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491. Sunday 8th May 2016.May Day march, Mother’s Day peace, a game of Rugby League and doors…

Monday 2nd May

Today was a Public Holiday…in Queensland…Officially Labour Day or May Day. It was obtained years ago by mighty pressure by the union movement to celebrate their solidarity with May Day first started in Russia when Communists overthrew the government and commenced seventy or eighty decades of darkness.


This week we did not go anywhere or do anything of note. We did our usual walks and doctors appointments.

Friday night we watched the Rugby League game between Australia and New Zealand. Although Australia won it was a snooze enducing  game and hardly worthy of an International Match status.

Apart from that it has been a quiet week.

So…Instead we will take a walk, back in time, through our portal of doors and show you some of our previously unpublished photos of interesting doors we have seen on our travels.

  1. One of many doors on the Saints Mary and Joseph Cathedral in Armidale. Built in 1912 in what is called Pyrmont Rock bricks and local Armidale Polychrome Bricks. (I can find no information regarding either of these bricks. I suspect the word polychrome was not in existence in 1912) To the untrained eye the brick looks the same colour as many other brick buildings around town which are made from the local Armidale Blue bricks. The clay for such bricks was taken from blue clay found near the Armidale Airport.

    031 catholic armidale
    Catholic Church Armidale. Just love the metal work set into the top and bottom.
  2. Clock above door, in Loftus Street, Sydney Entrance on what is currently the NSW Department of Planning & Environment. Originally this building was the Department of Lands built in 1877-1890 from finely dressed Sydney Sandstone. The building is on the Register of the National Estate. Basically that means it is historic building and must be retained in pretty much the same condition it is now.

    032 clock the rocks
    Department of Lands, The Rocks, Sydney.
  3. This door is on the building still bearing its original name CML – Citizens Mutual Life – at what would have been a regional office, Inverell NSW. CML like several banks, building societies, credit unions and life assurance and general insurance companies over the last 40 years first became amalgamated with a bigger entity then disappeared forever. That’s progress I guess. Sigh!!!

    033 cml inverell
    Original CML Building Inverell. NSW
  4. This delightful door is in a small historical town called Uralla in the Northern Tablelands District of NSW not far from the city of Armidale. It is located at the intersection of the New England Highway and Thunderbolts Way. Obviously it is a door not often used…look closely to see the cobwebs. The Uralla area was first occupied by squatters (people who had no legal title to land – they just showed up and took possession) in the early 1830’s and finally made it to township status in 1850. The legendary bushranger, Captain Thunderbolt, was killed in a shootout with Police in Uralla and his remains are buried at the local cemetery. Oh, by the way, look real real close and you can see the original floorboards of this late 1800’s building.

    034 cobwebs uralla
  5. This gateway which looks like a door is located in the small township of Dorrigo NSW. Dorrigo sits atop the escarpment overlooking the flood plains of the Bellinger River and the olde worlde town of Bellingen.

    035 dorrigo
    Dorrigo. NSW.
  6. This old door is on what was once a church but is now a movie theatre called, oddly, The Glen Innes Chapel Theatre and more oddly still is located at Glen Innes in the New England District of NSW.

    036 glen inness 3d
    Glen Innes.
  7. This old once painted door is, like the door at Urunga, no longer used. Or at least, not used often. It is located on the hugely popular Glenmore Hotel, Cumberland Street, The Rocks Sydney, NSW. A trip to Sydney would not be complete without a walk around The Rocks which to do it justice should take around two days. Some of the houses were part of the very early days of Colonial Habitation in Sydney dating from around 1880.

    037 glenmore the rocks
    Glenmore Hotel, The Rocks NSW.
  8. This was once a door leading to ??? WTF. It is located in the main street of Guyra, NSW in the New England District of NSW.

    038 guyra upstairs
    Doorway to where??? Guyra.
  9. The little town of Central Tilba in southern NSW exists precariously on dairy farmers and the town re-inventing itself as a curious tourist destination. The town boasts a little timber built theatre and this is the front door thereto.039 hall central tilba
  10. In the hinterland behind the coastal city of Wollongong is the Cordeaux Reservoir, on the Cordeaux River. This gate/doorway (closed to the public) leads down into the bowels of the dam wall and pump station of the dam wall built in 1926 in what is known as the neo Egyptian style. This dam is part of a network of dams supply water to the MacArthur Region west of Sydney and the Illawarra District on the coast below the Great Dividing Range.

    040 cordeaux dam
    Cordeaux Dam.

Sunday 8th May …Mothers Day.

Let me start off by saying, NO, Donnis did not get breakfast in bed. In fact not even a cuppa in bed. Worse, she had to make her own breakfast. After breakfast she went through the wardrobe selecting clothes which she has finally decided she can no longer wear. (Even after taking away all those clothes she still uses my side of the wardrobe)  Those clothes and a few of my own were bundled to take to her son Peter. He returns to work in Papua New Guinea tomorrow and asked if we had any clothes he could pass on to needy villagers. Good onyer Peter.

Being Mothers Day we travelled to Capalaba a seaside suburb of Brisbane to watch grandson Chris play in another game of Rugby League. Chris picked up the pace today, involving himself in more tackles,

080516 tackle
Back up and tackling a few minutes later.

getting a bad knock to the head and having to spend 10 minutes off the field in the “head bin” just in case he had concussion.

080516 Chris injured in a tackle
Knocked senseless for a few minutes.

Once more on the field he threw himself back into the game and this week scored a try,

080516 try
Under that jumble of bodies is number 10, Chris scoring his first try. Look carefully just behind the goalposts you can see a very happy dad…Peter.

earning a Man of the Match Award. Good onyer Chris.

I like this new format for the blog. It shows the photo in full size.