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506. Sunday 21st August 2016. A birthday, smart phones, lawn bowls and rugby league…

Wednesday 17th August

It was grandson Chris birthday today. Happy 12 th birthday Chris.

We drove to Brisbane to have a birthday dinner with Chris, his mother Regelyn and a family friend.Mai.

170816 birthday
Birthday boy with Donnis, Regelyn and Mai.

Saturday 20th August

I like to give credit where credit is due.

I have a longish story to explain something worthwhile which happened to today.

For starters Samsung Mobile Phones Australia can take a bow. To me they went above and beyond what my expectations of what customer service they would give.

Here’s how the story begins.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A3 Smart Phone. It is one of the more basic phones in the Samsung stable.

I also have a Hyundai i30 motor car.

Both the car and phone are Bluetooth compatible.

When the phone connects to the car it then disconnects and after awhile it connects and disconnects.

Frustrating? You betcha.

I did an update on the phone. No change. I took the car and phone to Hyundai who tested both and advised the car Bluetooth works fine and it must be the phone as all the phones we tested, including my old non smart Telstra phone worked fine.

I contacted Samsung and they checked what we had done to update last month decided there may be a software and or hardware issue and they need to have it sent back for testing. I was given the address of Samsung at Robina Shopping Centre which has a drop off and pick up service.  Before driving there I backed up my phone using the Samsung Smart Switch on-line service. I fully expected to drop off my phone and have to wait a couple of weeks. In the meantime I thought I would change SIM cards from the new to the old phone.

“No way!” Said the staff at Samsung. We can do better than that. We will give you a loan phone, a bigger version of your current phone, the A5. We will transfer all your data and Apps from the A3 to the A5 immediately. Once that is done we will wipe the old A3 and send it to Brisbane. “Immediately” ended up being an hour but I walked out of the store with a bigger more powerful phone with all my Contacts, Apps, Photos and Music. The staff kept apologising that I had to wait. While waiting I looked at their new Virtual Reality headsets which works on any Samsung Galaxy S6 or better. Wow! What an amazing bit of technology. I loved the surfing VR and felt absolutely ill in the Roller Coaster VR.

Today Samsung are promoting the new flagship phone the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with Stylus and Iris Scanning Security. The base model has an internal storage memory of 64 Gb with expandable memory up to 256 Gb. (For comparison, my first computer, about the size of a medium suitcase had a storage memory of 1.2Gb! The only expandable memory were “floppy discs” which had storage of 880 Mb. I had a giant collection of floppy discs. The computer had cables running to power, a printer, the mouse and keyboard. Cables everywhere.)The new Note 7 phone has lots of accessories including  the Gear 360 for the camera which allows you to take your own VR video. This phone is packed with features more than I could use and far, far, outside my price range but it was nice that Samsung spent the time to show me and to take care of my Bluetooth issue.

Thanks Samsung. I enjoyed my time with you this morning.

In the afternoon we went bowling.

Lawn bowls that is.

On our own green here in our village.

Our old green was torn up last week and a new synthetic grass was laid down and today it was officially ready to be tested. Donnis and I are both rank amateurs, basically beginners. In fact the other seasoned bowlers were at a bit of a disadvantage having to re-learn a new bowling method. We are beginners anyway and do not have to unlearn anything.

Sunday 21st August

Last week we travelled to Brisbane to watch Grandson Chris play a semi- final game of Ruby League. The team won and Chris received a Man of the Match Award. This week we went to watch a finals game between Chris team and the undefeated team of the competition.

210816 goalpost
I have never seen anything like this on top of goal posts. The football field is the home of the Sunnybanks Souths Magpies Rugby Leagues Club

The game was played at Sunnybank Hills Magpies Rugby Leagues Club. Long story short,

210816 winners
Hugs all round one the final whistle has been blown.

Chris team won, 28 to 10, Chris scored a try and carried out a few try saving tackles.

210816 tackle1
Tackling is rough.
210816 catch
Chris receiving a pass as his team moves towards a try.
210816 tackle
Chris can tackle too,
210816 run
Chris on his way to the try line.
210816 game
Team huddle after a try.

The team gets to play in the grand final in two weeks.  Two of Chris teammates received Man of the Match Awards,

210816 try
This player, Stacey, made two length of the field tries and made numerous tackles to be named man of the match.
210816 pain
Oh the pain! This player laid his body on the line carrying out try saving tackles.

one for scoring two tries and the other for his solid defence, putting his body on the line to stop tries.

210816 mums
Football mums watching the game and hiding their stress every time their son receives the ball or carries out a tackle.

Well done Springwood Tigers JRL team.