628. Sunday 15th March 2019. Pain management, Skin Cancer,broken tooth and coping with Covid-19…

Monday 9th March

OCovid-19 deepens and much of our daily lives will be impacted one way or another.

I will try to continue to do my daily walks and depending on the weather, exercises in the pool.

Tuesday 10th March

My usual good walk in the morning and in the afternoon exercise in the pool.

I have now settled on a dose for the Lyrica which seems to keep most of the pain away. There are some things which remind me the problem has not and will not, ever, go away. As well as the Lyrica twice a day also include two 6785 Mg tablets of Paracetamol and another dose at midday. It all evens out okay although I do refer to the Lyrica as mind altering drugs.

140320 tuna salad
Tuna salad for lunch. I have been buying Rocket but find it wilts quickly and only lasts a day or two compared to say Iceberg lettuce. I may have to go bach to the old standby.

Wednesday 11th March

A walk along the Broadwater in the morning. Ahhh fresh air,sunrise and lots of people walking or running or pushing prams.

In the morning I did the Line Dancing music and decided to try a few dances myself. The Physiotherapist suggested now the meds are working, I cannot break anything – I might experience pain but I will not break anything. OK so tried dancing and did not break anything.

Afterwards I went to Southport to sort out a couple of issue I have with Medicare. I then walked to Australia Fair for lunch and as a treat bought some pork crackling. It is a bit harder than I am used to but I happily chomped away. All good. Afterwards I had a piece of Turkish Delight –Made in Turkey – and as I chewed there was a loud crunch and I was suddenly missing a tooth.

In the afternoon I had a doctors visit to have sutures removed and new surgery on another lot of Squamous Cells.   https://www.skincancer.org/skin-cancer-information/squamous-cell-carcinoma/    Bad news. Last weeks surgery did not get all the cancer so he has to cut along the scar tissue. Not this week I said. Do a new section. Which he did. Several sutures and lots of blood later I was out of there. Did you know when the doctor needs a biopsy to determine if something is cancerous he has a purple marker which he uses to mark where he wants to take the biopsy. Then he stings you a bit with an anaesthetic and then uses a biopsy punch to take a sample. When he has the result and wants to do the surgery he uses the purple pen to mark out where he will make the cut so he can sew it easily and leave as small a scar as possible. Then he gives lots of stings of anaesthetic before he cuts the skin, cuts out the cancer and sews you up. I expect lots of small purple pen marks and lines with little stings over the coming weeks and months.

140320 stitches
My two lots of skin cancer surgery. I have several more needing a sharp knife. OIt’s not easy taking a selfie of the side of your head without being able to see.

Next it was off to the Gold Coast Dental Hospital where I have an emergency appointment. The year 5 student who looked after me will join the dental workforce in May so she was pleased to have me as a challenge. She did a temporary filling and will research doing a crown.

Thursday 12th March

Went to the movies at Star Casino with Ngaire to see Midway. It was delayed by 30 minutes. That’s OK. We can people watch. In my case, I lady watch. Once we got into the auditorium it was quite noticeable the crowds were less. Either because it is not a popular movie or Coronavirus is of concern. Once we were seated there was an announcement. Sorry folks but due to a technical fault we cannot show Midway today. Instead we have CATS. There was a collective groan from the audience who then started to leave. So did we. I stopped at the door to chat with the attractive usherette who is in my age bracket. Yep she loves her job and they are looking for people like us. Hmmm!

Friday 13th March

Oooo wooo! Friday 13th Scary Scary.

Up and down to the Broadwater for my 3 Klm walk. A stiff breeze was blowing from the south so I wore a light jacket. Despite the threatening rain, the wind, the overcast and the early hour it is still a delightful walk.

Next up was the art group where we share art, coffee and laughs.

In the afternoon the dental student called. Instead of a crown she and the professor studying my x-rays and other data suggests I can have an onlay instead of a crown. I have an appointment on 31st March. It will be a good experience for the student to have on her resume. Hopefully it will be a good experience for me to have a new tooth.

Saturday 14th March

OK 5 am start for my walk, when almost back to my start point I met Bill so kept on walking to his car which as luck would have it was parked near the Beach Café. Hmmm. I did a 4 Klm walk. Let’s go and have a coffee. Which we did. Bills wife Sueji or Sooji ( I’m not sure of the spelling) does the remedial massage which I will try to do every fortnight to help my back problems.

Sunday 15th March

The usual 3 Klm, walk along the Broadwater followed by coffee with Bill and home to make my traditional scrumptious Brussel Sprout omelette.

I went grocery shopping and as expected there was no toilet paper, no hand sanitiser, no liquid hand soap, meat supplies are limited as is frozen meals and frozen chips. No nappies, no facial tissues, no kitchen paper. There were virtually no eggs. Health foods and vegan and gluten free products are basically untouched. Everything which is in short supply or not available there are signs limiting products to one per shopper. There was no shortage of people blocking the aisle and it was difficult to move. That said, I got what I could on my list and departed. It was crazy. Panic buying has set in.

I went to the movies at The Star Casino.

140320 casino entrance
Grand entrance to the Star Casino Hotel.

I would guess there was about 1500 people therte, I positioned myself where I had a wall on one side and I was more than 2 metres away from people in front, beside and behind me. This may be the last time the movies are screened for some time.

140320 casino grand entrance
Inside the Casino one of several lounges, bars and dining areas encircling the gambling area.

2 thoughts on “628. Sunday 15th March 2019. Pain management, Skin Cancer,broken tooth and coping with Covid-19…

    1. Thanks Esko. It is a fact of life. In fact other nations, notably the USA also has high proportions of skin canmcer. When we were young, we did not know about skin cancer. The young generations have been well looked after by their parents who have the benefit of many years of TV and radio advertising about using suntan cream, covering up and wearing a hat and sunglasses. I am not alone most of my age group suffer the same problem. Sigh!!!


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