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626. Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd June 2018. A day at a game farm and a drive back into Canada…

Lots of photos.

Thursday 21st June

Summer is having second thoughts about being in Washington State at this time of year. After discussions with winter they decided to share the day. The first half until midday belonged to Winter and the second half of the day is then shared between spring and summer.


Linda, Donnis, the children Jaxson and Emma and I went to Olympic Game Farm   https://olygamefarm.com/   in Sequim (Skwim) a bit over an hour away along some very scenic countryside with occasional lakes and views of the ocean. It began to rain and got colder but somehow by the time we arrived it remained fine and even turned into a near nice day.

210618 farm008
Peacocks were busy putting on a display all day.

This place looks a bit run down and cheap and nasty but somehow it all seems to work. Basically the grazing animals are free to roam throughout most of the park and you can feed them slices of bread purchased at the gate. You drive around the park in your own car. There are signs reminding you to keep doors and sunroofs closed and to keep fingers inside.

210618 farm
Just trying to get through the first grid proved more difficult than anticipated. The Yak know that if they crowd the grid and do not move you will give them bread. After awhile you have no option other than to edge the car forward. The Yak will move.
210618 farm001
More Yak and a photographer.
210618 farm002
We are surrounded by Yak.

You are also reminded not to stop at the bisons.

210618 farm027
This big Bison was heading over to lick the front window before going to the rear window for bread. The signs said Do NOt Stop At The Bison. We did. We now know the reason for the sign.

There is a reason for that as bison will stop in front of the car while another sidles up from the side or even the rear.

210618 farm025

Their horns rub against the side view mirrors and their heads brush along the side of the car. Any fingers silly enough to be outside the window could get badly injured. Yeah, lots of signs to remind us the rules but it is not as if as if the bison can read. They know how to set up a roadblock and ambush you. We got mobbed by llama,

210618 farm003
They know when a window is open and where the food is.


210618 farm005
The Zebra and Llama all seemed too busy eating hay when we first drove by. Later they wanted bread.


210618 farm017
The car in front was hijacked by Yak. The driver was terrified to move forward.


210618 farm012
Reindeer and Bison


210618 farm013
210618 farm014
Bigger Elk
210618 farm023
Those Elk horns were too large to allow them to put their head in the window.

peacocks – yes peacocks –

210618 farm004
Peacoks and for that matter, Peahens were everywhere. The must breed like rabbits. Oh and there were lots of rabbits too. They seem to hang around the cages occupied bt lions, tigers, cougars, bears and wolves.

and a bunch of other animals we are still trying to identify. The larger animals all managed to place their heads inside the open windows to the delight of Jaxson.

210618 farm011
Quick give me some bread I want to feed something.
210618 farm010
Oh. That was quick. Give me another slice.
210618 farm020
Com and get it Mr Bison.

Emma felt terrified when one large elk licked her and slobbered over Linda’s arm as she yelled at me to go, go, go.

210618 farm009
Yep! I am sure there is food in here somewhere. Can I come in?
210618 farm024
Holy Toledo Batman. This big Elk is gunna eat me.
210618 farm027a
Naaah I aint gunna eat ya. I am just gunna lick your arm and drool all over ya face.

The park speed limit is 10MPH but the animals can easily maintain that speed and will happily walk beside the car with their head in the window.

Bears, which are also sort of grazers are in open grassed pens with the addition of a short wire fence and an electrified fence.

210618 farm006
Grizzly Bear.
210618 farm007
I get confused the Grizzly Bear and the Kodiak Bear look alike. Which one is this?

You can also throw bread to them but do not get out of the car.

210618 farm019
Hmmm! Am I a Grizzly? Or am I a Kodiak?
210618 farm021
The bear said, “that bread was stale. I am going to soften it in tye water.” and he did.

The other animals classed as animals of prey are kept in small enclosures. Lions, tigers, more bears,

210618 farm015
A couple of young…Kodiak Bears… were in a pen together and seemed to have lots of energy and used it playing with their toys and each other.They also loved going into this tub of water, rolling around and then running after each other.
210618 farm016
All wet and running around chasing the other young bear.

wolves, cougars, lynx and a bunch of others appear bored and pace around their small enclosures or simply sleep. Of the entire experience we really felt badly about these animals and their small enclosures with nothing to keep them occupied. Each enclosure is about half the size of an average house block. I would be bored walking around that all day. It was certainly a good rule you did not leave the car as technically the animals could escape but strangely the front gate was not a gate at all. An escaped animal could run straight through the open entrance.

In the afternoon we stopped at a wolf enclosure which also had a black bear pacing. Other wolf enclosures had groups of wolves nearby. The lone wolf climbed onto a high point and started a wolf howl. Soon the howl was taken up by the other wolves. This went on for some time then stopped suddenly.

210618 farm022
The primal Wolf howl had all the remaining Wolves in enclosures scattered around the park took up the call.

This entire area was once owned by Walt Disney Studios and many adventure type movies were filmed here on sound stages and within animal enclosures. In a large barn are some of the sets of wilderness cabins used in various movies are still in place along with posters and other memorabilia.

210618 farm030
Part of a film set, probably in the movie Grizzly Adams.
210618 farm031
Another Disney film set.

A small petting area which included a few billie goats and a very fat pig had children chasing animals to pet them.

210618 farm033
The Goat just lay there putting up with little kids all day.
210618 farm032
A real once upon a time log cabin. I guess any place out of the snow and wind would be better than nothing.

There was also a fresh water aquarium and a reptile room.

210618 farm028
I been sitting here for years and the sign tells people my name is IGGY. How embarrassing. IGGY the Iguana. Nothing original about that. I would rather they called me by my real name…SPIKEY..
210618 farm029
I dont eat any of the whole wheat bread you hand out to the Yak and Bison. Did you bring any dead flies or a few snails? Yeah, those spikes are mine and they are real but they are soft and not dangerous at all. However my claws and teeth are. Stop calling me IGGY.

Over all it was an interesting experience but honestly it gave the impression of being run down, short of money and not enough staff and certainly not enough room for some of the animals and not enough activities to keep those animals busy.

210618 farm018
This Zebra knew a sandwich was in here somewhere.

The amazing low entry fee…in our case $13 each…entitled us to an all day pass. We drove back through the grazing area but by now the animals were laying around sleeping except for a few who still wanted bread.

210618 farm026
Its afternoon nap time. It can get tiring walking up to cars and the people hand you slices of bread. We have to lay down to snooze and recover.

Even the bears were no longer interested in the bread except to dunk a slice in water.

It was an interesting experience.

On our way home we stopped briefly at a small pretty town called Port Gamble. It seems to be a typical American town of the 1950’s era. Complete with the usual USA flags and white picket fences.

210618 gamble001
Entrance to Port Gamble.
210618 gamble002
Main street of Port Gamble leading down to Squamish Harbour.
210618 gamble
Most of the short main street in Port Gamble is made of fancy restored houses like this.

Friday 22nd June

Today we drove back to Vancouver. Donnis has been unwell since yesterday morning. In fact I seem to have similar symptoms but she is not well at all. We brought Silver and Jaxson with us. Somehow Jaxsons passport was left behind and we had Emmas passport instead. The Canadian Border officer asked a lot of questions and it looked like we were facing a long drive back to Poulsbo for the passport. He directed us into a side holding area and instructed us to leave the car unlocked and walk inside the border control offices and wait to be called. We wondered about what might be the outcome but were pleasantly surprised when they told us to continue our journey. Perhaps Jason, at age 4 does not need a passport.