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583. Sunday 24th December 2017. Christmas Eve. Have a Happy Christmas everybody…

No photos this week.

Thursday 21st December

We went to see the latest Star Wars movie in the Titan Extreme theatre. This theatre which is lined with multiple levels of Dolby Speakers make the walls, floor and even the seats vibrate with a sound sensation. We saw the last episode about a year ago and although it was in 3D I was disappointed. This episode sort of carries on where the other left off. It seems the only two of the 8 episodes which appear as consecutive and therefore a cohesive story line is meant to explain the plot. It didn’t. I felt it was confusing. That said, in the overall scheme of things it probably does not matter as the action is almost non -stop and there is no time to worry about plot. Granted there were moments where we said “waddid they say” or “where did he or she come from” or “what was that all about?” The action just rolled along and kept us satisfied. It was good to see Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), older, wiser and seemingly lost but in charge. Sadly Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) made a final appearance before her death early this year followed by her mother, Debbie Reynolds a week later. For me there is a new hero – heroine actually but in this new non gender world, hero will do – introduced, a short chubby Asian lady playing the part of Rose Tico. She steals all the scenes where she appears. She shows what an infectious smiling face with gritty determination can do for a movie to lighten the action from time to time.

Saturday 23rd December

We drove our friends Marilyn and Barry to Broadbeach where they will spend Christmas with their family. We stopped for coffee and a snack at a local upmarket eatery. Beachside Pavillion. Whew! What prices. $65 for 4 coffees, two croissants and a banana bread. I guess the rent must be pretty high. We heard from a good source the staff  have an 8 hour shift. That means 8 hours with no break. The food was nothing special and the coffee arrived at a temperature which annoys me. Warm. Not HOT!

Sunday 24th December Christmas Eve

The social club arranged a Carols in our Park overlooking Biggera Creek. We spent an hour this morning setting up chairs and our sound system in readiness. First we met at the Clubhouse at 6.30 and walked the streets playing music via my iPad and speaker system handing out chocolates and reminding people to come to the carols.

About 30 residents turned up for the carols. That’s not a bad result considering many residents are away at this time of year or had dinner or weekends with family.

Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we will be up early to drive to Coolangatta Airport for an 8am flight to Sydney. After arriving in Sydney we have a mystery week not knowing where we will be day to day.

Expect lots of photos and stories next week.

Merry Christmas to all.