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531. Sunday 5th February 2017. Heatwaves, itchy jellyfish and Boston Marathon…

Monday 30th January

In last weeks post I mentioned we went for a surf Sunday afternoon.

During the evening I started to get an itch on my neck. The itch turned into a sting and I thought maybe it was a spider or ant bite. On close inspection Donnis noticed a rash on my neck. Liberal application of Stingose did not help. Well it did eventually did calm down enough to enable me to get to sleep.

This morning I wore the same shirt which I wore last night. There was a light tingling on my neck so I put the shirt out to be washed.

Hmmm! What caused this stinging?

I recalled that yesterday while at the surf, Donnis and I floated around in a lagoon like body of water between the beach and the sandbank. We noticed little blue floating creatures which were not Bluebottles nor the other stinging creature known as a ( scientific name Blue Glaucus) Blue Angel or Blue Dragon. So a bit of research and I found the creature is called a Blue Button Jellyfish (scientific name Porpita porpita) which is not a jellyfish but does have stinging nematocysts which will cause skin irritation. They are not dangerous, do not have a painful sting but the keyword is irritation. That’s what most likely got onto my rash shirt and caused the irritation yesterday.

Blue Button jellyfish.

Wednesday 1st February

Friends Tony and Dawn arrived on their way to Brisbane. We had a gastronomic delight for dinner. Hamburgers and Potato salad.

Thursday 2nd February

In the morning Donnis and Dawn went window shopping. They did not find any suitable windows but compromised by buying clothes. Tony and I socialised in the pool. Many other villagers brought conversation with them.Tony joined in with conversation. Later when our skin was wrinkled from being in the water for so long decided it was time to walk home… all of 300 metres!

Sunday 5th February.

It has been a quiet heat wave week so we stay at home and do whatever we do such as swimming, Tai Chi, Line Dancing,, Bowls and Table Tennis. Oh, I forgot cycling. Other than that we stay indoors and hide away from the heat.

So… it is time we visited and knocked on a few doors.

This specimen  is on the Harts Pub, Cnr of Essex and Gloucester Sts The Rock, Sydney. This is what Harts Pub has to say… “Beer makes you feel the way you ought to feel without beer.”

– Henry Lawson

Harts Pub
Harts Pub, The Rocks, Sydney. Look at the size of the keyhole. Imagine lugging around a key big  enough to fit in there.


One of the original Sydney venues on the craft beer scene, Harts Pub has been championing an all-Australian craft beer line-up since 2009.


Originally a private residence spanning three terraces, Harts Pub survived the post-bubonic plague demolitions in The Rocks to become home to a range of characters, including Margaret Fulton – one of Australia’s greatest gourmet pioneers.


Renovated with an eye to historical accuracy, Harts Pub is proud its reputation as one of Australia’s iconic craft beer venues, with a rotating array of beers, and a specialty beer-matched menu.


“Bubonic Plague!?!?! In Sydney???


It was something I never learned about in school. Or out of school for that matter. Bubonic Plague umm err plagued Sydney town between 1900 and 1925. An excellent article with photos and information on how the plague was spread and finally overcome can be found here…


More information and photos can be found here   https://gallery.records.nsw.gov.au/index.php/galleries/purging-pestilence-plague/


The doorway to this house in Tilba Tilba south coast NSW is typical of the houses in the area.

Central Tilba

I have written about this town before. Called Central Tilba it is not central in the Tilba district. The tinier village of Tilba which competes for the same tourist dollar is more central. I will try to make this confusing area a little less confusing…or will confuse you even more. Tilba Tilba is the area once encompassed by the Tilba Tilba Council area is now under the control of the Eurobodalla Shire Council. Within the Tilba Tilba area is the small town of Central Tilba and further down in the valley is the village of Tilba. Most of the area Tilba Tilba is off the main Princes Highway so a detour is needed to get there. Once in the village it is worth taking a stroll and even stopping for a meal at one of several quaint eating establishments and or a cold beer at the Dromaderry Pub.


Uralla Central West NSW is an historic town for a number of reasons.

Uralla Mill

One such reason is this is where the infamous Captain Thunderbolt was killed and interred here. However that is nothing to do with this door.This door was on McCrossins Mill a flour mill built in 1860 and continued until around 1890. Since then it has had a number of owners and uses. Currently it is the home of McCrossins Mill Museum and Function

Uralla Mill Museum



The old Bank of New South Wales building, finished in 1886 still looks a grand design and construction..

Bank of NSW Inverell. The new bank – Westpac – is now next door.

As well as being the centre of banking in the wealthy district of Inverell it also included the managers residence. As was the style in those days, bank managers were treated with awe and respect. These days the building houses a number of businesses including real estate, food cafes and ladies fashions. It seems a bit of a come down to my mind.

This old door can be found at Lawrence Hargreave Drive Scarborough NSW, a northern suburb of Wollongong.

Scarborough NSW

The old ramshackle building (it was once a busy store in the heyday of Scarborough) sits atop the cliffs overlooking the many moods of the Pacific Ocean which ceaselessly pound away at the sandstone. The sea is constantly trying to recover that which belonged to it.

St Peter’s Cathedral Armidale was consecrated for worship in 1875.

St Peters Armidale

Like most churches it went through a period of wealth and influence. This lasted for probably 100 years or more. Like most churches it has fallen into a period of decling congregation. Despite those falling numbers the church is still well maintained and cared for.

All I can say about this door is that it is on a house in the central New South Wales town of Glen Innes in the New England District.

Glen Innes

I have no knowledge of the house it is entrance to. Nice door though.

This strange door is the entrance to an even stranger store at Highgate Hill a suburb of Brisbane on the south side of Brisbane River.

Hand made Naturals. Notice the incredibly secure locking system.

The store is called Hand Made Naturals.  It is worth a visit even just to shake your head.

This afternoon Donnis and I went to the movies. The plan was to visit an Event Cinema at Robina to see La La Land. On arrival we discovered, after waiting in line for ages the price of tickets is $19.50 each. WTF? The same Event Cinema chain at Australia Fair has seats at $10.00 each. How can that be? The movie theatre across the street run by another cinema chain, Readings also has $10.00 tickets. We left Robina and went to Australia Fair and watched the powerful movie, Patriots Day, about the 1913 Boston Marathon bombings. At the end of the movie when patrons are quick to leave, nobody moved for several minutes. There was no talk. Donnis was drained by emotion.

Only another 5 days before we begin our New Guinea Cruise.

BTW the itchy sting rash courtesy of the Blue Button Jellyfish saga last week has a post script. The rash is gone. The itchyness lingers. Much reduced but it becomes itchy from time to time.