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559. Sunday 25th June 2017. Brisbane War Memorial, Commonwealth Games and Canals…

Monday 19th June

Whoooee! Today I took a train trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane. It was far cheaper than taking i30. No traffic, no parking fees, no fuel, no city traffic woes. I was able to sit back and read or use the WiFi provided by Queensland Rail.

On arrival I went to Anzac Square which lies across the street from Central Station

190617 central
Central Station is located behind this tiny facade. Buildings have been erected around and over the station. Inside it is huge with 6 platforms in constant use.

and stretches between Ann Street through to Adelaide Street.

190617 anzac square
Anzac Square with the clock tower of Central Station in the bottom right.

The Doric Columns and most of the memorial walls and floor of the Memorial Shrine are made from a rock which looks like dressed sandstone. It isn’t. I believe it is made from a local rock known as Brisbane Tuff.

190617 memorial
Doric Columns of the Brisbane War Memorial in Anzac Square.

190617 wall190617 statue190617 statue1

Brisbane Tuff  is a type of rock, formed as a result of a volcanic eruption. As the name suggests, it is a type of tuff found around Brisbane. It is a form of welded ignimbrite and was quarried extensively in the early history of Brisbane at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs for use in construction of Brisbane’s earliest buildings.

190617 kangaroo - Copy
The popular Kangaroo Point Parklands. Evidence of the quarrying of Brisbane Tuff is easy to see.

Brisbane tuff comes in a variety of colours: pink, green, blue (grey) and purple. The different colours are due to the extent of oxidation of iron and manganese.

A Perpetual Flame burns in a bronze urn. Anzac Square was opened on Armistice Day 1930 and is included in the Queensland Heritage Register.

The square, the shrine, the pathways, the lawns, trees and shrubs are all specially chosen and tended as being of a place of solemn significance.190617 ice

190617 food
While ice skating is conducted in King George Square the ever popular meeting area now has a temporary food alley.

Tuesday 20th June

I attended a group hype session and a personal interview to be a volunteer driver for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

200617 sign
Volunteers posed for photos.

The first thing which was obvious was the amount of planning and implementation so far. The games entire volunteer crew is planned to be 15,000 people. Almost 50,000 applications were received and this has been narrowed down to 25,000. Now comes the interview process to bring in the final 15,000. On the fleet drivers section they need a crew of 2,800 and are going through the process of bringing the 4,000 applicants down to that number. The games will have a fleet of 771 official cars which will move sports people, officials and dignitaries around on a 24/7 basis. In fact in the lead up to the commencement of the games will be a lead in period of one month when attending personnel will require transport. If I am chosen it will be a busy period during March and April year. There are about 8 different types of cars to be used from small 4 seaters to larger 6 seaters to 12 seaters and Toyota Coaster 30 seaters. I can drive all of those vehicles except the bus which requires a LR or MR type license. It was interesting to note that even in my group there were those who were nervous about driving anything bigger than a 4 seater and some were restricted to automatic cars only.

200617 map
Volunteer interviewees are encouraged to leave a paint fingerprint in a stylised aboriginal dot painting of the main area of the Gold Coast being used for the Commonwealth Games. My fingerprint is at the bottom of the photo shown by a red arrow.

Wednesday 21st June

Game II State of Origin.

What can I say about tonight’s game?

Qld lost the first game three weeks ago at home in Brisbane to NSW.

Tonight was played in the NSW home arena against the pumped up unchanged side. Qld had 4 debut players and the return of 2 key players. One from injury, the other from simply not being selected for the first game. At half time NSW led 16-6 and the game looked all but over. The NSW side was dominant until a little into the second half. Then the game changed. It changed almost suddenly. Qld scored two converted tries, the second, two minutes from full time. They looked set to put on another try but the full time siren closed the game. Qld won 18-16 setting the stage for a final decider in Brisbane in three weeks. It should be a sellout.

The star player, Jonathon Thurston injured his already injured shoulder. Medical advice is he should never play again. That means his representative career for Queensland and Australia as well as for his home team is all over. All Rugby League fans will be sorry to see Jonathon leave the game but we all believe he will be back in some capacity either as a coach or a highly paid TV commentator.

Friday 23rd June

Today I went to the Runaway Bay Shopping Centre to collect my laptop which has had a new solid state hard drive installed plus a few tweaks.

The shopping centre backs on to a canal system. For those who do not know, the Gold Coast has a huge canal system of residential land. Every house on the canals has a water frontage many of them have landing jetties and pontoons.

230617 canal
A tiny part of the Gold Coast Canal system.

All canals are part of a creek or river system which flows into The Broadwater, one of the premier waterways playgrounds in Australia, if THE premier waterway. The shopping centre knows that much of its custom comes from yachties who live on their boats in The Broadwater, local home owners on the canal, visitors on hire boats and houseboats, fishermen even jet ski riders. The shopping centre provides two jetties and associated pontoon berths so boaties can land, do their shopping and return to the boat.

230617 runaway
Runaway Bay Shopping Centre Boat berthing facilities.

230617 runaway1

The canal in this instance gives direct access to The Broadwater.

230617 broadwater
Canala Entrance at unaway Bay where it merges with The Broadwater.