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516. Sunday 30th October 2016. Camera problems, a sick BIL, Oktoberfest and a Travel Expo…

Monday 24th October

BIL Ken came to stay overnight while on his way to visit his son in Newcastle.

In the morning we took my camera to a repair man to remove a tiny fleck of dust which has entered the zoom bellows and landed on the internal screen. That speck is appearing on most of my photos. (Mostly I can edit out the dark smudge but not always) We had an early lunch and a snooze before getting ready for a game of bowls. Just as it was time to leave, Ken had severe pains in his chest which were getting worse with almost every breath. I drove him to Gold Coast University Hospital where they soon had him being tested for vital signs, ECG, blood tests and X-Rays. Turns out Ken has a mild case of Pneumonia and a lung infection.

Tuesday 25th October

After a good night’s sleep, antibiotics kicking in and some pain killers Ken was ready to resume his journey to his next stop at my brother Allans house in Forster a couple of hours north of Newcastle.

Wednesday 26th October

In the morning we did our Line Dancing practise then I went to play bowls.

In the evening the village put on an Octoberfest dinner of various German Sausage and Sauerkraut with a few Aussie salads to round out the meal. Dessert was Apple Struedel. I bought some German Bier. The Rock n Roll band were back and even some of the rockers returned for a great night of good company, food, music, dancing and talking. Well, there was not much talking as the band drowned out conversation. We had a great night.

Thursday 27th October

Air Canada has introduced a new service from Vancouver to Brisbane direct a couple of times a week. A family friend of Donnis, Dana, is a Hostess on this new service and we caught up with her in Brisbane.

First up we had coffee at the Mt Cooth- Tha lookout. Afterwards we visited the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium.

My camera is still being repaifred. these photos were taken with my Samsung A3.The Brisbane Planetarium and Obsevatory. The observatory is still in use but the ambient light reflecting from the city detracts from the experience.

As we walked around the circular, museum like hallway, a man caught up with us to say we are talking too loudly and there was a presentation going on next door. It turns out he is one of three Astronomers at the Planetarium. He was gracious enough to spend time with us explaining things about the exhibits and giving a private talk about the cosmos.

Photo taken with the Samsung A3.This is a replica of the moon landing suit worn by Neil Armstrong when he went for a walk on the moon in July 1969. The replica includes smudges of moon dust and really looks like the authentic original.

From there we chose a place on the map at random for lunch. It turns out that Hamilton is a well to do suburb with houses on Hamilton Hill overlooking a reach of the Brisbane River being worth in the millions of dollars. After dropping Dana at her accommodation, The Brisbane Mariott, we joined the afternoon peak hour traffic crawl for the drive home.

Friday 28th October

After a game of bowls in the afternoon I spent a couple of hours dismantling a couple of retractable awnings donated by a neighbour. I plan on re-painting the metal hood and replacing the canvas for two windows which are on the weather side of our house. We had an early dinner and went to Bingo at the clubhouse. Here was another opportunity for a couple of drinks, some socialising and win a few dollars.

Saturday 29th October

In the morning I bought a sander to cut back the rusty spots on the awning hoods and in readiness for sanding the patches I have made on the walls when I find the energy and inclination to paint the interior of our house. In the afternoon I played bowls and had happy hour at the clubhouse. Sigh!

Sunday 30th October.

In the morning we went to the Gold Coast Travel Expo   http://www.travelexpo.net.au/travel-expo/gold-coast

I attended the Travel Expo in February 2015 and felt a bit bored after a half hour. This time Donnis was with me and we collectively became bored after a half hour. There were no special deals which interested us and the little video presentations were little more than the same information and photos which are in the travel brochures.

We have a busy week to look forward to,