxious to be on my way.

100120 cormorant
Cormorant at Port Macquarie.

We eventually got on the road before midday.

100120 trial bay gaol
Trial Bay gaol.
100120 trial bay gaol2
Camped beside the wall of the prison.
100120 trial bay gaol1
The guard topwer is now a hollow shell. Even the original floor has been removed.
100120 trial bay1
The beach at Trial Bay
100120 trial bay
Trial Bay beach

First stop was South West Rocks

100120 swr back creek bridge1
Back Creek Bridge at South West Rocks
100120 swr back creek bridge
The further end of the original Back Creek Bridge has been closed to the public.Access to the island is via the new bridge on the right.
100120 swr back creek bridge2
Jumping off the Back Creek bridge at South West Rocks. Did I want to do this? Yes of course but my back would not enjoy climbing over the railings.

then Trial Bay Gaol, Smokey Cape Lighthouse

100120 smokey cape beach
Smokey Cape Beach

and finally a leap into yesteryear with an ice cream soda at Tasty Treats located at Back Creek.   https://tasty-treats-back-beach.business.site/   We were surprised to see ice cream soda on the menu. We thought this fun treat had died out years ago. Of course we had to pretend we were teenagers by slurping with the straw when we reached the bottom. That slurping noise was when Mum would tell us not be so rude.


Back on the highway we saw a sign to Minnie Waters and as neither of us has been there we side tracked. https://www.visitnsw.com/destinations/north-coast/clarence-valley/wooli/attractions/minnie-water-beach   100120 minnie waters1There are several camp grounds here and several beaches to choose from. 100120 minnie watersOne also has a Surf Life Saving Club.

100120 minnie waters3
Minnie Waters

It seems to be a popular holiday destination with many weekenders for  people who live and work in Grafton.100120 minnie waters4100120 minnie waters2

Back on the road again we took a minor road to Ulmarra where we had stopped for coffee last week. We thought dinner at the old hotel would be a nice close to the days driving. Just as we arrived we took a vote and decided to continue on to Broadwater. It’s difficult to take a vote when there are only two of you and nobody has a casting vote. Tony and Dawn had told us to go to the Broadwater Hotel for a good reasonably priced meal. We discovered Broadwater was a further 100 Klms up the highway so we decided to go to Yamba. (The next day we discovered  Tony had given us the wrong information, the hotel he recommended is at McLean!) Dinner was at Tom’s Seafood Chinese Restaurant, Yamba.   https://toms-seafood-chinese-restaurant.business.site/      The place was packed, busy and very, very noisy. So noisy in fact we discussed leaving before being served. Eventually we were served and we are glad we stayed.

100120 yamba
View over Yamba from Tom’s Restaurant

The service, once the order was taken was quick and the food delightful. It was well worth the wait. We shared a Garlic Prawns entrée and a Beef in Black Bean Sauce with fried rice as our main. I had a glass of wine and on leaving Yamba at 9pm was stopped by a breathalyser unit. I told them I had one glass of wine. They tested me using a voice/breath analyser and the officer hesitated before asking again how many drinks and when. My heart skipped a few beats. He then asked me to blow in the next analyser and after a little hesitation told me to have a good night. WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? No explanation but it left me puzzled and concerned especially as I only had one drink.

The next few hours seemed to pass quickly and we were home by midnight – NSW time.


Saturday 11th January

Despite going to bed at a late hour AND after driving all day, I was awake at 5am.

Enid and I did a three Klm walk before breakfast. My back has been hurting but not necessarily because of all the driving. After leaving the car when driving for a few hours my back feels less painful than sitting in a kitchen chair. That said I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday. He now has the results of a MRI Scan carried out in November plus X-Rays and an Ultrasound taken just after Christmas. The pain and discomfort have been plaguing me since September and I really need some answers and relief. My activities have been restricted due to pain. Making the bed, putting on a load of washing, vacuuming, gardening are quiet painful.

Enid washed i30 which has been covered in soot and mud from the bushfires, dust storms and rain. It now looks like a new car again.


Sunday 12th January

We did another three Klm walk before breakfast.

Enid did a couple of loads of washing, vacuumed, cleaned house and did some weeding before heading back to Brisbane. That left me time to sit at the computer (until my back protested) and edit the hundreds of photos I have taken this week.

There is very little smoke haze around the Gold Coast.








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