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560. Sunday 2nd July 2017. At home…

It has been a quiet week. My bad back has restricted me somewhat but getting out and going for a walk is good therapy.

With that in mind I thought I would show a little of the northern end of The Gold Coast near where I live.

I went to Paradise Point for a walk along The Broadwater foreshore. It is school holidays and family groups were everywhere and every barbecue was occupied and the smell of sausages and rissoles wafting in the breeze along the path was enough to make me weak in the knees.

260617 paradise
Looking south over The Broadwater from Paradise Point. Southern end of Ephraim Island can be seen.
260617 ephraim
Ephraim Island
260617 club
Paradise Point sailing Club.

I also drove over the Ephraim Island Bridge to umm err Ephraim Island. It is a bit exclusive and has a gate controlled by security staff.

260617 bridge
The bridge to exclusive Ephraim Island.

Two days after visiting the island a 78 year old mother and her 54 and 53 year old daughters committed suicide in their exclusive suite.



260617 sovereign
To the north is the equally exclusive Sovereign Island (which is a half dozen islands connected by small bridges and connected to the mainland by a long bridge.

Later in the week I walked around our village in bright warm winter sunshine. I mention the sunshine as all night a soft gentle rain fell, lulling me to sleep. By mid morning the clouds disappeared and a beautiful day followed. We live beside Biggera Creek.

300617 duck
The bird life loves living around our village.
300617 duck1
Note how you can see right through the ducks breathing slits in its bill. (Ducks have bills not beaks.
300617 trees
I am fascinated by this old Royal Palm stump. Seeds dropped by birds have sprouted within the stump and we have a Ficus Ficus (Fig) and a species of Yukka fighting for root space but seem healthy enough.
300617 trees1
Biggera Creek with rain drops still on the Yukka leaves.

The rest of the week was spent doing very little and avoiding annoying my back.

Next week promises to be better.