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625. Wednesday 20th June 2018. Silverdale, Brownsville and Key Port…

Wednesday 20th June 2018.Somehow I missed writing and photographs from one half of this day.

Later in the day we drove with Ruth (Johns Mother) to Silverdale.

200618 silverdale6

Once we arrived I realised we had been here in 2015 but today saw it from another perspective. That is, summer is here and Silverdale is classed as a beach. Beach??? Yes a pebble and shell and oyster and rock and oyster and seaweed and mussel and other dead crustaceans, beach.

200618 silverdale4
This is beach.Little shellfish squirt water.

All the lovely sharp and slippery stuff you really enjoy when you go to the beach. Tender teenage feet hobbled carefully into the water to at least knee deep before frigid water drove them, hobbling, ashore.

200618 silverdale5
Silverdale Jetty

The real brave teenagers were at the end of a jetty where some unfortunates were pushed into the salty hypothermic h2o.

200618 silverdale2
I’m the bully and I’m gunna push you in the water.
200618 silverdale1
Teenage meeting place. Note the debris floating past.
200618 silverdale
Aaah Summer. Time to get out on the water. Snow is still on the Olympic Range about 60 Klms as the crow flys.
200618 silverdale3
Silverdale Jetty.

From here I chose, at random, a place on the map, for our next visit. Brownsville was not far away and was a real picturesque location based around a marina and lots of houses built on the hillsides overlooking Port Orchard Channel.

200618 brownsville
First sight of Brownsville is this cute rotunda framing a marina.
200618 brownsville2
Brownsville Marina

We were on a tight schedule expecting to have to be at Point No Point Lighthouse Park for a family BBQ dinner. We received a call to say the children had received shots today and were not well enough to go out. Instead a party for Jaxson was planned at home. That gave us a little extra exploring time.

200618 brownsville1
I was interested to see how this US Jayco Motorhome disposed of waste at what we call a Dump Point. After all we did this for many years.
200618 brownsville3
A man and his dog on a leisurely paddle. The man was using his mobile phone to talk to somebody and show them what the marina looks like.
200618 brownsville5
Inside Brownsville Marina.
200618 brownsville6
Marinas in this area can often freeze. Boats, for those that can afford them, are kept in these little boat garages.
200618 brownsville7
Boat garage.

I saw an interesting older boat that would be wonderful for exploring all the bays and coves and peninsulas and islands around Puget Sound. The entire area would be around the same size as the entire Whitsunday and Cumberland Islands group and just as spectacular in a different way.  Yeah, dream on. Only around CAN$1,000,000 would get us something like that plus $1,000 to fill the fuel tanks or $1,000 a day rental.

200618 brownsville010
El Capitan the boat which appeals to me.
200618 brownsville4
This delightful building is a BBQ and gathering place for people to have a place for a picnic or dinner or a gathering.
200618 brownsville011
Inside the cute gathering place.
200618 brownsville9
Great Blue Heron landing.
200618 brownsville8
Great Blue Heron.

Although I enjoyed wandering around this cute marina and sheltered bay, I also wanted to see as much as I can.

Next stop, chosen at random on the map is, Key Port. As it turns out we did not see much of the town as it is a US Navy Department and located right next door is US Naval Undersea Museum. AS we arrived at the Museum we could hear a siren, very loud and scary enough to make us think WWIII was happening. Eventually a voice announced situation OK and personell should return to their normal duties. It was only a drill. It worked for us! We had only a brief few minutes to explore the museum before they kicked us out at closing time.

200618 keyport
Key Port Museum.

As we were leaving the Museum we joined the queue of cars leaving the base. It was after 4pm and the military here are like the military in OZ. Time to finish fr the day and head home.

I enjoyed our time looking at just a few coastal locations.

Sigh, more unexplored potential.

Another sigh as our final days wind down.


624. Monday 18th to Wednesday 20th June 2018. In the USA, Poulsbo, Battle Point, a Birthday and a tragedy…

Monday 18th June.

So begins our last week away from home and we have finally found summer.

I got a bit agitated at a bank where we wanted to exchange Canadian dollars for US dollars. The teller was totally confused as to how to proceed so she called on her supervisor/manager to help out. He looked at our Canadian dollars Visa card and declared he could not help as it is not recognised by the Canadian Banking system. WTF! WTF! I told him we have used the same card all over Canada at ATM’s, shops, Banks, trains, airlines, WalMart and Costco without problems. He insisted that the card has a little symbol on the back and that tells him it cannot be used in an ATM – anywhere. I then asked if I went to an ATM and got cash would he organise US dollars for us. NO! We are not customers. The ATM is inside the banking chamber and in his view so I walked over, drew out cash using my card which according to him would not work. I waved the cash at him as I left. Linda is a customer of this bank so I gave her the cash and she got our US dollars. I have some strong words I would like to use about this bank branch and manager but this is a family blog.

Why did I need US dollars and where did I find summer? We drove to Poulsbo near Seattle in the USA to visit Linda’s daughter Jessica. It was summer weather when we arrived and everyone is struggling with the under 30° heat.

Going through US Customs at the border was painless. The officer asked me to take off my sunglasses and if I still lived in Australia and then we were on our way. Instead of driving in afternoon peak hour traffic to Seattle then catching the car ferry across the bay we turned off to Annacortes, then Coupeville and finally arriving at Fort Casey for the car ferry to Port Townsend . Along the way we passed the Whidbey Island Naval Air Base and the nearby town of Oak Harbour is a busy place servicing the base.

180618 poulsbo
Outside Whidbey Island Naval Air Base.

This is a really scenic drive and unfortunately we were on a tight timetable and unable to stop and take photos. Constant road works and even an accident caused delays. As it was, we arrived at the ferry terminal with only minutes to spare.

After leaving the ferry on the final leg of our trip we noticed a small rural airstrip. It is known as the Jefferson International Airport!!!???   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jefferson_County_International_Airport     I suppose if a small plane flew to Canada from this rural airstrip it would be an International flight.

180618 poulsbo1
We saw a couple f these in Canada but in the USA they are popping up all over. It seems good espresso coffee is becoming more popular. Regular coffee outlets such as Tim Hortons and Starbucks are not responding quickly enough. These places offer a quick drive through coffee but do not supply cakes or pastries.They keep the menu simple and the service quick.

Not long after leaving the ferry we reach Highway 101. Turn right to Port Angeles and follow the Olympic Mountains or turn left to Puget Sound and Poulsbo. We turned left.

180618 poulsbo2
The USA like Canada seems to sell colourful chairs on the roadside.

We arrived in Poulsbo in time to see John before he left for work. After dinner we sat around talking and getting to know the children, Silver, Jaxson and Emma.

Although I was not driving, I think I used my foot all the way on a phantom clutch and brake pedal. It’s hard to be a passenger sometimes.

I am tired.

Our bedroom has half- life size figures of a Star Wars Storm Trooper

180618 poulsbo4
No batteries no power. Donnis was not kept awake by flashing lights, stamping feet or bursts of laser ray gun shots.

and Darth Vader beside the bed.

180618 poulsbo3
Darth Vader was on my side of the bed, Luckily his battery was flat and not plugged in so I was not kept awake by flashing lights, a glowing light sabre or a deep sepulchral voice.

I am not sure if I have to call on “The Force” before I go to bed. I like the Star Wars movies but John is a real fan. Tomorrow I will get to see the rest of his collection.

Tuesday 19th June

It is young Jaxsons 4th birthday.

190618 battle2
A candid cupcake pose. Happy 4th Birthday Jaxson.

He was able to celebrate with a playgroup at Battle Point Park.

190618 battle4
Emma at only 15 months tries to keep up with big brother.
190618 battle3
Jaxson climbs the old fortress.

After singing Happy Birthday and blowing out the candle on the cup cakes, I had a look around the park. It is called Battle Point, neither because of a Civil War battle nor any other US military battle. It was from a native American battle, around 1900, between the local Suquamish Tribe and a marauding tribe from Canada seeking women. History does not tell us about the outcome. It just records there was a battle.  The area was once owned by the US Military and Fort Ward was created as a super secret radio installation. It was here that a decoded message about Japans plans to attack Pearl Harbour was handed up the line but sat on an officials desk over the weekend. History tells us the message was never acted upon. Or acted upon too late.

190618 battle1
Old naval base water tower.

Some of the original buildings have been retained and put to new useful purposes. For example the radio transmitter building complex is now used for a planetarium and celestial telescope and has regular information and viewing sessions for the public.

190618 battle point
Battle Point Astronomical Observatory.

Another building is now used as a gymnastics auditorium.

190618 battle5
Bridge over the Hood Canal at Port Gamble.

Along the road we saw several places selling fireworks. Not small shops but huge solid timber buildings with counters 40 mtrs long. Yes, they sell fireworks in the USA. Some of the stores also sold marijuana or cannabis. Imagine. Let’s have a fun weekend. Buy a load of weed and fireworks, smoke the weed and set off the fireworks.

190618 fireworks
Enlarge the photo. On the left hand side you can see the fireworks for sale. These type of stores were everywhere around Bainbridge and Poulsbo.

In the afternoon Donnis and I took John’s Ford Mustang Convertible for a spin to Poulsbo.

190618 mustang
2006 Ford Mustang V6 3.7 litre motor. Although I have always wanted a Mustang Donnis looks rather chuffed to be in the drivers seat too.

The city, yes city of Poulsbo (despite only having a population of 9,200 persons at the last census) was originally inhabited by the Suquamish nation for somewhere around 5,000 years.

190618 poulsbo1
Parts of main street of Poulsbo

Poulsbo was more recently settled by Scandinavian settlers (Norwegians) around 1880.

190618 poulsbo3
The Mustang took us to a German Bakery in Poulsbo.

Locals still claim a strong relationship with the Vikings. Many of the original buildings along the shores of Liberty Bay on Puget Sound have been maintained in a quaint representation of a Norwegian Village of a century ago.

190618 poulsbo2
Poulsbo waterfront picnic area. Note the Norwegian flag.

Even the sign, “Velkommen til Poulsbo” is in a nice Norwegian twang.

190618 poulsbo
What is an old Australian/British telephone box doing in the USA?

Although we like the City of Poulsbo we liked driving the Mustang even more. We would have enjoyed following a coast road around Puget Sound for a few hours but regretably John wanted the car to go to work.

190618 birthday
Birthday cake for Jaxson at home.

Wednesday 20th June

One of Jessica and Johns employees was badly injured in a car accident early yesterday morning. It seems he started through an intersection on the green light. An Audi travelling at 100MPH in a 40 MPH area drove through a red light and ploughed into his car, rolling it and trapping him half out the window and his car burst into flames. Meanwhile the other car also rolled and the 18 year old driver managed to crawl clear while the car owner was trapped as his Audi also burst into flames. We know from eye witnesses at the scene, Sheriff’s report and drivers of both cars he was screaming for help as he was incinerated. At the time of writing John has visited his employee who was airlifted to Seattle but was unable to speak as he is now in an induced coma and scheduled for several operations. Both drivers are still in a critical condition and we will not know the outcome for several days. We know that Gerard has been conscious once since arriving at the hospital but has been kept in an induced coma ever since. He is scheduled for several operations but miraculously was not burned.