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547. Sunday 9th April 2017. Noosa, a waterfall, a dam and the rest of the Sunshine Coast…

Tuesday 4th April

Autumn arrived this morning.

It arrived late and unannounced.

I mean not even a text message to say “I’m on my way”.

The visit was short – thank goodness – but a promise was made to return soon, maybe as early as tomorrow and would bring a friend.

I’m not sure if I enjoy having Autumn come for a visit because while you are just getting used to Autumn along comes the stupid cousin – Winter.

Winter never stays for a short visit, it comes and stays for three months at least and has friends such as chill winds, cold and early onset night. Even after it has outworn its welcome Winter insists on staying longer. It cannot take a hint and even direct requests for Winter to leave are ignored.

Anyway back to Autumn. We put the equivalent of three sheets on the bed in expectation it would keep us warm. Mind you two of those cotton sheets only had a 250 thread count each so long pyjamas were also needed. Autumn decided to stay outside so we had a pleasant night indoors.

Wednesday 5th April

Happy Birthday to my daughter Melissa.

Well while we were rugged up in our three sheets Autumn left overnight to go visit somewhere else but left a message, which read, “I’ll Be Back”.

Hmmm!!! Who else said that?

Friday 7th April

Just after mid- morning coffee we packed i30 and sped north along the M1 to Noosa. We plan to stay with BIL Ken for a couple of nights. Instead of going to the beach as we usually do I suggested as the weather was iffy with strong winds, we go somewhere different.

Just to the west of the town of Yandina, famous for the ginger factory is a little known waterfall known as Wappa Falls.

070417 wappa
The twin Wappa Falls. When the water stops flowing there is a cave to the rioght of the left hand fall.

Wappa Falls is located on the South Maroochy River and are unspectacular in their drop. I suppose when in flood as they were last week it would be a different sight. Ken commented that his parents lived a little north of Yandina and as teenagers would swim in Ye Old Water Hole  at a bend in the river below the falls. Scrambling around the river bank below the falls we noted the flood level was about 1.5 metres above the current level. We found an old Honda motorcycle which must have lain under mud for a long time but the flood last week has uncovered it.

070417 honda
The remains of a Honda trail or agricultural bike which appears to have been buried in river silt for a long time.

Across the creek was the body of a motor car. I can only wonder how both of them managed to get so far along the river.

070417 wreck
There must have been one helluva flood to get this car so far down the river.


Wappa Dam a few hundred metres to the west of the falls holds back a large supply of water and prevents or at least slows down any flooding during heavy rains.

070417 dam
Wappa Dam. The spillway is being extended by approximately another two metres in height. Note the works on the right.
070417 dam1
The top of Wappa Dam.

The dam is one of several which supply water to the Sunshine Coast. The dam surface area covers 74 hectares.  For that reason all water activity is forbidden. No swimming, boating, kayaking, in fact no activity in or on the waters of the dam. Passive activity is allowed. It is a pleasant place to bring the family for a stroll or play games and barbecues are provided near picnic shelters. (only during daylight hours, the gates are closed at sundown) Access to the dam is also prohibited. Still it was a nice tranquil place to visit.

070417 mural
A wall of children on a wall mural at Wappa Dam.
070417 shags
A group of Cormorants drying themselves in the wind and scarce sunlight.
070417 view
Sunlight reflected off the water of Wappa Dam and filtered through the trees.

On the road leading to the dam is Wappa Falls Observatory. We stopped for a look but the place looks a bit rundown. The signs and website suggest it is still a working observatory and access is by appointment only.

070417 observatory
The signs are all fresh and say there is a viewing tonight but nobody was home.


Ken made some yummy chicken pieces on the barbecue and we had a few laughs dressing in silly hats and poses.

070417 dk
Donnis and Ken enjoy a refrshing ale while the chicken is being barbecued. Chefs hats are just a bonus.
070417 kf
I am not going to smile.

Saturday 8th April

The day looked unpromising then promising as clouds came and went and a few scudding showers with big fat raindrops and strong winds convinced me it was not going to be a beach day. We elected to drive along the coast through Peregian Springs, Coolum, Maroochydore, Mooloolaba and Kawana.

080417 kawana
Kawana Beach from Point Cartwright.

On previous visits to Mooloolaba I had wanted to visit the lighthouse but had mistakenly thought it was easy to find. Ken pointed out the lighthouse is on the southern entrance to the Mooloolah River and not the northern end as I thought.

080417 lighthouse
Point Cartwright Lighthouse.

The unmanned Point Cartwright Lighthouse was built in 1978 on a peninsular of land beside the Unitywater Reservoir. The reservoir was painted in a seascape mural by Joel Fergie a local professional street artist.

080417 reservoir
Point Cartwright Water Reservoir.

The strong winds with here and gone clouds dropping fat raindrops on us cut our visit short.080417 mooloolaba


Next up was lunch and we decided on Sea Life at Mooloolaba, a wharf / marina/ dock area with eating houses and interesting views across the Moololah Bay and marina. Hogs Breath Café had $9.90 lunches so that was enough enticement to eat there.

080417 hogs
This is Hogs BReath Mooloolaba.

We have eaten at many Hogs Breath Cafes around Queensland and New South Wales so we know what is on the menu and what to expect as far as price, quality and service are concerned.

080417 fdk
Did I mention the view from Hogs Breath?

Our first experience was at Hogs Breath Airlie Beach where the original owner, Don Algie, decided to take a chance and begin a franchise of the unique decor, slow cooked steaks and service by pretty young girls, usually backpackers. The franchise system was successful and there are now 80 cafes across Australia and New Zealand. Generally the experience is quite satisfactory but in every store we have visited the music is played too loudly. Hmmm! Makes us sound like old people! Today the music was muted and we got the sound of the wind outside the windows.

080417 seal
“Hey lady have you got any fish in that bag?”
080417 diver
What the well ketted out diver is wearing these days. No. The one on the left!

Sea Life Sunshine Coast Aquarium is located here so there is an incentive to visit again.

Sunday 9th April.

Travel day. After helping Ken with a few chores involving computers and car sound systems we left Noosa at 1.30 and were home by 5pm. This included a stop for lunch and side trip to visit Donnis son Peter. (He was not home. Sigh!!!)