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503. Sunday 31st July 2016. Donnis is home, Melissa comes to visit,Miami Beach, Uki, Mt Warning Trial and Duranbah Beach…

Monday 25th July

I do not sleep well the night before I have to wake to an alarm clock.

My alarm was set for 4.30 am and as usual I wake several times during the night and on waking at 4am know there is no sense trying to get back to sleep for that remaining 30 minutes.


Today Donnis returned home from Canada. Her flight arrived in Brisbane at 6am.

I allowed an hour for the drive and was amazed at the amount of traffic on the M1 Motorway at 5am on a dark winters morning. Despite heavy bumper to bumper traffic on one 5 Klm section of road near Springwood I still arrived at Brisbane International Airport by 6am. I knew it would be some time before Donnis plane arrived, passengers disembarked and she was processed through Customs and Immigration and she emerged into the bright sunshine of Brisbane. I went to McDonalds to have breakfast and a coffee while I waited. Finally she emerged at 7.30 without any luggage but with a long story.

Her flight plans were to leave Calgary Airport to fly to Las Vegas USA and connect to a flight to Los Angeles then connect with a flight to Brisbane Aus. The Calgary people arranged for her luggage to be booked through to LA. On arrival in LA with a limited window of time before getting from the Domestic terminal to the International terminal, get seat allocation then through security to the flight gate ready for boarding.

Her luggage did not arrive in LA and after wasting precious time lodged a lost luggage claim with the airline and scooted for the International terminal. After passing through security on the way to the boarding gate, she stopped at the rest rooms and on to the gate. She realised she had left her carry-on luggage in the rest room. Hurrying back she found her hand luggage was gone. No time to lodge a lost property claim she hurried to her flight. After she told this tale to me I saw her face crease in frustration. On top of missing luggage and lost carry-on luggage she realised she had also left her memory foam pillow on the airplane seat.

Later in the day we were able to laugh about the misadventure. Los Vegas is often called Lost Wages but in this case we will call it Lost Luggage.

Tuesday 26th July

After a few phone calls and email exchanges the luggage was delivered to us.

We also located the carry on bag. It was at the LA Airport Police. For complications to have it sent to Oz via Fedex would cost $400 plus we would have to jump through a few US hoops of fire.


Saturday 30th July

My eldest daughter Melissa arrived late this afternoon for an overnight stay before she attends a course of laser treatment for horses in the morning. It was a wonderful visit – short but a good opportunity to catch up.

310716 melissa
Melissa and me.

In the afternoon Donnis realised her Canadian passport is missing. On reflecting she recalls an incident in the washroom in LA when she thought a woman took something while Donnis was washing her face. So on top of all the other lost stuff we now have to report a lost/stolen passport.


Sunday 31st July

This was a long busy day.

After Melissa left for her laser course we took off for the Farmers market at Miami Beach. As regular readers will know, I am not a fan of markets. Any kind of market. While Donnis was wandering around looking at the same stuff, I just kept walking around looking for inspiration. I did not find any.

Afterwards we drove down into NSW and through the town of Murwillumbah to Uki. (That is pronounced You Ki, not Yukky) From there we headed up into the hills of Mt Warning to find a motorcycle Observed Trials event. (For an explanation have a look here   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorcycle_trials   )

This was a relatively low key club day and most of the observed sections were similar to what I used to ride 30 years ago. 310716 trials3310716 trials2310716 trials1310716 trials310716 trials5310716 trials4The bikes are now even lighter in weight and more powerful performance but it was good to see the bike I was riding 30 years ago ( Yamaha TY 175)

Yamaha TY 175

are still competitive. Most of the trials bikes these days are Gas Gas

310716 gas gas
Gas Gas Trials Bike

After leaving the Mt Warning property we drove to Fingal Head – this was my third week in a row I have been here. The hope was that we would see whales again. No such luck today. We did however see a pod of dolphins cruising along in the waves just a little way off the cliffs.

310716 dolphins3
Another couple of close dolphins.
310716 dolphins2
This is cute. Could that be a young dolphin staying close to mum?
310716 dolphins
A pair of dolphins.

It was exciting to see them swim with the waves towards the cliffs.

310716 dolphins1
Dolphins riding the waves.

After leaving Fingal we drove to Duranbah Beach the northernmost beach in NSW which is really in Queensland and is considered part of the Gold Coast Region.

310716 deebar
Duranbah Beach with the Point Dangar Lighthouse above the Cliffs. The Lighthouse straddles the NSW Queensland border. Behind and below the hill is another similar structure in the middle of the street which also delineates the two states. The structures line up with each other. The border line runs along Boundary street. East Bound is on the Qld side while west bound is in NSW. A few Klms away on the other side of the Gold Coast Airport, on the M1 Motorway is another border marker.

A group of board-riders, dressed in black wetsuits, beside the break-wall looked like a pod of dolphins or seals.

310716 deebar1
Surf board riders at Duranbah in their wetsuits looking like dolphins or seals frolicking.

There was an onshore wind blowing making the waves sloppy and choppy.

310716 deebar2
Riding at Duranbah – Known locally as D’Bar.