626. Sunday 1st March 2020. Pain, skin cancer, Photo Meetup and daily walks…

Monday 24th February

Well, as expected the doctor increased my Lyrica to 300 Mg at night and 225 Mg in the morning for another week. So far it has only been a couple of hours but the pain when sitting is still intense.

Also sort of expecting but hoping it would not be the case, the biopsy from last week is positive. Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The result is a bit worrying as the cells can move into other parts of the face and neck and worse, lymph nodes. That’s when they become really dangerous. Today instead of doing an excision he carried out two more biopsies. Overall I have at least 6 possible such cells – all in my face. I am wondering how they will carry out the surgery. Will it be all at once under general anaesthetic or one by one over several weeks. Of course we have not yet got to have a look at little lumps on my back and shoulders.

Today I also explored my WordPress account and realised I started two new Blog pages a few years ago and promptly forgot about them. Word press no longer give a free platform but these two locations have 3 Gb each which will be available for me when the current allowance runs out, possibly with only one more post until I have to make the switch.

Tuesday 25th February

Today I had an appointment with the Physiotherapist Kellie Nalder who is just back from her placing second in an Ironman Competition in Geelong over the weekend. Today she concentrated on massage of the big bad angry spasming back muscle. She reminded me that although I am in pain and experience pain in many day to day activities, none will cause any physical damage. So getting into a car may be painful as is getting out but I am not causing damage if I drive for a couple of hours.

Wednesday 26th February

Today I met two members of my Facebook Photo Group, Aussie Photography For Beginners.    Both are ladies which was not unexpected as the Group has 456 members and only about 10% are males. Being Admin on the site takes a few hours each day but I do have a fellow Admin who does lots of work and we are looking for another to help us out.

260220 kym jan frank
Kym Jan and I. The Aussie Photographers for Beginners.
260220 paragliding
A motorised kite glider off in the distance over The Spit.

Back to the group meeting.

260220 labrador1`
Typical Broadwater scene.
260220 caught
The Police are questioning two jet ski riders

After introducing ourselves we introduced our cameras then walked along The Broadwater at Ian Dipple Lagoon, Labrador and finding several items worthy of a photo.

260220 labrador
The Pelicans and Seagulls are beginning to line up for the daily feeding.

Next it was coffee at the Beach Café.   https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g659071-d7928377-Reviews-Beach_Cafe-Labrador_Gold_Coast_Queensland.html   By the way I come here for an early morning coffee once or twice a week and sometimes have breakfast. Over coffee we planned a photo shoot at the Cougal Cascades in the upper reaches of Currumbin Valley tomorrow.

260220 ship
A gianmt super yacht is being brought into the marina. Shortly after I took this photo the sails began to be taken down.

Thursday 27th February

Did my usual three kilometre walk along The Broadwater to Lands End and return to Ian Dipple Lagoon. This is such a wonderful location to walk and I see many familiar faces every morning, all doing their daily exercise of running or walking. Sometimes I go the other way and walk to Loder Creek which is about a 2.5 Klm return walk. It is equally spectacular, summer or winter, rain hail or shine. Well sometimes I skip rainy days.

I met Kym and Jan at the carpark of Cougal Cascades   https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/qld/springbrook/cougal-cascades noting the weather was threatening but thought we might get in a photo session before the rain began.

270220 currumbin
Currumbin Creek.
270220 rocks
Somebody was hard at work.

We did get halfway to the cascades but stopped frequently to take photos. Just as we reached the Old Timber Mill I heard thunder.

270220 sawmill
REmains of old sawmill at Cougal National park.

Shortly afterwards there was a crack of lightning and thunder. Jan who lives in the Tallebudgera Valley commented that was a signal for drenching rain and we should head back to the carpark NOW! It was already too late as the drenching rain started immediately. Luckily I carry a beach towel and a light jacket in the car. We drove to The Rock Pools further down the valley where it was dry and we had a coffee.

270220 currumbin rocks
Currumbin Creek
270220 currumbin rocks1
Currumbin Rocks Swimming Hole.

Soon the lightning and rain began again.

270220 coffee sign
THis lonely sign advertised wonderful coffeeand ice cream. The only problem is, the cafe is only open on weekends

We waited out the heavy rain and managed a few photos. We also plan another photo shoot next Wednesday.

270220 pines
Small pine plantation.

Friday 28th February

Did my 3 Klm walk along the Broadwater.

Tonight we had our monthly Fish and Chips night followed by Bingo at the clubhouse. It was a fun night and I won $20.

Sunday 1st March

Went to The Broadwater and met Bill and Doug for a coffee at the Beach Café. The man who serves me knows what coffee I want and where I will be sitting. That must mean I am a regular customer. I do not think I have ever been a regular customer in my life.

After lunch I went to Paradise Point to listen to British and Beatles music in the park.

010320 music
One man band plus drummer.

The singer had a music machine and a drummer.

010320 crowd1
There was a fair size crowd. Mostly they brought their own chairs, Eskies and bottles of wine or bubbly.

010320 crowd

My back began to pain after a few minutes sitting in the camp chair so I packed up and came home.

I went to the pool and did my exercises prepared for me by the Physiotherapist.

Now I am tired, in pain and ready for bed.

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