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659. Sunday 13th January 2019. Surf, Sun, Sand a family visitor and hot days…

Monday 7th January

Donnis and I both woke early and went to The Lagoon/The Broadwater for a walk and a swim for Donnis. She was so happy swimming in what she called silky smooth water, with a perfect temperature.

070119 chair
A bench seat, one of dozens along the walking and cycling track between Labrador and Lands End on the Broadwater.

The weather forecast said showers. The sky said there was a threatening hint of showers. Just before we went to table tennis at 7pm there was a spit of rain and that was all we got. An entire day based on a forecast of showers and a sky which backed up the forecast, we got nothing. We really do need some rain. Up north they are drowning in rain.

Tuesday 8th January

Donnis was up early and went to her favourite place for a walk along the beach and a swim.

The day looked cloudy early but by midday it was a brilliant sunny day with high humidity. Not the best weather for gardening so I worked in the garden. My shirt was drenched within minutes and back protested but by the end of the day I got 90% of what I wanted done, done.

Wednesday 9th January

Sister Enid arrived today. The last couple of days have been very hot so we decided to stay home and chill out.

Thursday 10th January

100119 lands end
Looking along Biggera Creek to Lands End.
100119 houseboat
Biggera Creek. A great place to berth your houseboat.
100119 boat
A runabout tied to Mangroves in Biggera Creek. Our front yard.

In the morning i30 was booked into the Hyundai Dealership to have a light fitting in the boot replaced. It has been a bothersome light since I bought the car new and a replacement fitting was ordered the last time the car was serviced. Today was my first opportunity since then to have it fitted. I had been in the service waiting room, waiting, when the service manager called me. I stood too quickly and experienced a sharp pain in my lower back. My pain was compounded when she told me the part we had waited on all this time was cracked and could not be used. I left without the repair being made but also with a back which needs repairing.


We started the afternoon with a drive to The Spit but once out of the car and on the rock wall both Donnis and Enid decided it was much too hot for walking. Instead I drove to Jabiru Island Park so they could have a swim in the enclosure.

100119 paradise2
Bridge connecting Jabiru Island to Paradise Point.

There was a nice breeze blowing and once we walked around the island to the enclosure they decided it was too cool for a swim.

100119 paradise
From Jabiru Island
100119 paradise1
From Jabiru Island looking over Coomera River.


Friday 11th January

In the morning Enid joined us at the usual Friday morning art group.

Afterwards we drove to Cabarita Beach in northern New South Wales. Traffic on the M1 was horrendous but once past the section where road works are being carried out it was a nice pleasant drive.

Today was another fierecesomely hot day so on arrival we looked somewhere for lunch. Enid spied a little place about 200 metres out of the normal shopping centre. The Stunned Mullet turned out to be a gem of a fish and chippery serving up mostly fresh local fish, prepared any way you like. We all tried the local Flathead, mine was crumbed and deep fried, theirs was Tempura battered and deep fried. Either way it was great eating. This place is on my list of favourites who serve real fresh local fish and do not use imported Basa. Their prices are reasonable too.

Next it was a walk up the steep boardwalk on Cabarita Hill. Despite the heat there was a delightful breeze and a brilliant sunny day and big surf.

110119 cabarita6
The hill leading to the whale watching platform at Cabarita Beach.

From the top of the hill at the Whale Watching platform there is a great view of Bogangar Beach to the south

110119 beach
Looking south over Bogangar Beach

and Cabarita Beach to the north.

110119 cabarita
The three parts of Cabarita Beach.
110119 seat
Bench seat on Cabarita hill.
110119 cabarita4
One of many timber boardwalks and stairs onto Cabarita Beach

Donnis and Enid cooled off with a swim in the surf

110119 cabarita1
The water was 24 degrees, perfect for a surf.

while I photographed surfboard riders. 110119 cabarita3110119 cabarita2

110119 cabarita5
Looking at surfers from the back of a wave.

With my back there is no way I could risk further injury in the surf.110119 ed110119 ef

Surprise, surprise, doing the driving caused no pain at all. It was only painful while getting in and out of the car. We took the long leisurely drive home via Point Dangar Lookout in Tweed Heads, Collangatta, Kirra Beach and Currumbin Beach.

We stopped for a cold beer at Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club.

Saturday 12th January

We started the day with an early morning (6am) walk along Southport Beach.

120119 surfers
Morning on Main Beach (I prefer to call it Southport Beach.)

Donnis and Enid also took a surf break in the 24 degree water.

120119 surfers1
Silhouette surfers swimming between the flags.

It always amazes me how many other people are on the beach at that time of day.

120119 surfers2
The beach gets busier and it is only just 7am.

The surf lifesavers now set up their swim flags and beach patrols at 6.30 am.

Later Donnis and Enid had fun window shopping at Harbourtown Shopping Centre. After dark we went to Kabachi Ya a little Japanese restaurant just out our back door. As always the service is quick, pleasant and respectful. The food is fresh, cooked quickly and served with no fuss. Sometimes we have no idea what we have ordered but always enjoy what we get.

Sunday 13th January

The day started hot and got hotter.

Another early morning walk along Southport Beach followed by a surf for Donnis and Enid followed by breakfast at the original Main Beach Pavilion.

130119 pavilion
Interior of Beach Pavilion Cafe.
130119 pavilion1
The Pavillion as it was in 1935. For those unfamiliar with pavilions they contained dressing sheds, showers, toilets and lockers for beach goers…for a small fee. Sometimes there was a small kiosk on the beach side selling cold drinks and ice creams on a stick. In this case the ladies dressing sheds were on the right.
130119 pavilion2
The pavillion as it looks now.

130119 pavilion3

The pavilion was built in 1934 and was hugely popular in the 50’s and 60’s.

130119 pavilion4
The parking area looks crowded but it should be remembered there was many Klms of beach at that time, most of it undeveloped, no roads or houses, no surf patrols, no bathing pavilions, no kiosks etc. These places became popular as they were a great meeting place and easy to get to.

In 1995 the building was listed in the State Heritage Register. A few years ago the building was converted to a beach house style café. The original dressing sheds and showers have been converted to an open kitchen with lots of seating including lounges to offer a different dining style. The walls are adorned with old photographs of what it was like way back when. The café is popular evidenced by the fact they open for breakfast at 6.30am and people are already waiting. Many people grab  a coffee and sit in the park nearby to watch and listen to the surf.

130119 pavilion5
Remember this was likely one or perhaps two places on the coast where you could drive to the beach.
130119 pavilion6
Gradually as roads extended to new locations the crowds thinned but collectively were greater, spread across more beach spots.
130119 pavilion7
There is no real evidence these men were shooting at sharks. Certainly the 303 (or Lee Enfield) rifles were introduced into the Australian Army in 1915. Many rifles found their way into the civilian community.
130119 pavilion8
There is no evidence this shark was caught by rifle as depicted in another photo. This shark looks like a Bronze Whaler although the photo does not identify it.

Boo Hoo Enid left to travel to Brisbane shortly after lunch. It was wonderful to have her stay with us.