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684. Sunday 30th June 2019. Marijuanna oil, weight loss, big seas and more Rock n Roll babee…

Monday 24th June 2019.

The sun was shining at midday when we left to drive to Nimbin in northern New South Wales. Long story short, we needed to buy some marijuana oil – not for either of us but will leave the recipient unnamed at this stage.

Before I tell our story I would like to mention that my sister in law, Rae, was diagnosed with 3 cancers, kidney , lung and a brain tumour. She was diagnosed about 2 weeks ago while on holiday in north Queensland. The test results were sent to Newcastle John Hunter Hospital, the closest major hospital to their home. Last week they began a long slow journey home as travelling more than 300 Klms a day was taxing on both of them. They arrived home Thursday, had an appointment with a neurologist on Saturday, was admitted to hospital on Saturday and had brain surgery on Sunday and all the tumour was removed. Rae now has to undergo a long period of recovery and chemo and radiation treatment which can be done in their home town.

Back to our story. We were travelling the M1 heading south to the NSW border. In the distance we could see menacing black cloud. Once we crossed into NSW the rain began, light at first but becoming heavier, more insistent and day was almost night. We turned off the M1 and drove onto the Tweed Valley Way to Murwillumbah and old historical town which I keep promising myself to spend a day and photograph the old buildings. The road roughly follows the Tweed River. By the time we reached Uki, a medium sized village in the shadow of Mt Warning which is itself part of a chain of extinct volcanoes. Uki hails itself as the place “Where the Land Meets the Sky”. It was certainly true today as the steep mountain peaks were shrouded in clinging cloud. I made a Mental Note To Self. Come back another day to take photos. I had the camera but no time to stop and besides it was too wet and grey to take photos. From Uki the road travels mostly, up. Also narrow and winding. We are now amongst the clouds so could not be sure if it was still raining or simply just the cloud rubbing off on us. Either way it was very wet. It took the best p[art of an hour to travel 50 Klms from Murwillumbah to Nimbin. The people in the street were a mix of those on a continual high, those looking for a high and those looking at those on a high. You know when you have reached Nimbin the centre of Cannabis, there are signs in the little park which say, “Please use the public toilet” with an arrow pointing the way. The remainder of the sign, also in the politest of language asks, almost pleadingly, “Please do not Urinate in the Street”. We have either travelled backwards in time to a time and place where inbreeding has produced offspring with limited brain function or somehow we are glimpsing the future. Either way it is a chilling indictment of what constant use of a prohibited substance can do to a brain. Walking around town we see people rugged up against the chilling cold and the heavy rain while others seem not to be aware as they stand, barefoot, red eyed, not sure of what they are. The town is peppered with many signs about what is, to most of us common sense and common decency. Be POLITE was the most noticeable. Do not harass the tourists. No begging. nimbin codeSo here we are in the marijuanna capital where, if you believe the hype, is all about medical uses of two types of oil. The reality is it is all about smoking the stuff, getting high, and living in a world of smoke haze and bludging on society. So, we walk down a steep path, find a green door with lots of how to be polite signs on the door and enter chaos. Come in and take a seat, fill out the form, tell us what you need. Ummm. You want me to sit there? I guess I should not expect clean. After a lot of waffle two tiny bottles of foul smelling green substance are produced. But it smells like an ash tray, I say. Yes was the reply, you have to expect things that smell and taste terrible if you want organic cure everything oils. Ummm do you have an unorganic version? Naaah. We are not gunna sugar sweeten the stuff. Remember this stuff is not for me. I just had questions. Eventually we walk out $325 lighter but 30 Mls of oil heavier.

Lots of tourists come to town. The bakery seemed normal and I had a nice sausage roll. We asked the server where the public toilets are. Oh you do not want to go there she said. No, not nice. Go to the pub. Actually the public toilets were not too bad but several people creating a cloud of smoke in a shelter nearby had me questioning the options once more.

Despite everything about Nimbin which is a bit jarring on the senses I thought it had some sort of charm. It sort of exists in a yesteryear coupled with a hazy reality known only to one person.  I made a Mental Note To Self. Come back another day to take photos.

The rain seemed to get heavier so it was a slow trip back to Murwillumbah taking almost an hour to cover the 49 Klms then it was back on the M1 and home. What the!!!. No rain has fallen here all day. Crikey! Are we in for some rain when it finally arrives.

Tuesday 25th June

I saw the Gastro Enterologist today. Naturally he was pleased with my weight loss but advised that in addition to my fatty liver he was still concerned about my pre diabetic results in my blood test along with elevated cholesterol count. He told me that about 3 out of 5 people on the street have fatty liver and most will die with it not from it.

My trouser which are now fitting me after 4 years are also beginning to tell me I need to go to a smaller waist size – soon. I am looking forward to wearing size 32 again after many years of 34 moving to 36 and threatening 38. No wonder leg sizes were always too long!

The GE also mentioned he went to Nimbin recently for a sticky beak and was confronted within a minute and within 100 metres of his car by persons offering to sell him, “substances”.

Got a message from my brother Allan. His wife, Rae, after brain surgery on Sunday came home today. Not to the local hospital, home. Wow! How good is that?

Friday 28th June

After months of waiting and planning our Rock and Roll night arrived. My friend Frank and I set tables for 80 people. Tables have to be placed so even when chairs on adjoining tables are fully pushed back, dancers can still walk along between tables without feeling they are in an obstacle course. We set up for 80 people and that seems to be the maximum number we can seat comfortably so they can get in and out to the dance floor, the toilets and of course the supper table. Our two piece band, Route 66, are very popular among the Rock and Roll community and dancers will follow them when and where they are playing. It is important to get the right band. Our village had 37 people attend and the rest were invited dancers from the Gold Coast area and even a couple from South Brisbane.

Donnis and I danced together and with other partners. It is something we are both learning. Not only do we learn the dance steps but also about various partners and differing styles. Route 66 mix their repertoire with Rock music, Country, Line Dancing, The Twist and even Waltz and Rock and Roll Waltz. Although we are content to watch accomplished dancers it seems we are wanting to become more involved.

Even if I had taken my camera tonight I would not have had time to take photos. I did take a three minute video but alas my Word Press account does not support video.

At the end of the night we were thanked by so many people for our dance location and choice of band. There are those who consider we are charging too little and are prepared to pay more. Others have asked if we can have three dances a year. We can really only fit two dances into our calendar this year. The band packed up after 10pm but a good dozen or so people wanted to stay for coffee and a chat. All in all we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. One thing we learned tonight is even in Winter we need to lower the AC, open windows and doors and have the fans turned on. With 80 people all breathing at the same time and around 50% of them are also dancing up a storm there were a lot of perspiring bodies looking for somewhere cool.

I was also complimented on my dancing ability. Aww shucks!

Saturday 29th June.

The committee was back at the clubhouse by 9am and in less than an hour we had everything back to normal. The extra dozen fold up tables and the additional 40 chairs were packed away for next time. The full size snooker table was turned from a food serving table back into a snooker table, lounge chairs were brought back into the clubhouse, the floor vacuumed and all the washing up complete and packed away.

The rest of the day I have no idea what I did. Oh Yeah! I started pulling weeds in our little back yard. After all the rain we have had this week it is so easy to pull them out. It is also so easy to pull a muscle in my back. That was a short term job. My back had a 45 minute session with our TENS Machine.

I finished a book I have been reading.  Making Rounds With Oscar by Dr David Dosa. It is about a cat who lives in a nursing home and who seems to know when a patient is in the last few hours of life. The patients all have Dementia. Oscar comes to the room, smells the hands or feet and if, as seems to be the case, death is near, he stays with the patient until death takes over and continues to stay until the undertaker removes the body.    Here is a short video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBLBDoBGP8E

Sunday 30th June

It rained overnight and again about 6am. Thereafter the clouds disappeared and it was a brilliant sunny day. Perfect. The last two days huge seas of 5 metre swells have pounded our coastline. 300619 spit2300619 spit 4A few ten metre waves just off The Seaway were also recorded. 300619 spit300619 spit 1High tides contributed to the beach erosion.

300619 spit 3
The heavy pounding surf of the last few days creates a salt haze. Looking back along The Spit and The Gold Coast Seaway.
300619 surfers
The Spit is a popular location at almost any time of day and any kind of weather. This is the view.

300619 surfers 1

Yesterday a young jet ski rider messing about at the Seaway entrance was capsized by a large wave, He managed to scramble aboard but the motor would not start and was thrown off yet again. Somehow he was saved without injury, except to his pride. The jet ski was slammed repeatedly against the rocks.

The forecast was that waves would continue to grow today and again tomorrow. We drove to the spit to watch the spectacle. It seems every tourist had the same idea.

Yesterday’s damaged jet ski was now washed up on the beach. The rocks did a good job of stripping everything off the jet ski.

300619 jet ski 2
This is the tragic result of the ket ski from yesterday which was washed along and bashed into the rock wall by huge waves.

Today another near tragedy was averted when a jet ski rider had gone across the shallow bar opening of the Seaway.

300619 jet ski 3
At last there is a break in the swells we can make our bid to get past the worst of the waves.

We are not sure if he ran out of fuel or if the jet ski was swamped but another two skis came to his rescue. They finally got a tow rope attached but had to move slowly as towing a jet ski, at speed in big seas can cause it to capsize.

300619 jet ski
Towing a stricken jet ski to safety. I was pleased to see everybody wearing a life jacket.

The tow vessel had to time his move slowly but at the same time avoid the worst waves. The small group sat just off the Seaway wall for ages, waiting for the right conditions but at the same time maintaining some headway to avoid his own floundering.

300619 jet ski1
Look carefully. You can see a second jet ski behind that spray of water.
300619 boat
It seems the weather was not bad enough to stop the fishing boats from going to sea although the passage was a bit hairy.
300619 boat 1
high on the crest of one wave then sunk in the trough of the next.
300619 boat 2
Behind that spray of water is the fishing boat which seemed like it had come to a stop while trying to navigate the waves

A spectacular sunset was threatening so I spent some happy time with the camera while Donnis drove to the Seafood Markets next to Marina Versace and bought a couple of pieces of fish.

300619 sunset
On a lovely winter day, the sun is shining, temperature is about 23 degrees, nary a cloud anywhere and fresh salt air to add to the view. Just brig a chair, a bit of shade and spend the day at The Spit.
300619 sunset 1
Fishers and photographers.

With hundreds of other people we watched the last of the sunset while enjoying fresh fish.300619 sunset 3

Last week I reported on the ship which was working on creating a reef just off the beach at Palm Beach. With the forecast of huge seas, the ship had come north to the Gold Coast Seaway and anchored in The Broadwater and the safety of Wave Break Island until conditions improved.

300619 barge
Reef making ship.

With the going down of the sun the cold had a reason to invade the area. 300619 sunset 4Suddenly it got chilly.

300619 sunset 5
Sunset looking across The Broadwater from The Spit

We were going home anyway.300619 sailing

What a spectacular place for scenery.300619 parasail300619 sea world

667. Sunday 10th March 2019. Meeting relatives, a Gastro Enterologist and a car accident…

Nonday 4th March.

In the afternoon we went for a walk along Main Beach from Southport Beach to SeaWorld Beach and noted the huge amount of erosion after the severe storm weather.

040319 erosion
At this part of Main Beach (Southport) the erosion looks mild.
040319 erosion1
Further along the beach at Seaworld Beach the erosion looks more severe.
040319 erosion2
Here you can see the roots of the dune stabilisation grass is quite deep below the dune surface. It gets thicker at the base where the roots are probably getting their moisture for the apparently healthy plant on top of the dune.
040319 erosion3
The steep access to the beach walkway at Sea World Beach. Normally this is just a gentle slope.
040319 happy
Every day busloads of tourists arrive at the beach. Many have never seen a beach before and stand at the waters edge with arms outstretched many with long dresses, trousers and shoes. They get a surprise when a big wave comes in and suddenly they are thigh deep and struggling to stand upright. They just love it. Wet and covered in gritty sand they just laugh and pose for more photos.
040319 happy1
This is a typical pose.
040319 surfer
Although the surf was rough and nobody else within 300 metres this guy just spent 10 minutes paddling through the rough surf to finally catch a wave only to discover the rip had moved him 100 metres along the beach.

Tuesday 5th Match

Today I saw a Gastro Enterologist. For a number of years I have been self- conscious about my stomach. It is larger than it should be, harder and twisted to one side. The stomach alone cannot be explained away by bad diet, too much booze, overeating or lack of exercise. In fact during previous attempts at dieting I reduce weight but maintain a big belly which makes it look worse. The GE does not think my diet is bad but wants me to exercise more, make small change to diet and take a product called Iberogast which seems to be a group of about 20 herbs I take twenty drops three times a day in water with Mint leaves. I have to return in 4 months and lose 4 Kg. The Iberogast is supposed to stop bloating because I have Fatty Liver and that is what the treatment is all about. I cannot understand why I have fatty liver as I have never been a fan of deep fried foods (which seems to be the main culprit) and certainly over the last perhaps 30 years I have never deep fried foods at home. I do not like pizza and rarely eat it. Beer, wine and Spirits are taken in moderation and often it will be several days between drinks. I can take or leave desserts but I do enjoy fruits especially fruit salad. I may have two pieces of bread a day and I prefer an Organic Sourdough Rye bread as I have done for at least 8 years. No I had the belly problem more than 10 years ago, Some days I might have one slice of bread and other days, none. I have a bland cereal which looks and tastes like cardboard. I have half a cup of cereal with a handful of Walnuts and a handful of Sultanas helps as well as a piece of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is the key. Never used canned stuff but Donnis often buys fresh fruit in bulk and cuts it up an freezes it. Mango’s, Cherries, Blueberries and Peaches to name a few. I prefer leafy salads in preference over boiled or steamed or stir fried veggies. The GE is not unhappy with the diet.

Wednesday 6th March

We were up early, breakfasted and away by 7.30 am. Donnis cousin Howard and his wife Merrilynne are on a world cruise on a small but luxurious ship the OCEANIA INSIGNIA. Today is day 55 of their cruise and they are only docked in Brisbane for a few hours. We collected them at the terminal and immediately went to the Apple store at Chermside as they need to update their iPhones and iPad as the WiFi onboard is slow and has limited download. Howard is missing 500 photos and although they should be in the “cloud” he cannot access them. Once sorted and after a cup of coffee we drove to Mt Coot-Tha for a peek over Brisbane and lunch at the café.

060319 us
Howard, Merrilynne and us at Mt Coot-Tha.
060319 m and d
Merrilynne and Donnis.
060319 brisbane
Brisbane City from Mount Coot – Tha

After lunch we drove back along the Brisbane River so we could cross the Story Bridge and so back to the Portside Cruise Terminal at Hamilton.

All too soon the day was over and we left Howard and Merrilynne chatting with one of the stewards and we caught the 2pm bumper to bumper shuffle on the M1. Road widening works are in progress but it will be more than 12 months before the new lanes are completed.

Back home and after a snooze we drove to Glenda’s house for a birthday party for her brother Kevin. We also met Kevin’s South African wife who is in Oz for a week.

Thursday 7th March

In the morning I rode the eBike to Southport Bridge and back to regain my old training routine and comply with the GE orders.

090319 wreck
I cannot find a story for this wreck on the Broadwater. It appears there was a fire. From the looks of it perhaps it was in the engine room which is normally located under the cockpit as are things like batteries and gas cylinders.

This afternoon a strange Notification dropped into my Facebook. It was an invitation to be the Admin for an Australian Photo forum site called Aussie Photography for Beginners. I thought it would be interesting joining the current Admin person and sharing some of her workload. I sent a reply asking a few questions and the reply floored me. She is finding the task more than she anticipated and the site is neglected. Membership has not grown, very few people post their photos and even less comment. She wants out and wants me to take over the site. Phew!!! I have to do some thinking about this. I am already an Admin for an International Group. Most days it is quiet while other days it keeps me busy. Do I want full responsibility for a site which clearly needs to grow the membership, encourage participation, establish rules and guidelines, promote regular challenges and competition and keep everybody happy?

I will sleep on it.

Friday 8th March

Today I accepted the challenge and I am now Admin for Aussie Photography for Beginners. I have no idea how the site is set up as there is not a separate Admin page. I need to ask the previous Admin how things work but somewhere between my acceptance and her post to say I am now in charge she has removed herself entirely from the site. I am on my own with a huge learning curve ahead.


So I rolled up my metaphorical sleeves and started work.

Fist I changed the photo banner to one of my own photos.

I wrote a long message to members inviting them to get involved again. I wrote to somebody I know from another site and invited her to join…which she did. The rest of the day was watching as comments and photos started to appear. Hmmm! The site had more traffic in one day than in the previous week.

Once I was established as Admin the previous Admin removed herself.

I am on my own.

Saturday 9th February

The steep learning curve became a sheer perpendicular climb with no hand or footholds. For some reason the site has no Settings, Rules or Tags.


In the afternoon while struggling with trying to make sense out of the Facebook page the phone rang. It was Donnis. Her first words were, “Bad News”. Some young driver pulled out of a parking spot on the street and ran into her. He damaged his front driver side front panel and headlight. He managed to damage 6 panels on our car. Donnis is uninjured and the car is driveable. Looking at i30 I can see the first point of impact of his car was with our passenger side front wheel. It could be that apart from all the panel damage the wheel, suspension, tyre etc could all be damaged. There is also evidence he had damaged the rear wheel as well. The car does handle a bit wobbly so the assessment will find ALL the damage.

090319 i30 damage
Damage to i30

We called RACQ and lodged a claim. We have an appointment with the panel beater and a hire car has been organised already. As we are not at fault the excess has been waived.

Sunday 10th March we took a drive to Victoria Point a suburb of Brisbane to visit Donnis son Peter. Afterwards we bought fish (barra) and chips and drove right to the point where the ferry leaves for Coochiemudlo Island. None of the scenery was inspiring enough to justify a photo. At least now I can say we have been there, done that.