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556. Sunday 4th June 2016. National Schools Mountain Bike Championships – Nerang Qld…

Sunday 4th June

For the last three days we have lent support to grandson Anakin who is competing in the Mountain Bike Association of Australia Schools National Championships. His school, Mercy College from Mackay were competing in individual Time Trials on Friday at Bond University,

Day one time trials at Bond University on the Gold Coast. Anakin happy after

Individual Bush Track at the Gold Coast Criterium Circuit at Nerang located on the fringe of Nerang State Forest and Teams Relay event at Nerang on Sunday.

There is still some debate about speed on the track. Is it faster to keep the wheels on the ground at all times or become airtborne over two or three bumps. What is not under debate is the manouvre looks spectacular.
Approaching the finish this rider is no doubt airborne over the last hump is the quickest.

The team event involves 4 riders to a team and the team which completes the most circuits in 4 hours is the winner.

The incoming rider tags Anakin to sgtart his ride.

Anakin was hugely disappointed on his first lap of the day when he punctured a tyre midway through the course. He had to push his bike back to the finish line and his effort did not count. His second ride was much better and dissolved his disappointment from the first ride.

Anakin comes around a steeply graded “berm”. He wears a helmet “Go Pro” camera as the schools videographer.
Anakin exits out of a series of bumps.

Lap three saw him puncture another tyre in the same place and once again his lap did not count. After pushing the bike back to the finish he was physically and mentally exhausted. Team mates and school staff rallied around him and he was soon smiling again.

This is what you look like when you arrive back at the “pits” after having blown a tyre for the second time and you feel you are in “the pits”.
After the first puncture, team mates and mates from Anakins previous school, Mackay Christian College come to help
This is how you look a few minutes later after encouragement by team mates, teachers and ahem grandma and grandad.

The weather was very kind and the location was hard work even for spectators, officials and photographers to walk around.

Berms and bumps, rocks and roots all add to a challenging course.
Downhill, bumps berms and tight corners maintains the challenge.

The events were Boys and Girls Under 19, Under 17, Under 13. The strange system sees Anakin, for example, who is not yet 15, be placed into the Under 17 team due to birthdate.

The boy on the second bike is calling out “I am going to pass on your left. Move over”.
These three riders are having a toussle with the third rider desperately trying to find a safe passing section.

Riders came from all over Australia but seemed to be dominated by Queensland Schools.

There are times when I should wear this Tshirt.

To close off this week I have to mention my Co-Pilot, Donnis, leaves for a two month visit to Canada tomorrow.