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625. Wednesday 20th June 2018. Silverdale, Brownsville and Key Port…

Wednesday 20th June 2018.Somehow I missed writing and photographs from one half of this day.

Later in the day we drove with Ruth (Johns Mother) to Silverdale.

200618 silverdale6

Once we arrived I realised we had been here in 2015 but today saw it from another perspective. That is, summer is here and Silverdale is classed as a beach. Beach??? Yes a pebble and shell and oyster and rock and oyster and seaweed and mussel and other dead crustaceans, beach.

200618 silverdale4
This is beach.Little shellfish squirt water.

All the lovely sharp and slippery stuff you really enjoy when you go to the beach. Tender teenage feet hobbled carefully into the water to at least knee deep before frigid water drove them, hobbling, ashore.

200618 silverdale5
Silverdale Jetty

The real brave teenagers were at the end of a jetty where some unfortunates were pushed into the salty hypothermic h2o.

200618 silverdale2
I’m the bully and I’m gunna push you in the water.
200618 silverdale1
Teenage meeting place. Note the debris floating past.
200618 silverdale
Aaah Summer. Time to get out on the water. Snow is still on the Olympic Range about 60 Klms as the crow flys.
200618 silverdale3
Silverdale Jetty.

From here I chose, at random, a place on the map, for our next visit. Brownsville was not far away and was a real picturesque location based around a marina and lots of houses built on the hillsides overlooking Port Orchard Channel.

200618 brownsville
First sight of Brownsville is this cute rotunda framing a marina.
200618 brownsville2
Brownsville Marina

We were on a tight schedule expecting to have to be at Point No Point Lighthouse Park for a family BBQ dinner. We received a call to say the children had received shots today and were not well enough to go out. Instead a party for Jaxson was planned at home. That gave us a little extra exploring time.

200618 brownsville1
I was interested to see how this US Jayco Motorhome disposed of waste at what we call a Dump Point. After all we did this for many years.
200618 brownsville3
A man and his dog on a leisurely paddle. The man was using his mobile phone to talk to somebody and show them what the marina looks like.
200618 brownsville5
Inside Brownsville Marina.
200618 brownsville6
Marinas in this area can often freeze. Boats, for those that can afford them, are kept in these little boat garages.
200618 brownsville7
Boat garage.

I saw an interesting older boat that would be wonderful for exploring all the bays and coves and peninsulas and islands around Puget Sound. The entire area would be around the same size as the entire Whitsunday and Cumberland Islands group and just as spectacular in a different way.  Yeah, dream on. Only around CAN$1,000,000 would get us something like that plus $1,000 to fill the fuel tanks or $1,000 a day rental.

200618 brownsville010
El Capitan the boat which appeals to me.
200618 brownsville4
This delightful building is a BBQ and gathering place for people to have a place for a picnic or dinner or a gathering.
200618 brownsville011
Inside the cute gathering place.
200618 brownsville9
Great Blue Heron landing.
200618 brownsville8
Great Blue Heron.

Although I enjoyed wandering around this cute marina and sheltered bay, I also wanted to see as much as I can.

Next stop, chosen at random on the map is, Key Port. As it turns out we did not see much of the town as it is a US Navy Department and located right next door is US Naval Undersea Museum. AS we arrived at the Museum we could hear a siren, very loud and scary enough to make us think WWIII was happening. Eventually a voice announced situation OK and personell should return to their normal duties. It was only a drill. It worked for us! We had only a brief few minutes to explore the museum before they kicked us out at closing time.

200618 keyport
Key Port Museum.

As we were leaving the Museum we joined the queue of cars leaving the base. It was after 4pm and the military here are like the military in OZ. Time to finish fr the day and head home.

I enjoyed our time looking at just a few coastal locations.

Sigh, more unexplored potential.

Another sigh as our final days wind down.