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544. Sunday 19th March 2017. Resting, St Patricks Day and another funeral…

Monday 13th March

Slowly, ever so slowly, I am getting back into a routine. Maybe by the end of the month I will be up to date.

Last night a yacht moored in the Broadwater, Biggera Waters, near Lands End, caught fire and sank.  I was not aware of the fire until this morning when I went for my bike ride along the Broadwater pathway. Hmmm! I thought! That boat in the distance is a little close to the shoreline and is leaning over at a strange angle. Closer inspection revealed the awful reason.

130317 sunk
It is always so sad to see a boat like this.

Tuesday 14th March

While we were away on our cruise, Graham was voted as President of the village social committee. I was voted as Treasurer. I now have all the books from the previous Treasurer and we have changed signatures at the bank. Already I can understand the frustration the previous Treasurer experienced.

Wednesday 15th March

Today is the 140th Anniversary of the first Cricket Test Match. The test was played between Australia and England at the Melbourne Cricket ground. The test was played over a four day period and Australia won by a margin of 45 runs. Currently there are 10 Nations which enjoy “Test” Cricket status. For those of you who know me well will understand I am not a cricket aficionado but will concede that a “one day” game with a tight finish will hold my attention. As I write these notes, Australia is preparing to play India in Test 3 of 4 matches at Ranchi India on 16th March. So far the matches are drawn one each.

Overnight and this morning around 5am heavy rain fell. By 6am heavier rain was falling. Thunderously heavy rain. We had a bowls tournament scheduled for today on our recently completed upgraded green. We had a challenge match with 18 of our bowlers against 18 bowlers from Emerald Gardens Over 50 Resort. At 7am our green was a virtual lake with around 50mm of water across the entire green.  Start time was schedule for 8am with a barbecue lunch to follow. Maybe instead we could have challenged them to a skim board competition.

150317 skim
When Donnis and I were camped at the southern NSW highland town of Culcairn near Albury it rained for several days. Very heavy rain. The nearby creek turned into a raging flooded monster. As the water level rose the nearby childrens playground turned into a skim boarders delight. Not for long though. A few hours after this photo was taken the playground was under three metres of water.

This is how professional skim boarders make it look so simple.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5A04G_4Aks

The event has been postponed for one week. By mid- morning the water was drained, by mid- afternoon the green was playable and no rain fell for the rest of the day.


Friday 17th March

St Patricks Day!

What is it about this day? Here we are in Australia on the opposite side of the world from Ireland and on this day we go as gaga as they do in Ireland. Probably most Australians can trace some Irish blood in their ancestry. As well it is a chance to dress up in silly green outfits, wear weird hats colour our hair and or beards green and drink green beverages.

Our village is not immune to this annual event. Now that I am part of the social committee, this year we wanted to try something new. Irish Stew including the obligatory Guinness simmered away for hours. We decided on stew instead of the usual party pies, cocktail frankfurts and sausage rolls. We hired a double cocktail machine.   http://www.affordablepartyhire.com/cocktail-hire.html    One side was intended as non- alcoholic while the second was umm err alcoholic. Vodka was added to the mix. From the start the alcoholic side was popular by about 97%. So popular in fact the slushie mix was beginning to run out and we had to make a second batch…and a third. Naturally our MC Graham made us play silly games and dances which raised a thirst and more drinks were consumed. We put on a line dancing display, played Irish music all night and finished the evening with ballroom dancing. After it was all over the committee and a small army of volunteers cleaned up and filled bottles with the remaining slushie mix….the one with Vodka in it.

Hmmm! Easter is approaching. What can we do differently? My suggestion of rabbit stew was met with stoney stares.

Hmmm! I wonder how they feel about a Bilby stew???

Saturday 18th March

It is a double sad day today.

The first bit of sad is the iconic Eimeo Pacific Hotel will be going on the market…again. Last year it failed to sell. This time around? ?I have spent many meal times enjoying a cold beer, a wonderful fish lunch and time gazing over the 270° view of the Coral Sea. Even after I moved from Mackay to Airlie Beach, Donnis and I enjoyed going to this hotel and would often take visiting friends there for what we called a spectacular view lunch. The hotel is at the end of Mango Avenue which is still lined with mango trees planted over 100 years ago. Those mangos drop ripe fruit on the road which are then squashed by cars. The smell is somewhat strong and is mostly an annoyance to locals in the mango season. Here are details of the sale.   https://www.commercialrealestate.com.au/news/iconic-eimeo-pacific-hotel-in-mackay-facing-demolition/

The second sad event which is probably sadder is the funeral of my cousin Richard Donaghey. It is sad because of the passing of Rick but even sadder is that I have not seen him for probably more than 50 years. Now it is too late to catch up but not too late to pay my respects.

Vale Rick.

In other ways the sad day was a good day. We were able to meet Rick’s wife Cath and their friend for many years, Hellen who officiated at Ricks funeral service. Rick made specific instructions that he wanted his funeral held on a weekend so people would not need to take time off work to attend.

Afterwards we retired to the Springwood Hotel Barra Room for a few drinks and some finger food. We could not join any conversation of reminiscing with tales of time spent with Rick. We did however meet his friends but more importantly for me I got to meet my cousins, Kimmie, Greg and Jeannette. Their memories jelled with mine and we were able to talk about my brother and sisters and other cousins they have not seen for many many years either.  Suddenly we were young again talking about childhood adventures.

Thanks cousins, let’s keep the promise of a family get together…this year perhaps?

I volunteer the use of our clubhouse and facilities.

Sunday 19th March

What a lazy do nothing day. It rained during the night and this morning then off and on for most of the day. I used my time wisely, watching a couple of hours of Mythbusters recorded while we were away.