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678. Sunday 19th May 2019. Chiropractor, Facebook woes and a trip to the Scenic Rim…

Tuesday 14th May

My doctor has given me two free visits to a Chiropractor as part of the Federally Funded Health Plan for Ancillary treatment. I have a total of 5 visits to ancillary care and I chose two chiropractic visits. Notice at the beginning of this sentence I used the word FREE. My first visit to the chiropractor was at 8am. He went through a lot of Q&A with me then did a body strength test and as expected he shook his head and proclaimed my body, a miracle of biological engineering, was in need of a tune up. He was the man to do it and all I had to do was let him make adjustments and listen to his dietary advice. Every bit of food we discussed was bad and only he had the key to what constituted good food. Like a trained zombie I made an appointment for the second visit. That was when the lady told me the fee was $50. I pointed out the 2 free visits on the Care Plan. Oh yes, she said, those visits are free but the initial consult is not covered by the Care Plan. She offered a bone. You can pay $10 per visit. Hmmm. Something is not right here. I will get the next visit on the Care Plan but that will be my last visit.

Wednesday 15th May

I am the sole Administrator for a Facebook Photographic Group called Aussie Photography for Beginners. When I landed in the role in March, the group had 169 members and 167 of them were inactive. I hoped to turn the group around by getting more members active and some new members. I sort of had a target to reach 200 members with at least 25% active by the end of 2019. Things started to move along faster than anticipated. Today we have 230 members with more than 25% being active. The problem is that I am spending more and more time doing the admin tasks such as approving new members, sometime 10 applications in one day. Also monitoring all the posts adhere to the rules, ensuring there is no nasty stuff being posted, running two photo comps and a whole lot more. Today I made myself another promise and a new target. Once we reach 250 members I will take on two Administrators, one to look after new members, one to do the policing and I will look after everything else.

Thursday 16th May

Had another visit with the Chiropractor but have made a decision not to rush back for continuing treatment. However apart from the diatribe of verbal patter I did take something else with me. Once before, about 2012, I went on a 3 month no carbs diet. Well not entirely free of carbs but enough to prove I could lose weight and girth. The Chiropractor awakened that time so I resolved to dramatically reduce the amount of carbs and or sugar from my diet. I had already cut back on potato and rice so a few more items would not be difficult to achieve. I will take a few carbs in my meals but most days there will be none. I will concentrate on eating mushrooms, capsicum, Brussel Sprouts and salads along with small amounts of meats and fish. I have lost 2 Kg in the last month but want to lose 4 Kg or more by the end of June.

Sunday 19th May

Well, Well, Well. It seems Bill, Penny, Anthony etc were not listening to the people but only listening to their union mates.

Following on from my trip to the Scenic Rim last week I thought I would go again today, only somewhere different. First stop was Canungra where the streets and pubs, and lunch places were crowded with motorcyclists.

190519 canungra
bikes in main street

A Vintage Motorcycle Show was in progress and they wanted $10 entry. Hmmm! No value there.

190519 canungra hotel.1JPG
more bikes

$10 to look at old motorcycles for 15 minutes did not appeal.

190519 canungra hotel
Bikes outside the pub.

Instead I walked around town looking at whatever took my fancy.

190519 canungra church
This delightful St Lukes Anglican Church Canungra is across the road from The Canungra Pub.

I had some lunch in a quaint little coffee shop and walked some more to settle the food.

I then took the road to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, a steep narrow 35 Klm winding road.

190519 water tank
Scenic water tank.
190519 valley
At the beginning of the range.
190519 vinyard
One of two vinyards at the foot of the range.

In places it was single lane, cattle grid, narrow bridges, warning signs, long drop offs to the valley below, 10 KPH corners, blind corners, give way signs, a partial tunnel carved through volcanic rock, and spectacular views if you can find the courage to take your eyes off the road for a moment.

190519 road sign
Narrow road, once prone to washouts, with blind low speed corners.

At every clearing, off in the distance I could see the unmistakable peak of Mt Lindesay where I visited last week.

190519 mt lindesay
From Mt Green it is easy to see the unmistakable shape of Mt Lindesay in the distance while Mt Barney can be seen on the right.

Soon I was in a tunnel of rainforest and the air temperature had dropped 8 degrees and it was so dark I turned on my lights as did every other car on this road. It took an hour to drive the short 35 Klm route. O’Reilly’s is in Lamington National Park on the Green Mountain section and is 935 metres above sea level.190519 oreillys retreat If I had more time and few $$$ to spare this would be a great place to stay overnight or maybe get here earlier in the day and bring a picnic lunch.

190519 lamingtoin np
Entrance to one of many walks in Lamington NP.
190519 oreillys church
Old and rustic church at O’Reilly’s

190519 oreillys church1

190519 oreillys cabins
The new cabins at O’Reilly’s Retreat.

190519 oreillys view

On my way back down the mountain in a winding narrow give way section, a car coming up failed to give way at a blind corner and we suddenly came face to face on a narrow stretch wide enough for one car. I could not back up as it was 100M in reverse with a steep drop away and no safety fence. The oncoming car backed up a few metres then stopped. He only had to back up a few more metres where there was ample room for two cars side by side. The fear in the drivers faced was plain to see. I edged up to him and had to bring in my side view mirrors and my wheels on the passenger side were on the tiny gravel verge. I eyeballed him as I drove past with only centimetres to spare. Yep, just as I thought. A hire car with tourists from overseas. The posted speed limit for the entire mountain range was 20 Kph and due to the road conditions that is about all the speed you could average.

There is a replica Stinson Aircraft which crashed here in 1937, killing 4 of the 7 on board.

190519 plane 1

190519 plane

A Mr O’Reilly set out to look for the plane and found it and 2 passengers still alive needing medical attention.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1937_Airlines_of_Australia_Stinson_crash

The replica plane which crashed was purchased from an Aircraft Museum at Wangaratta in Vic and shipped here in pieces in 2003. This same replica was used in a movie called Riddle of the Stinson in 1987 and starred Jack Thompson.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Riddle_of_the_Stinson    As a matter of interest the movie is available on YouTube.

190519 rescue
Statue honouring O’Reilly finding the two survivors.

About 10 Klms from the summit is a turnoff to Kamarun Lookout which is within the Lamington National Park.

190519 kamarun lookout
Looking west from Kamarun Lookout. It is clear to see the remains of Volcanic caldera which form the Scenic Rim

There are great views from here and a van was parked at a great vantage point. A man and wife and their little children were waiting for the sunset. He had several cameras and a video camera. As there is also a full moon tonight he would probably stay to capture the moonrise as it peaked above Binna Burra across the valley.

190519 kamarun lookout1
Looking north and east from Kamarun. Binna Burra is somewhere on the far right.

I would love to do that myself but as the worst part of the drive including  all the blind corners and a steep drop to the valley below I did not feel like tackling that challenge in the dark. Besides, I wanted to be home in time for dinner.

I have lost 3 Kg in the last month.


568. Sunday 3rd September 2017. House painting and a long bush hike…

Friday 1st September (First day of Spring)

For the first time in a long, long, long time I did not post  last week.

Shame! Shame! Shame!

We started painting the house interior last week and it has continued all this week.

Today was a lay day.


Saturday 2nd September

Met sister Enid and hubby Ken at Binna Burra a small parcel of private land within the Lamington National Park along the Scenic Rim Region in the McPherson Ranges. The car park is 800 metres above sea level. Today we took a hike along the Daves Creek Loop Trail which took us through some heavily wooded country, some open heathland and spectacular steep cliffs some 900 metres above sea level.

020917 fallen
One of the legacies of Cyclone Debbie earlier this year. Although the cyclone came nowhere near this region, it was hit by strong winds and heavy rains. We saw many fallen trees along the track.

In places we could look across deep valley floors within ancient volcanic caldera and see Mt Warning across the border in NSW. Todays 4 hour, 12 Klm up and down hike was a sort of warm up preparation for a more challenging hike/climb of Mt Warning…perhaps in October.

In places the track skirted steep cliff edges which made for a nervous bit of careful walking and to ensure there were no trips or slips on the downward slope.

020917 view
Our path follows that cliff line on the left. The track can be seenheading close to the edge. The high range in the distance is part of an ancient volcanic caldera and overlooks the Tweed Valley in NSW. Look carefully and you can see a Telstra Tower midway aling the ridge. further forward but unseen is whta is known as The Best of All Lookouts in Springbrook National park which I have written about before.

We stopped for lunch on a cliff edge overlooking the Numinbah Valley where we could see the ribbon of back road which travels over the range down into the Tweed Valley of NSW to Murwillumbah.

020917 lunch
Our precarious lunch spot.

I am nervous about heights so removing my camera, hat, walking pole and backpack was done very carefully. A playful bird flitted around us looking for a handout of small amounts of bread which it took and placed in the fork of several bushes nearby.

Somewhere along the track we crossed a small brook or creek, no more than a stride wide which had a small trickle of water struggling through the rocks. This was Daves Creek for which the track was named.

After lunch we started the climb on the return to the car park and were surprised by a sign which said Surprise Rock. It was indeed a surprise a large rock in the middle of otherwise rock free bush.

020917 surprise1
Looking across the heathland from Surprise Rock.

The rock had beautiful views across heathland to Mt Warning in the distance.

020917 surprise
Looking past Surprise Rock towards Mt Warning and the Tweed Valley of NSW.

Eventually we made it back to the car park where we stopped to finish our sandwiches but a busy cheeky unidentified bird made three passes snapping at my sandwich, taking a little bite each time. On the third pass he took what remained of my sandwich in one low flying sneaky attack. We never even saw him coming.

On the way home I stopped to watch Para Gliders take off from an impossibly high and steep hill. Now that’s what I would like to do. On second thoughts I am a little nervous about heights.

At least I can watch.

020917 para1
Preparing for a bit of time in the sky.
020917 para3
Quick take off. A few steps and this pilot was flying.
020917 para4
The carry bag doubles as a comfortable sitting harness.
020917 para2
Mt Warning is in the background.
020917 para
A gentle landing.