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579. Sunday 26th November 2017. Family time and some time at the beach…

Tuesday 21st November

This morning I met with my two cousins, Lyn and Vicki, whom I have not seen in, ahem, umm err, perhaps, maybe, 58 years. Give or take a year or two. I had met up with Lyn earlier this year.

Vicki lives in W.A. and is only visiting the east coast for a week.

I was given the task of planning a meeting place for brunch. Hmmm! Where to brunch?

Lyn lives here on the Gold Coast so I wanted somewhere not far from her home while it had to be somewhere easy to find when Vicki drove from Brisbane. I also wanted somewhere where we could see the ocean or The Broadwater or a marina. I chose Hogs Breath Café at Fishermans Wharf on The Broadwater at Southport and arranged to meet at 10am. On arrival we found they do not open until 11.30am and do not cater for the breakfast/morning coffee/brunch people. Grrr! Instead we wandered 100 metres to Marina Mirage and had our coffee and cake or breakfast at the Diva Tea and Coffee House. This boutique collection of shops and restaurants overlooking the marina is set as an open air style shopping centre with an array of shade sails.

211117 lvd
Cousins Lynn & Vicki with Donnis

We just finished coffee and were chatting about the “old days” when we lived as children in Balmain. Suddenly the heavens opened and proceeded to dump rain while the shade sails were only partially capable of sheltering us.

21117 lvf
Cousins Lynn and Vicki withthe beared one.

Time to move!

211117 ra
Vicki’s husband Red and Lynn’s husband Allan.

It was wonderful to catch up with my cousins after such a long time apart. Perhaps now we can have more frequent visits.

Sunday 26th November

261117 surfers
Surfers Paradise from the sand dune

It was such a lovely spring day although there was quite a strong breeze. We decided to go to what we call Sea World Beach – because the car park is located across the road from Sea World.

261117 tower
Life Guard Station

The wind would occasionally whip the sand across the beach while the big dumping waves created a wild surf only good for paddling.

261117 visitor
Asian visitors enjoying the beach

The Life Savers were kept busy keeping people between the flags as a strong rip was running across the the channel between the waves and the beach. It was too rough to consider swimming but being a nice day it was good to just walk along the beach and people watch. The Asian visitors really seem to enjoy the surf beaches.

261117 surfers1
Surfers Paradise from the beach.

On our way home we stopped at a sand swimming enclosure at Labrador. Donnis swim while I continued people watching.

261117 visitor1
Visitors at Labrador.