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679. Sunday 26th May 2019.A visit from my Granddaughter, being a local tourist guide and finding wildlife…

Wednesday 22nd May

My granddaughter Georgia and her boyfriend Cam arrived today. I dropped them at Harbourtown so they could sample the delights and leave some money behind which they did by exchanging money for plastic bags. In the afternoon I took them to The Spit but the wind was blowing from the south and was quite chilly so any thoughts of a walk on the beach were forgotten as we hastened back to the warmth of i30. From there we followed the beachside road through Surfers Paradise, past Cavill Avenue and on to Broadbeach and watched an amazing sunset along a waterway beside Isle of Capri.

Thursday 23rd May

Georgia had seen some photos of Snapper Rocks on the internet and wanted to see if it was as nice in real life.

230519 snapper rocks
Surfers Paradise framed through Pandanus and Casuarina Trees at Snapper Rocks.
230519 snapper rocks1
Snapper Rocks view.

We drove through Coolangatta, past Greenmount Beach over the steep hill to Rainbow Bay and the little street to Snapper Rocks.

230519 snapper rocks5
A storm was building at sea. It rained out there but at Snapper Rocks stayed fine all day.
230519 snapper rocks3
Through the Palm trees

We got an additional surprise.

230519 snapper rocks2
Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise.
230519 snapper rocks8
another view of Surfers Paradise and Snapper Rocks

Apart from it being better in real life, we also got a parking spot.

230519 snapper rocks6
another view at Snapper Rocks.
230519 snapper rocks7
and yet another view at Snapper Rocks.
230519 boogie board
The Boogie Board riders seem to choose the most hair raising waves which break toward sharp volcanic rocks. It makes for wonderful face on photos for me.

This is a lovely area and the surf was running with perfect little half metre waves and all the Pandanus trees and photogenic rocks abound.230519 boogie board2230519 boogie board1

230519 boogie board3

I recall surfing from Snapper Rocks and riding a wave all the way across Rainbow Bay and into Greenmount Beach.

230519 surf4
waiting for a break in the waves to scramble, barefoot across the sharp volcanic rocks into the ocean.
230519 surf
Wave take off. The inside man has right of way.
230519 surf1
Surfing close to rocks st Snapper Rocks.

230519 surf2230519 surf3

230519 snapper rocks4

Once upon a time, way back in 1956 a Sea Baths was built, followed by a shark pool and later still a dolphin pool and aquarium. The aquarium was operational at that time .

Jack Evan’s Porpoise Pool

230519 froggy beach
Froggy Beach, squeezed between Snapper Rocks and Point Danger.

We then drove up another steep hill to the Light Tower, which straddles the Queensland New South Wales border at Point Danger.

230519 pt danger
Point Danger Light Station. The Qld/NSW Border passes through the middle of the tower.

On the beach below, Duranbah, surfers were struggling against a really stiff south easterly wind. Also below is what is known as Lovers Park which has been taken over by a film company making a movie called Monster Problems. In a small area walled in by steep volcanic cliffs on one side and the ocean crashing against the rocks on the other. The entrance to the movie set is another wall of shipping containers on which scenery backdrops are hung or built while stores and supplies are kept in the containers.

230519 film set
On the set of Monster Problems.

Security below was tight as lots of machinery was moving around and carpenters were creating a set. The movie is called Monster Problems and stars Dylan O’Brien is this Sci-Fi thriller. There were no actors on the set today -0 just set workers.In the distance we could see the Fingal Head and the lighthouse just poking above the trees and Cook Island a little way offshore.

230519 fingal head
Looking south from Point Danger, across the mouth of the Tweed River to Fingal Beach, Fingal Head, the Lighthouse and Cook Island offshore.

On our way back up the coast we stopped at Currumbin and climbed Elephant Rock but it was too windy to take photos. Next we stopped at Burleigh Heads and it was one of the few occasions I was able to get a parking spot but there was only three surfers today as the wind was chopping the waves.

230519 burleigh heads
Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach seen from Burleigh Heads

On the very steep hill was a bus where a bus is not meant to go. It had tried to turn, lost traction and used the gutter as a brake. That was a mistake as the back end of the bus was stuck on the ground and all he could do was spin his wheels.

230519 bus
The bus is stuck.
230519 bus1
Slowly being winched out.

That was at 9am, we arrived at 2 pm and a big tow truck had to winch the bus away from the gutter wall and with a bit of manouvering the bus was able to reverse down the hill. Later we saw it on the TV News and I managed to get lots of photos.

230519 plane
Planes fly low over Burleigh Heads as they make their approach to Coolangatta Airport.

From here I drove Georgia and Cam to Cavill Avenue in the heart of Surfers Paradise where they asked to be dropped and would find their own way home.

Friday 24th May

Georgia and Cam spent most of their day at Harbourtown. After lunch I took them to Coombabah Wetlands Reserve where I know we can see hundreds of Kangaroos in the wild. They are wild too. They are used to humans but not tame and do not like to be approached too closely. I also know there are Koalas here as well. We were not disappointed with the Kangaroos and after a bit of help from a man riding by he showed us a Koala high in a tree.

240519 koala2
Koala’s sit high in a fork of a tree for protection. This is also why they are so hard to see from the ground.
240519 koala1
Try sleeping like this when a wind is blowing and the top of the tree is swaying.

He also pointed out a pair of Tawny Frogmouths.

240519 tawny
The Tawny Frogmouth is a master of disguise and holds still so it looks part of a tree.

Unexpectedly we saw another Koala in an adjacent tree and as we headed back to the car we found another Koala even higher in a Eucalypt.

240519 koala
Those sharp claws hold the Koala firmly in place.

I drove Georgia and Cam to Surfers Paradise where they are meeting a friend for dinner.

Saturday 25th May

Georgia and Cam were back at Harbourtown again today.

In the evening I drove them to Surfers Paradise to meet their friend again.

Sunday 26th May

Today, bright and late we drove to the Carrara Markets which was on Georgia’s bucket list (along with several other places she never got to). Just as we arrived at the markets, Cam’s mother called to say she would arrive at 12.30 to take them back to Brisbane. At the markets they went shopping for almost an hour while I filled in my time with a coffee and people watched.

Shortly after we arrived home, Cam’s mother arrived to whisk them away. I know they had a good time here on the Gold Coast and they want to move here.