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674. Sunday 21st April 2019.Skin cancer, table tennis, Easter and Tasmania re-visited…

Monday 15th April

Last week I visited a skin specialist as I had a growth on my left high which in my opinion had not been there the week before. The doctor agreed it was suspect so took a biopsy. Today I returned for the news. Back in February I had a similar situation being diagnosed with multifocal basal cell carcinoma. That was on my upper arm and the removal required 6 sutures. The growth on my leg was the same although he was a little more concerned. As he brought out his knife and fork I asked how deep was the cut. No reply but it felt like he was lifting something out of my thigh and cutting it. Next question was how many sutures. Oh about six ish was his reply. He covered it with large band aid and said do not get it wet for two days and see me in two weeks.

Tuesday 16th April

Flu shot this morning.

In a bid to do exercise which makes me sweat and burn calories I asked two of our stronger table tennis players to play singles this afternoon. By the end of two hours I was drenched in sweat and was worn out. I am sure I burned many calories this afternoon. The other players were likewise effected and promised they would play again…anytime.

I need to lose 4 Kg before my next visit to the gastro enterologist. I suppose between reducing meal sizes, table tennis twice a week, riding the bike, line dancing and walking everywhere I should achieve my target. Although a fatty liver is the diagnosis I still need to lose weight but the stomach is the last place which loses girth but this is the only way it can be done short of surgery.

I did see an ad on the back of a bus for liposuction. Hmmm!

Wednesday 17th April

Today I rode to The Broadwater and along the Esplanade to Lands End and back then rode home. As I left the village I noticed the film crew, making a movie called Bloody Hell are still working on the movie. About 50 people (cast and crew) were eating breakfast in the carpark of what was once a specialist supermarket, bakery, deli, butcher, green grocer, fromagerie, fish monger and a couple of restaurants. The building has been sold and will soon be converted into a three story public storage complex. In the meantime this is the second week of filming

In the afternoon I asked for a table tennis re-match but suddenly my opponents from yesterday are too tired. These are the same ones who told me…anytime.

Thursday 18th April

In the morning we had our monthly morning tea. About 40 people turned up expecting to hear a guest speaker from Associated Residential Parks Queensland a sort of union for people like ourselves who live in a private community. Unlike a union they do not squeeze loads of money out of us, do not resort to thuggery with members or employers and do not expect us to march and chant slogans and do not do questionable activities. The guest speaker was called away on urgent business. A resident, Barry, who was once in charge of Qld Ambulance, gave an impromptu talk on pain. Barry still keeps a first aid kit at home and is often called upon for falls and cuts and gives first aid and comfort until an ambulance arrives.

Tonight we played table tennis. Usually we play doubles. As a lark we played 2 games of triples. It was an interesting experience trying to get people to take turns in order. My team won.

Friday 18th April

Another morning tea, this time a special with hot cross buns being supplied. One of our villagers has recently returned from a trip to the Antarctic. I used about 100 of his photos to display via our computer to the large 75 inch smart tv.

I also carried out barista duties along with fellow committee member Shirley, making about 60 cups of espresso coffee. I recall the opposition from other committee members when I first suggested this idea. They reluctantly agreed to give it a trial run last year. It proved so popular that everybody expects good coffee at every event. It’s a lot of work but I enjoy the interaction and mostly people do not mind queuing up for a capucchino.

In the afternoon I got another 2 hour workout at table tennis. Once again drenched in sweat, exhausted, sore muscles but happy.

Saturday 20th April and Sunday 21st April.

It’s Easter. We stayed home and listened to the rain.

Sunday morning I played 90 minutes of hard fought table tennis. More seat and exhaustion, Surely this will have an effect and he lose weight.

This week I have also been researching my old photos from our trip to Tasmania in March April and May 2009.

bruny boat adventure
We were on an adventure boa out of Bruny Island Tasmania. I have never been so cold being exposed to the chill air at 43 degrees south. Well, maybe I was a little colder at Prince Edward Island Canada at 46 degrees north.

Many of my photos from our travels were overlooked t the time as I thought they were not good enough.

cape reserche
Cape Reserche as seen from Cockle Creek Tasmania

With a different viewpoint and a good editing App, those photos have taken on a new life.

coles bay
Coles Bay dawn.

During the same period, that is, from 15th April to 21st April we were at Cockle Creek,

escape cottage
A safe anchorage at Cockle Creek.

Bruny Island

Cormorants on an isolated guanno encrusted rock off the wild coast of Bruny Island.

and Coles Bay.

fur seals
A herd of Australian Fur Seals on another isolated rock off Bruny Island.
moulting lagoon
Moulting Lagoon near Coles Bay.
road to moulting lagoon
Dirt track on the way to a hidden campsite at Moulting Lagoon.
tassie trawler
Another example of a tidy Tasmanian Trawler seen at Cockle Creek.
wineglass bay
Donnis on rocks above Wineglass Bay near Coles Bay.


528. SundayJanuary 2017. Grandchildren, the beach, movies and coastline views…

Monday 9th January

A big day.

We drove to Brisbane Airport to collect grandchildren Shelby-Rose and Anakin who will stay with us for a few days. At the DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) at the airport Anakin bought a set of Virtual Reality goggles. Only Donnis phone is capable of processing the VR movies. Within minutes he had the Apps downloaded and watching VR movies and playing VR games. Anakin has far too much energy and it will be a challenge to keep him occupied. He went for a swim at our clubhouse pool with Donnis then after dinner joined me for table tennis at the clubhouse. At age 14 he fit in comfortably with our elderly group and learned everybody’s names quickly and talked with them and answered questions.

Shelby is quiet and was happy to stay at home with Donnis and watch a movie.

Tuesday 10th January

We went to Seaworld Beach in the morning.(Seaworld Beach is really part of the klms long Main Beach but at every location where a lifeguard station is located it is given the name of a landmark nearby.

Looking out of our beach shelter.
Beach Cricket. Any excuse to have a game. Considering there were only two playing it gets rather tiresome for the bowler to be fieldsmen and umpire as well.

This week the weather forecast is for heatwave conditions every day. At the beach we erected our beach shelter and took turns flying the kite

Kite flying.
Concentration needed for kite flying.

or riding the Boogey Board in the surf.

Yeah. Caught a wave.
Discussing the waves they sort of caught or were caught by.
Anakin finally leaves the surf after an hour.

After two hours of sunshine and being battered by the surf

Shelby in the washing machine masquerading as surf.
Shelby and I played kick the soft beach football around. The crowded spectator hill looks on.

it was time to come home.

In the afternoon Anakin flew his new drone, while the rest of us played snooker and table tennis.

Thursday 11th January

Donnis took Shelby and Anakin to the movies in the air conditioned theatre across the road to see Assasins Creed while I stayed home and rested…in the heat.

Thursday 12th January

We took Shelby and Anakin to the airport for their flight home

The rest of the week we did wjat we normally do only at a slower pace due to the heatwave conditions. Heatwave? Not so bad here as I have installed shade awnings on all the windows which keeps the heat of the sun and the reflected heat from the roadway out of the house. While neighbours without awnings have their AC going all day we mostly have avoided  turning on the AC…only three times so far this month. On the coast we usually have a cool ocean breeze. Not so lucky for those only a few Klms inland and in the outback. While we had 31° only a few Klms away they experienced 37° and in places such as Barcaldene and Longreach they had 40° plus.

Sunday 15th January

We had heavy rain, thunder and lightning in the early hours of the morning. Around 2.30am was enough to wake us.

In the afternoon we went to the movies at Australia Fair to see Passengers. Hmmm! Cleaning staff were still mopping up from the early morning brain. Water was still coming through the ceiling in several places and some walkways were closed as they were a wet hazard. After the movie we saw that water was coming through in a few new places and even in the car park as a heavy downpour had just passed over as we left the movie theatre.

The rain helped to bring the temperature down to an almost comfortable 27°but humidity levels had risen to around 90%.

As a bonus this week I thought some coastal photos from our travels are in order.010-minamurra-beach

Minamurra Beach, south of Wollongong NSW June 2012.Most of the east coast is spectacular and beautiful. A new vista awaits around every corner.


Beach at LaPerouse NSW. This beach is located on the famous Botany Bay where Captain Cook landed in his Barque “ENDEAVOUR” in August 1770. Look for the lighthouse in the distance . The landing place is roughly on the beach in line with the lighthouse. Our friends Geoff and Margaret live nearby.


Greenmount Beach Qld.I recall back in the dim past some friends and I did a “surfin’ safari” from Maroubra Beach NSW to Qld.On our second day in Qld we surfed this beach along with hundreds of others enjoying a perfect wave on a perfect beach in perfect weather. (Perhaps Laurens will remember this)


In August 2012 Donnis and I visited old friend Illya and Judy at Narooma NSW This stretch of beach just to the south of Narooma is klnown as Glasshouse Rocks.


Currumbin Beach Qld. In the foreground is the imaginately named Currumbin Rock and in the distance is the skyline of Broadbeach, Surfers Paradise and Southport or as it is more collectively known, Surfers Paradise.


Crescent Head NSW headland. Donnis and I visited here in April 2009 on our way to Tasmania. I recalled then as I do now that this was another Surfin’ Safari location back in the day. The surf just below the headland seemed to be perfect all day every day.The waves rolled in across the rocky shoreline all the way into the distant beach.


Coogee Beach NSW. Of all the times I have visited this beach over many years I never encountered a real surf. The only thing about this beach which sticks in my mind is the parking police are very active and ruthless.


Cockle Creek Tas. We visited here in April 2009. This beach is in wide sheltered Recherche Bay on the extreme south east coast. The road ends at Cockle Creek and has the only vehicular road which is as far south as you can drive in Australia.


Bawley PointSouth Coast NSW. Donnis and I visited here in May 2009.


Apollo Bay on the South Coast of Vic on the famous and wonderful vista laden drive known as The Great Ocean Road. We visited here in January 2006. Incidentally the area was suffering a heat wave of 40 degrees with a blast of hot air off the inland. If you did not get sunburned the wind was so dry and hot you got windburn. The weather was a loss loss situation.Even surfers were not immune and despite wonderful surf conditions there were very few riders.