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517. Sunday 6th November 2016. Halloween, a break-in, Melbourne Cup, and a cruise to Vanuatu…

Monday 31st October.

In the afternoon I booked a holiday for early 2017. Looking forward to an adventure. More on that as the time approaches.

All Hallows Eve or Halloween as it is known. This dimwit custom was never celebrated in Oz until a few years ago. Now it has been imported from the northern hemisphere. Why do we need this stupid pagan custom here?

Thank goodness we live in a gated community and the kids cannot get in Hehehehehe!

Tuesday 1st November.

I spoke too soon.

Somebody (from the evidence, it seems children are the culprits) jumped a fence somewhere and broke into our neighbours garage and rifled through every drawer in the storage area. They also opened a fridge and freezer looking for…something! Naturally, being in a hurry, they left the fridge and freezer doors open… frozen food defrosted. I was on my way for a bike ride at 6am when I noticed a bowls bag with the bowls and other bowls bits n pieces scattered on a neighbours lawn. I knew something was wrong but at 6am there was nobody around. Within a few minutes two neighbours appeared and one said her garage was ransacked and I realised who the bowls belong to. The other neighbour mentioned that late the night before she thought she had heard a sound like someone jumping from a fence. A few minutes later she came looking for me. She had accidentally set off our clubhouse alarm and found a rear wall of our library had been kicked in. Apart from damage at the house and the clubhouse, nothing of value had been taken.

Maybe it was their trick and were looking for treats.

Even in a gated community it pays to lock up.


At lunch time our social committee put on a Melbourne Cup luncheon and a prize for best dressed man and woman. We watched the big race and socialised.

Wednesday 2nd November

I had an appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon who put the steel plate in my wrist in August 2015. He was pleased with my progress and although I still have some discomfort from time to time we both agree there is no need to surgically remove the plate. Yahoo! That was my last visit with the surgeon.

Friday 4th November

I always vowed that I would never play lawn bowls. That is until I played a fun day and realised how physically involved it is. Today 18 bowlers from our village visited another over 50’s resort at Emerald Gardens, Coombabah for a friendly competition. I have only ever bowled on our green and was surprised to find their green is made from a different material and is much, much, faster than our synthetic grass. Adapting to a faster green was a challenge…which we lost.


Sunday 6th November

My sister Bev and husband Peter flew from Sydney to Brisbane this morning. We drove to the airport to collect them. They are booked on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, “LEGEND OF THE SEAS”. It leaves from the Port of Brisbane Cruise Terminal at Hamilton for a Rock n Roll cruise to Vanuatu and return.

We first drove to Mt Coot-Tha to show them Brisbane city laid out below.

The Mt Coot-Tha lookout and restauarnat overlooking Brisbane.
Bev, Pete and Donnis at Mt coot-Tha.

Then we drove to New Farm to visit The Powerhouse and have an early lunch at one of the two, supposedly five star restaurants. That was a bit disappointing as the restaurant prices were five star but the serving sizes and food itself was way below. Add to that it was hot and noisy and the music was set way too high for comfortable dining.

We chose the Powerhouse as there is usually an interesting art display or a music event.    http://brisbanepowerhouse.org/?gclid=CjwKEAiA6YDBBRDwtpTQnYzx5lASJAC57ObMP__ewVOaILDLEb3vpx5sLMCqrvqpr1Mf6GgexwXYyxoCJc_w_wcB#

Today there was nothing to see except the busy Brisbane River. As the name implies, The Powerhouse was an umm err, Powerhouse. Built in 1927 and de-commissioned in 1977. Most of the original building façade has been retained as well as many of the original walls and levels internally. These rooms and levels are frequently used for special artistic displays and or musical events.    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brisbane_Powerhouse

We drove to the Port of Brisbane cruise ship terminal    https://www.portbris.com.au/shipping-operations/shipping-schedule  and said farewell to Bev n Pete as they dropped off their luggage and joined the long line of people going through the boarding, customs and immigration process.

From the Port of Brisbane can be seen the huge Gateway Bridge. This is a toll bridge.

We walked to the new viewing platform and were pleasantly surprised by the new shopping centre and street full of custom eating places clustered around the cruise ship terminal. The food here was about one third of the prices at the Powerhouse. This is where we should have come for lunch.

Legend of the Seas. The outside cabins above the lifeboat deck have a balconey while those outside cabins below the lifeboats only have a fixed porthole. Inner cabins do not see any daylight. Note the pallets of supplies waiting to be moved aboard.
There is one small loading deck on each side of the ship. Supplies were lined up along the wharf while two forklifts put two pallets on each platform. The crew pushed buttons for the platform to slide back into the ship then low to the floor. Crew with only a single hand operated fork lift would take the pallet and move it to storage. It seemed to be a never ending process and more supplies were arriving as soon as pallets were loaded on the platform.
The Captain of the ship has to do a lot of running around on the bridge to steer the ship and see where he is going. Sometimes it is nice to just get out on your own little viewing platform (one on each side of the bridge deck) to sit and enjoy the breeze.
Without being on the other side of the river to get a full photo of the ship here is a lifeboat photo instead.

Donnis son Peter, called to say he was home from New Guinea where he has been working for the last 6 months and invited us to call in on our way home. We were pleasantly surprised to find Peter’s son Chris was there for the weekend as well.

It was a long day of driving, city traffic and was great to catch up with Bev n Pete and Pete and Chris.