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514A. 15th October 2016. The Townsville Air show…

Townsville Air Show.

Lots of photos today.

Edit to change details of planes and or who supplied them was carried out 22/10/16.

The day was supposed to begin with a Sky Diving exhibition with the landing zone in front of where we were sitting. The wind was too strong so the exhibition was cancelled…both sessions. That cancellation threw the timing into a small quandry. All the flights were timed to perfection so the air show went ahead exactly as scheduled with a couple of quiet patches around the sky diving times. It still took 4.5 hours to get through the remaining 25 planes. I did not get photos of all the planes and in some cases the photos were just not good enough for this blog.

Any errors in identifying aircraft are mine. Aviation aficionados are welcome to correct me.

First up was the United States Air Force F16 Fighting Falcon.151016-f16151016-f16a

There is not much I can tell you about this plane except that it is fast, noisy (you can feel the vibrations of the jet through your chest) and deadly. It can also turn so sharply it has to withstand (so does the pilot) up to 9 Gs (nine times the force of gravity) To see it turn quickly or fly straight up to disappear from view is an awesome sight.

TAM. Next came the Lockheed Hudson. Provided by TAM. (Temora Aiorcraft Musuem) 151016-hudson

151016-hudson1 151016-hudson2These bombers were built between 1938 and 1943. They carried up to 1,600 pounds of bombs and nine machine guns.

HARS. Catalina Flying Boat. Historical plane restored by HARS. ( Historical Aircraft Restoration Society) based at Albion Park Rail near Wollongong NSW.151016-catalina

These planes, designed to take off and land on the water were originally intended as a reconnaissance plane but was adapted for long range bombing. They are slow and vulnerable to fast flying easily manouvered enemy planes.

Commercial. Qantas B737.151016-qantas-b737

Not all the planes in the air show are military and this is one of them. You are likely to encounter this iconic plane on Qantas domestic flights. Carries 174 passengers and has a cruising speed of 850 Kph.

RAAF. 7A Wedgetail.151016-47a-wedgetail

Based on a Boing 737-700. With a 15 person crew it is used for data gathering from many sources, analysing and dispersing information via 10 consoles to military units on land, sea and in the air.

RAAF. C-17a Globemaster III151016-c171-globemaster

Used to rapidly deploy troops, supplies, vehicles etc anywhere in the world. Has been used extensively on humanitarian missions. This is a monster machine, quite capable of carrying trucks, tanks and helicopters.

RAAF. KA350, King Air.151016-ka350-king-air

151016-ka350-king-air1Twin engine turbo prop. Nine passengers and two crew can travel up to 2,000 Klms. Used for low level fast jet operations, maritime patrol and response operations.

ARMY. CH47 Chinook Helicopter.151016-chinook

Very versatile, fast and quick load carrying access. Used generally for troop movements, artillery emplacement and battlefield re-supply.


Dropping life Rafts
Bomb Bay doors still open after dropping the life raft.

Is capable of air dropping supplies and parachuting 120 personnel into combat or humanitarian locations.

RAAF. FA18F Super Hornet.151016-fa18-super-hornet151016-f16a

Flares fired by the Super Hornet.


Another plane which falls into the super fast, super noisy and super deadly class. The twin seat Super Hornet can undertake air combat, close air support of ground troops and interception of enemy supply lines. This plane arrives and disappears before the sound catches up.151016-fa18-super-hornet3

HARS. DHC4- Caribou151016-caribou

Twin engine light tactical transporter. Can land and take off on dirt airstrips or roads. Was used to quickly re-supply troops and evacuate wounded. Used during the Vietnam war.  Can take off in as little as 220m.

NAVY. CHC S76 SAR Helicopter.151016-s76-sar-chopper

151016-s76-sar-chopper1Used for search and rescue at sea.

NAVY. Laser Airborne Depth Sounding Survey Aircraft.151016-dash8

Flies at between 366-670 metres altitude and surveys up to 40 square Klms per day.

HARS. Lockheed Neptune.151016-neptune-and-orion

Was used for maritime patrol of submarine detection and shipping reconnaissance from 1951 to 1978.

RAAF. AP-3C. Orion.

The Orion was the primary Australian aircraft used in the search for missing Malaysian Aircraft flight MH370

RAAF. Roulettes. P/C 9A151016-roulettes

151016-roulettes1151016-roulettes2151016-roulettes3151016-roulettes4151016-roulettes5151016-roulettes6151016-roulettes7151016-roulettes8151016-roulettes9151016-roulettes90We waited all day to see the Australian Roulettes. G forces experienced can be up to 5G. These guys are the Air Force Elite Aerobatic Team. These are a two seat tandem aircraft powered by a turbo prop engine delivering 950 shaft horsepower and can operate at altitudes of 25,000 feet.