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567. Sunday 20th August 2017. At home, painting, a dragon and a birthday boy…

Tuesday 15th August

Visited friends Ray & Lynne here in the village. They have built a Bali like garden, complete with a line of fruiting banana palms as a quiet place in their back yard. A number of bird species visits their retreat including the never still Sunbird who come into the yard looking for nectar and insects. Also constant visitors are a number of Australian Water Dragons.

150817 dragon
Australian Water Dragon is at home on the garden furniture.

Those dragons have a diet of small insects such as ants, spiders, crickets, snails and caterpillars. When they get bigger, so does their prey. An adult includes small rodents such as baby mice in their diet, although insects are still most commonly consumed.

150817 dragon2
An almost imperceptible breath or heartbeat shows these are alive and not a rubber copy.

The dragons also like being hand fed bacon or raw mince meat. They will sit for hours just for hours, looking like a carving while waiting for something to eat. Ray really does have them eating out of his hand. They are beautiful stately creatures and contrary to some beliefs they make ideal pets around the home…outside of course. Although, if you have an ant or spider problem inside, these guys will take care of it.

150817 dragon1
Getting upclose and personal. They are lovely to look at.
150817 dragon3
So close my camera beeped that I need to change to Macro and manual focus.

Saturday 19th August

It has been a quiet week apart from doing a bit of gardening, riding the bike and staying up to date with doctor, optometrist and audiologist appointments.

Today we drove to Brisbane for a 13th birthday party for grandson Chris. Chris had a couple of friend, two grandmothers and three aunts to help him celebrate.

Chris has been chosen to receive specialist Rugby League training clinics conducted by the Brisbane Broncos over a four week period in September. This is a programme set up by the Bronco’s to select potential young players. If he shows he has talent, ability and apptitude in the training session he will  then be invited to further training including social skills, money management and alcohol and drug avoidance guidlines. If he is chosen he then becomes a part of a young Broncos training scheme with assistance for schooling and further education. Chris is talented and I hope he has the focus to work with the talent.

190817 birthday
Happy birthday Chris. You look tired from all that celebrating and or football training.

Sunday 20th August.

At last, at last, at last. We started painting the interior of the house today. We bought paint from Masters Hardware a few days before they closed for good on 11th December last year. The paint has been sitting quietly waiting for us to get started. There have been a few times the pain cans have whispered to me but for the most part they have just sat in the corner while the lids have begun to show signs of early rust. Well today was the day we opened up a can of ceiling paint which goes on pink and dries white. Great stuff except I thought the pink colour would stay pink a while longer. Today we started painting the cornices in preparation to rolling out the ceiling. Tomorrow we tackle the lounge room, dining, kitchen and the master bedroom and all going well start rolling the ceiling.

That has been our week.


510. Sunday 18th September 2016. A visitor, Rock and Roll and a daylight visit to the SWELL Festival…

Lots of photos this week.

Friday 16th September

Donnis went to Tai Chi then rushed home for her art workshop.

BIL Ken arrived before lunch and joined me for a game of bowls on our newly laid green.

After dinner we went to a Rock and Roll night at our clubhouse with local band Old Time Rock and Roll providing the memory laden foot stomping music. About thirty members of a Rock n Roll Club came along as did a similar number from our village. We finally got to put our line dancing training into practise, surprising quite a few people. What a great night of music and dance.

We walked home and sat down to watch the recorded elimination Rugby League Final between Brisbane Broncos and North Queensland Cowboys.  On the last three occasions these teams met, the score line at full time was 20 all. Those games were decided by a field goal in sudden death extra time. Tonight with both teams suffering exhaustion from the frenetic pace of the game, the score at full time was … 20 all.  Tonight extra time was 5 minutes each way. The Cowboys scored and converted with the final score 26 to 20. We were all tired after a long busy day, besides it was after midnight when we finished watching the game and we have an early start planned for tomorrow.

Saturday 17th September

The day turned out, in the beginning, bright and sunny. A perfect day for a visit to the SWELL Festival at Currumbin. Perhaps we did not explain carefully enough for Ken. He was expecting to see sand sculptures. Parking was at a premium along the beach with cars parked up to a kilometre from the festival site. Somehow’ we snaggled a car park at the beach on our second pass through the village. Yahoo!

Currumbin Creek entrance.
Currumbin Beach looking north from atop Elephant Rock. Surfers Paradise is in the distance.
Ken grew up with family vacations on the Gold Coast. He took time to walk out on the rocks where he spent time in his younger days and reflected on memories.
The flight path for nearby Coolangatta Airport commences a little to the north of Palm Beach and crosses over Currumbin Beach. These houses get to hear the planes on their landing approach with flights about every three minutes.
Currumbin Flight path.

Thanks to ABC Radio Gold Coast for the following information on many of the pieces.

I think we will start the picture visit with number 27 of the sculptures, “I Was Here” with a description by the artist himself, Dion Parker.170916-027

“I was here is a simple dog, with its leg cocked. This indicates a male dog urinating, leaving his scent, saying “I was here”. I like to keep my art simple and this piece breaks down the idea of leaving your mark in this world to what I think is its simplest form. Leaving your scent for the next dog that comes along, letting him know that you were here before him.From leaving a graffiti tag to building an empire, I think as humans most of us are trying to, or would at least like to, piss on something and say, “I was here”

170916-029I am unable to find an explanation for item 29 which is entitled “Lost Art of the 20th Century”. That is disappointing as this exhibit probably resonated the most with me and appealed to my quirky sense of humour. Looking at the exhibit you can understand the title. I did hear a young boy of about 8 years of age say it was from the movie “Madagascar”.


I cannot find an explanation for item 38 entitled Earth Being. I did overhear a couple discussing this piece and reading from a programme. It seeam the piece was made from material gathered from local natural resources. The artwork will in turn begin to breakdown over time and return to nature. Hmmm! I like this piece but wonder about the short life span.

170916-045Item 45 is called “Kingfisher” and looks just like a kingfisher looks although much bigger. As a piece of art it feels safe and from my point of view does not require any puzzling as to what it is and what it is representing. It is “nice” but not a stand out.

170916-047Whoever thought old gym equipment could become art? Item 47 includes an alternate name. The piece is called “Kyoto Protocol” with a sub name of “Revenant” – a dead person believed to have come back as a ghost –

An explanation by the artists accompanies the piece.170916-047a

Item 42 has a name which seem appropriate. “Wind in the Wheelos” 170916-042The artist is listed as Village Bike Gold Coast Inc. “It is a sort of windmill which involves three bicycles with wind vanes which makes the bikes spin around, Additional wind vanes make the wheels spin independently.170916-041

Item 41 is described as “Creek to Coast” and depicts a couple of large full size coastal birds of prey adorning the end of a hand carved bench seat.170916-040

Item 40 “Sandy the Dog Walker” by Monte Lupo is straight forward from a lay persons point of view. The artist has this to say…”People we meet and the serendipitous experience we enjoy seem to come to us at a pedestrian speed and walking our dogs is the best way to enjoy the day to day interactions. Only this dog walker’s experience has been amplified with a pack of many breeds.”

170916-036Item 36 is called Lighfboat. Artist Greg Windsor has this to say. “Lighfboat begs the question: what does it mean to “value”? Entitled attitudes towards consumption and waste distort values, creating a correlation between goods and people. Anyone could build a boat out of packing cases in order to flee conflict and persecution. The material is ubiquitous. Symbolically, Lighfboat is not a boatload of ‘them’, but represents a singular watercraft for the individual’s plight – the fleeing individual – a ‘fanfare for the common man’. The westernised philosophy we know couldn’t be further from the truth. What does it mean to value?”

Confused? Me too.

170919-019a170916-019The “Alpha Turtle”, number 19 is straight forward. Or is it. “The Alpha Turtle is a monumental inflatable sculpture by Australian abstract expressionist artist, BJ Price, whose artwork is inspired by diving on The Great Barrier Reef. BJ’s floating, turtle statue, known as Alphie, Ambassador at (very) large to The Great Barrier Reef, has been exhibited on Moore’s Reef, Cairns; at Sydney Sea Life Aquarium, Darling Harbour; and led Australia Day celebrations on Sydney Harbour. Alphie takes the shape of a sea turtle, enlarged to a gigantic scale, then wrapped with the abstract design of BJ’s masterwork “Alpha”. Alphie opens peoples’ minds to creative ways of thinking about the importance of The Great Barrier Reef and its marine life.´

At least four works of art can be seen in this busy picture along with visitors and Surfers Paradise in the distance.

170916-006Number 6 is called “Project Bread”. It appealed to most people who viewed it. I have no idea what it is intended to convey. It is built out of hundreds of Gold Coast Bakery plastic trays. There is an entrance door on one side. Inside it is dim and cool and the breeze blowing through the plastic created an almost air conditioned system. It is easy to look outside but from the outside it is difficult to see inside.

170916-004Item 4 is called “Stillness in Time”.  There are no comments.

170916-005Item 5 is called “ANTi dote”. Hmmm! I wonder if there is any coincidence that this follows number 4? I love the ants crawling all over the rock from all sides. At night the rock is lit up in a bright red colour.

170916-008Item 8 is “Nothing But Time”. It was located not far from “Stillness in Time”. This is another sculpture for which I could find no explanation.

170916-0037Yet another item without explanation. Item 37 appealed to my sense of humour and it makes perfect sense to me. It is called “Club House”. It is made entirely from golf clubs.

170916-025One of the bigger displays in the collection, item 25 is called “With You”. The partnership, Katie and Derek Hooper explains…With You is a love story about the Gold Coast, the ocean, and the people who come here in awe of this organic and ageless, inorganic and inspiring spirit. Embracing togetherness, the drawing in of a healthy, outdoorsy, happy life. The enveloping feeling that encompasses you when immersed in abundant natural beauty.The centuries old magnetic attraction of enjoying a vista with a loved one. The timeless desire for beauty and companionship, the deep satisfaction of finding it. Constantly evolving yet never changing, the essence of why we are here.

There were many other sculptured items, in fact 48 in all. Some photos did not do the display justice while in other cases the display did not, to my mind, deserve a photo.

By mid afternoon rain clouds began to roll in and the temperature began to fall. We attended a Fun Bowls Day at our clubhouse followed by a barbecue dinner.