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626. Sunday 1st March 2020. Pain, skin cancer, Photo Meetup and daily walks…

Monday 24th February

Well, as expected the doctor increased my Lyrica to 300 Mg at night and 225 Mg in the morning for another week. So far it has only been a couple of hours but the pain when sitting is still intense.

Also sort of expecting but hoping it would not be the case, the biopsy from last week is positive. Squamous Cell Carcinoma. The result is a bit worrying as the cells can move into other parts of the face and neck and worse, lymph nodes. That’s when they become really dangerous. Today instead of doing an excision he carried out two more biopsies. Overall I have at least 6 possible such cells – all in my face. I am wondering how they will carry out the surgery. Will it be all at once under general anaesthetic or one by one over several weeks. Of course we have not yet got to have a look at little lumps on my back and shoulders.

Today I also explored my WordPress account and realised I started two new Blog pages a few years ago and promptly forgot about them. Word press no longer give a free platform but these two locations have 3 Gb each which will be available for me when the current allowance runs out, possibly with only one more post until I have to make the switch.

Tuesday 25th February

Today I had an appointment with the Physiotherapist Kellie Nalder who is just back from her placing second in an Ironman Competition in Geelong over the weekend. Today she concentrated on massage of the big bad angry spasming back muscle. She reminded me that although I am in pain and experience pain in many day to day activities, none will cause any physical damage. So getting into a car may be painful as is getting out but I am not causing damage if I drive for a couple of hours.

Wednesday 26th February

Today I met two members of my Facebook Photo Group, Aussie Photography For Beginners.    Both are ladies which was not unexpected as the Group has 456 members and only about 10% are males. Being Admin on the site takes a few hours each day but I do have a fellow Admin who does lots of work and we are looking for another to help us out.

260220 kym jan frank
Kym Jan and I. The Aussie Photographers for Beginners.
260220 paragliding
A motorised kite glider off in the distance over The Spit.

Back to the group meeting.

260220 labrador1`
Typical Broadwater scene.
260220 caught
The Police are questioning two jet ski riders

After introducing ourselves we introduced our cameras then walked along The Broadwater at Ian Dipple Lagoon, Labrador and finding several items worthy of a photo.

260220 labrador
The Pelicans and Seagulls are beginning to line up for the daily feeding.

Next it was coffee at the Beach Café.   https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Restaurant_Review-g659071-d7928377-Reviews-Beach_Cafe-Labrador_Gold_Coast_Queensland.html   By the way I come here for an early morning coffee once or twice a week and sometimes have breakfast. Over coffee we planned a photo shoot at the Cougal Cascades in the upper reaches of Currumbin Valley tomorrow.

260220 ship
A gianmt super yacht is being brought into the marina. Shortly after I took this photo the sails began to be taken down.

Thursday 27th February

Did my usual three kilometre walk along The Broadwater to Lands End and return to Ian Dipple Lagoon. This is such a wonderful location to walk and I see many familiar faces every morning, all doing their daily exercise of running or walking. Sometimes I go the other way and walk to Loder Creek which is about a 2.5 Klm return walk. It is equally spectacular, summer or winter, rain hail or shine. Well sometimes I skip rainy days.

I met Kym and Jan at the carpark of Cougal Cascades   https://www.aussiebushwalking.com/qld/springbrook/cougal-cascades noting the weather was threatening but thought we might get in a photo session before the rain began.

270220 currumbin
Currumbin Creek.
270220 rocks
Somebody was hard at work.

We did get halfway to the cascades but stopped frequently to take photos. Just as we reached the Old Timber Mill I heard thunder.

270220 sawmill
REmains of old sawmill at Cougal National park.

Shortly afterwards there was a crack of lightning and thunder. Jan who lives in the Tallebudgera Valley commented that was a signal for drenching rain and we should head back to the carpark NOW! It was already too late as the drenching rain started immediately. Luckily I carry a beach towel and a light jacket in the car. We drove to The Rock Pools further down the valley where it was dry and we had a coffee.

270220 currumbin rocks
Currumbin Creek
270220 currumbin rocks1
Currumbin Rocks Swimming Hole.

Soon the lightning and rain began again.

270220 coffee sign
THis lonely sign advertised wonderful coffeeand ice cream. The only problem is, the cafe is only open on weekends

We waited out the heavy rain and managed a few photos. We also plan another photo shoot next Wednesday.

270220 pines
Small pine plantation.

Friday 28th February

Did my 3 Klm walk along the Broadwater.

Tonight we had our monthly Fish and Chips night followed by Bingo at the clubhouse. It was a fun night and I won $20.

Sunday 1st March

Went to The Broadwater and met Bill and Doug for a coffee at the Beach Café. The man who serves me knows what coffee I want and where I will be sitting. That must mean I am a regular customer. I do not think I have ever been a regular customer in my life.

After lunch I went to Paradise Point to listen to British and Beatles music in the park.

010320 music
One man band plus drummer.

The singer had a music machine and a drummer.

010320 crowd1
There was a fair size crowd. Mostly they brought their own chairs, Eskies and bottles of wine or bubbly.

010320 crowd

My back began to pain after a few minutes sitting in the camp chair so I packed up and came home.

I went to the pool and did my exercises prepared for me by the Physiotherapist.

Now I am tired, in pain and ready for bed.

678. Sunday 19th May 2019. Chiropractor, Facebook woes and a trip to the Scenic Rim…

Tuesday 14th May

My doctor has given me two free visits to a Chiropractor as part of the Federally Funded Health Plan for Ancillary treatment. I have a total of 5 visits to ancillary care and I chose two chiropractic visits. Notice at the beginning of this sentence I used the word FREE. My first visit to the chiropractor was at 8am. He went through a lot of Q&A with me then did a body strength test and as expected he shook his head and proclaimed my body, a miracle of biological engineering, was in need of a tune up. He was the man to do it and all I had to do was let him make adjustments and listen to his dietary advice. Every bit of food we discussed was bad and only he had the key to what constituted good food. Like a trained zombie I made an appointment for the second visit. That was when the lady told me the fee was $50. I pointed out the 2 free visits on the Care Plan. Oh yes, she said, those visits are free but the initial consult is not covered by the Care Plan. She offered a bone. You can pay $10 per visit. Hmmm. Something is not right here. I will get the next visit on the Care Plan but that will be my last visit.

Wednesday 15th May

I am the sole Administrator for a Facebook Photographic Group called Aussie Photography for Beginners. When I landed in the role in March, the group had 169 members and 167 of them were inactive. I hoped to turn the group around by getting more members active and some new members. I sort of had a target to reach 200 members with at least 25% active by the end of 2019. Things started to move along faster than anticipated. Today we have 230 members with more than 25% being active. The problem is that I am spending more and more time doing the admin tasks such as approving new members, sometime 10 applications in one day. Also monitoring all the posts adhere to the rules, ensuring there is no nasty stuff being posted, running two photo comps and a whole lot more. Today I made myself another promise and a new target. Once we reach 250 members I will take on two Administrators, one to look after new members, one to do the policing and I will look after everything else.

Thursday 16th May

Had another visit with the Chiropractor but have made a decision not to rush back for continuing treatment. However apart from the diatribe of verbal patter I did take something else with me. Once before, about 2012, I went on a 3 month no carbs diet. Well not entirely free of carbs but enough to prove I could lose weight and girth. The Chiropractor awakened that time so I resolved to dramatically reduce the amount of carbs and or sugar from my diet. I had already cut back on potato and rice so a few more items would not be difficult to achieve. I will take a few carbs in my meals but most days there will be none. I will concentrate on eating mushrooms, capsicum, Brussel Sprouts and salads along with small amounts of meats and fish. I have lost 2 Kg in the last month but want to lose 4 Kg or more by the end of June.

Sunday 19th May

Well, Well, Well. It seems Bill, Penny, Anthony etc were not listening to the people but only listening to their union mates.

Following on from my trip to the Scenic Rim last week I thought I would go again today, only somewhere different. First stop was Canungra where the streets and pubs, and lunch places were crowded with motorcyclists.

190519 canungra
bikes in main street

A Vintage Motorcycle Show was in progress and they wanted $10 entry. Hmmm! No value there.

190519 canungra hotel.1JPG
more bikes

$10 to look at old motorcycles for 15 minutes did not appeal.

190519 canungra hotel
Bikes outside the pub.

Instead I walked around town looking at whatever took my fancy.

190519 canungra church
This delightful St Lukes Anglican Church Canungra is across the road from The Canungra Pub.

I had some lunch in a quaint little coffee shop and walked some more to settle the food.

I then took the road to O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat, a steep narrow 35 Klm winding road.

190519 water tank
Scenic water tank.
190519 valley
At the beginning of the range.
190519 vinyard
One of two vinyards at the foot of the range.

In places it was single lane, cattle grid, narrow bridges, warning signs, long drop offs to the valley below, 10 KPH corners, blind corners, give way signs, a partial tunnel carved through volcanic rock, and spectacular views if you can find the courage to take your eyes off the road for a moment.

190519 road sign
Narrow road, once prone to washouts, with blind low speed corners.

At every clearing, off in the distance I could see the unmistakable peak of Mt Lindesay where I visited last week.

190519 mt lindesay
From Mt Green it is easy to see the unmistakable shape of Mt Lindesay in the distance while Mt Barney can be seen on the right.

Soon I was in a tunnel of rainforest and the air temperature had dropped 8 degrees and it was so dark I turned on my lights as did every other car on this road. It took an hour to drive the short 35 Klm route. O’Reilly’s is in Lamington National Park on the Green Mountain section and is 935 metres above sea level.190519 oreillys retreat If I had more time and few $$$ to spare this would be a great place to stay overnight or maybe get here earlier in the day and bring a picnic lunch.

190519 lamingtoin np
Entrance to one of many walks in Lamington NP.
190519 oreillys church
Old and rustic church at O’Reilly’s

190519 oreillys church1

190519 oreillys cabins
The new cabins at O’Reilly’s Retreat.

190519 oreillys view

On my way back down the mountain in a winding narrow give way section, a car coming up failed to give way at a blind corner and we suddenly came face to face on a narrow stretch wide enough for one car. I could not back up as it was 100M in reverse with a steep drop away and no safety fence. The oncoming car backed up a few metres then stopped. He only had to back up a few more metres where there was ample room for two cars side by side. The fear in the drivers faced was plain to see. I edged up to him and had to bring in my side view mirrors and my wheels on the passenger side were on the tiny gravel verge. I eyeballed him as I drove past with only centimetres to spare. Yep, just as I thought. A hire car with tourists from overseas. The posted speed limit for the entire mountain range was 20 Kph and due to the road conditions that is about all the speed you could average.

There is a replica Stinson Aircraft which crashed here in 1937, killing 4 of the 7 on board.

190519 plane 1

190519 plane

A Mr O’Reilly set out to look for the plane and found it and 2 passengers still alive needing medical attention.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1937_Airlines_of_Australia_Stinson_crash

The replica plane which crashed was purchased from an Aircraft Museum at Wangaratta in Vic and shipped here in pieces in 2003. This same replica was used in a movie called Riddle of the Stinson in 1987 and starred Jack Thompson.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Riddle_of_the_Stinson    As a matter of interest the movie is available on YouTube.

190519 rescue
Statue honouring O’Reilly finding the two survivors.

About 10 Klms from the summit is a turnoff to Kamarun Lookout which is within the Lamington National Park.

190519 kamarun lookout
Looking west from Kamarun Lookout. It is clear to see the remains of Volcanic caldera which form the Scenic Rim

There are great views from here and a van was parked at a great vantage point. A man and wife and their little children were waiting for the sunset. He had several cameras and a video camera. As there is also a full moon tonight he would probably stay to capture the moonrise as it peaked above Binna Burra across the valley.

190519 kamarun lookout1
Looking north and east from Kamarun. Binna Burra is somewhere on the far right.

I would love to do that myself but as the worst part of the drive including  all the blind corners and a steep drop to the valley below I did not feel like tackling that challenge in the dark. Besides, I wanted to be home in time for dinner.

I have lost 3 Kg in the last month.


673. Sunday 14th April 2019. Photographic work, Rock and Roll Rocks and I did go to Specsavers…

Tuesday 9th April

As the sole Admin for the Facebook photo site Aussie Photography for Beginners, I am beginning to find I have created a workload for myself. What started as a small group, of mostly inactive members has grown, with encouragement, to a busy schedule of daily photo posts, comments, likes and replies. Toss in the occasional hiccup by Facebook plus a bit of uncertaintly by members and I feel like I am putting out spot fires. Combined with a Home Owners Committee meeting last night and my role as Treasurer and a self – appointed researcher into CCTV and being on the Social Committee and arranging a Dawn Service on Anzac Day plus 11 am Service plus a luncheon with invited Council and state parliament politicians I am beginning to feel I would have more free time if I went back to work. I worked until after midnight last night.

Friday 12th April

I have spent many hours over the last few weeks looking back over my old photos, especially those that were taken with my first digital camera the Panasonic Lumix DM FZ 7. On looking at them in a new light I have found many which I have previously ignored which I now consider quite good. Anzac Day is approaching and I have a selection of 132 photos which in some way have a connection with Anzac Day. I have prepared them in a slideshow which will play as a loop on our 75 inch TV. It will just cycle continuously as a background much as pubs and clubs do. I have also prepared about 30 songs with an Anzac theme which will also play in a loop, again as background music. Both the slideshow and the music will be played during our Anzac Day luncheon. On the morning I will broadcast the Dawn Service from Canberra via the ABC App at our private Cenotaph where we expect over 100 people to attend including guests of the caravan park next door and a couple of State Parliamentarians along with our local Gold Coast Councillor.  So far we have 50 people confirmed a booking for our luncheon.

Saturday 13th April

The quality of the photos is not the best as Rock and Roll, unlike say surfing, or rugby league, or car races or horse racing, I can pan and follow the action and usually get good shots. Dancing I cannot pan or follow the action as it changes constantly.

130419 dance
Dance floor and band area.

Tonight we went to a bushland setting known as Heritage Park in a location called Guanabah where the local Country Music Association has a rustic clubhouse.

130419 dance1
Guanaba Country Music Club

Tonight was their first of two Rock and Roll nights with a rocking good band well known among the rock n roll fraternity.

130419 dance2
The twirling skirt looks like Marilyn Monroe. The man in the blue shirt is my friend Frank who has been dancing Rock for 20 years.

Despite its somewhat isolated location about 170 people turned up at least half were from the Gold Coast, the rest from Brisbane.

130419 dance3
Here is Frank along with a pocket rocket dancer with so much energy. She is apart of a professional team of 3 dancers who teach and perform.

Our friends Graham and Wencke  came with us and we met up with other rockers from our village and their group of friends.

130419 dance4
Pocket Rocket again. I did line dancing beside her and she managed 3 steps to every body else one.

Donnis and I tried to dance but we are out of practise.

130419 dance5
I was intrigued by the dancers outfits and their shoes were so special. This couple had matching outfits including shoes.

Luckily a couple of the women took pity on me and asked me to dance.

130419 dance8

By now Donnis was not well, probably a bout of hayfever so she went to i30 for a sleep.

130419 dance9
More shoes. My friend Frank seems to feature in many photos.

A few line dances were played so at least I knew the steps.

130419 dance10
Even more shoes.

Or thought I did.

130419 dance11
Still more shoes.

Different locations have variations but with a couple of professional dance teachers in the group they really put on a show, not only in line dancing but rock and roll and even a waltz.

130419 dance12
Shoes Shoes Shoes. Theres Frank again.

Three of them make up a team and put on dance displays and travel to various dances every week.

130419 dance6
The professional dance team. Later in the evening they were joined by the third team member.

I enjoyed just watching them dance.

130419 dance7
Here they are again.

One is about my age and has the energy of someone 20 years younger.

130419 dance13
The dance team again.

I really need to make up for all those years when I refused to dance. Lessons start next month and cannot come soon enough.

130419 dance15
The dance team

Our village also has a twice yearly rock and roll night and I think we have now cemented ourselves into the rock and roll calendar as has Guanabah.

130419 dance14
Twirling skirts were everywhere.
130419 dance16
This lady could have been straight out of the movie, Grease. She never stopped dancing all night.

Sunday 14th April

Today we took a drive although Donnis is still suffering with hay fever. We drove to Carrara Markets. I am looking for a pair of leather soled boots similar to my Florsheim boots I once wore when I was still working. I want the boots for line dancing and rock and roll. I found a pair at the markets which was in my size but nowhere on the box did it say what materials were used in the sole, the upper, the lining. The sole feels like a rubber compound. Also lacking from the box is where the shoes are made or even an address or contact details. Apart from a brand name and shoe style and size there was no other information on the box. I did not buy anything but will keep looking.

In the afternoon I went to Specsavers for a checkup as I have been having some trouble lately reading numbers on the computer screen or labels on packets and cans. Yep my eyesight has changed. I will need a pair of glasses for close up reading and a pair for computer work or a pair of triple  prescription lenses that will do the job. Either way I am not happy but ended up ordering two pairs of glasses. I only need them for working at the computer so no big deal if I can see the screen a bit clearer.

667. Sunday 10th March 2019. Meeting relatives, a Gastro Enterologist and a car accident…

Nonday 4th March.

In the afternoon we went for a walk along Main Beach from Southport Beach to SeaWorld Beach and noted the huge amount of erosion after the severe storm weather.

040319 erosion
At this part of Main Beach (Southport) the erosion looks mild.
040319 erosion1
Further along the beach at Seaworld Beach the erosion looks more severe.
040319 erosion2
Here you can see the roots of the dune stabilisation grass is quite deep below the dune surface. It gets thicker at the base where the roots are probably getting their moisture for the apparently healthy plant on top of the dune.
040319 erosion3
The steep access to the beach walkway at Sea World Beach. Normally this is just a gentle slope.
040319 happy
Every day busloads of tourists arrive at the beach. Many have never seen a beach before and stand at the waters edge with arms outstretched many with long dresses, trousers and shoes. They get a surprise when a big wave comes in and suddenly they are thigh deep and struggling to stand upright. They just love it. Wet and covered in gritty sand they just laugh and pose for more photos.
040319 happy1
This is a typical pose.
040319 surfer
Although the surf was rough and nobody else within 300 metres this guy just spent 10 minutes paddling through the rough surf to finally catch a wave only to discover the rip had moved him 100 metres along the beach.

Tuesday 5th Match

Today I saw a Gastro Enterologist. For a number of years I have been self- conscious about my stomach. It is larger than it should be, harder and twisted to one side. The stomach alone cannot be explained away by bad diet, too much booze, overeating or lack of exercise. In fact during previous attempts at dieting I reduce weight but maintain a big belly which makes it look worse. The GE does not think my diet is bad but wants me to exercise more, make small change to diet and take a product called Iberogast which seems to be a group of about 20 herbs I take twenty drops three times a day in water with Mint leaves. I have to return in 4 months and lose 4 Kg. The Iberogast is supposed to stop bloating because I have Fatty Liver and that is what the treatment is all about. I cannot understand why I have fatty liver as I have never been a fan of deep fried foods (which seems to be the main culprit) and certainly over the last perhaps 30 years I have never deep fried foods at home. I do not like pizza and rarely eat it. Beer, wine and Spirits are taken in moderation and often it will be several days between drinks. I can take or leave desserts but I do enjoy fruits especially fruit salad. I may have two pieces of bread a day and I prefer an Organic Sourdough Rye bread as I have done for at least 8 years. No I had the belly problem more than 10 years ago, Some days I might have one slice of bread and other days, none. I have a bland cereal which looks and tastes like cardboard. I have half a cup of cereal with a handful of Walnuts and a handful of Sultanas helps as well as a piece of fresh fruit. Fresh fruit is the key. Never used canned stuff but Donnis often buys fresh fruit in bulk and cuts it up an freezes it. Mango’s, Cherries, Blueberries and Peaches to name a few. I prefer leafy salads in preference over boiled or steamed or stir fried veggies. The GE is not unhappy with the diet.

Wednesday 6th March

We were up early, breakfasted and away by 7.30 am. Donnis cousin Howard and his wife Merrilynne are on a world cruise on a small but luxurious ship the OCEANIA INSIGNIA. Today is day 55 of their cruise and they are only docked in Brisbane for a few hours. We collected them at the terminal and immediately went to the Apple store at Chermside as they need to update their iPhones and iPad as the WiFi onboard is slow and has limited download. Howard is missing 500 photos and although they should be in the “cloud” he cannot access them. Once sorted and after a cup of coffee we drove to Mt Coot-Tha for a peek over Brisbane and lunch at the café.

060319 us
Howard, Merrilynne and us at Mt Coot-Tha.
060319 m and d
Merrilynne and Donnis.
060319 brisbane
Brisbane City from Mount Coot – Tha

After lunch we drove back along the Brisbane River so we could cross the Story Bridge and so back to the Portside Cruise Terminal at Hamilton.

All too soon the day was over and we left Howard and Merrilynne chatting with one of the stewards and we caught the 2pm bumper to bumper shuffle on the M1. Road widening works are in progress but it will be more than 12 months before the new lanes are completed.

Back home and after a snooze we drove to Glenda’s house for a birthday party for her brother Kevin. We also met Kevin’s South African wife who is in Oz for a week.

Thursday 7th March

In the morning I rode the eBike to Southport Bridge and back to regain my old training routine and comply with the GE orders.

090319 wreck
I cannot find a story for this wreck on the Broadwater. It appears there was a fire. From the looks of it perhaps it was in the engine room which is normally located under the cockpit as are things like batteries and gas cylinders.

This afternoon a strange Notification dropped into my Facebook. It was an invitation to be the Admin for an Australian Photo forum site called Aussie Photography for Beginners. I thought it would be interesting joining the current Admin person and sharing some of her workload. I sent a reply asking a few questions and the reply floored me. She is finding the task more than she anticipated and the site is neglected. Membership has not grown, very few people post their photos and even less comment. She wants out and wants me to take over the site. Phew!!! I have to do some thinking about this. I am already an Admin for an International Group. Most days it is quiet while other days it keeps me busy. Do I want full responsibility for a site which clearly needs to grow the membership, encourage participation, establish rules and guidelines, promote regular challenges and competition and keep everybody happy?

I will sleep on it.

Friday 8th March

Today I accepted the challenge and I am now Admin for Aussie Photography for Beginners. I have no idea how the site is set up as there is not a separate Admin page. I need to ask the previous Admin how things work but somewhere between my acceptance and her post to say I am now in charge she has removed herself entirely from the site. I am on my own with a huge learning curve ahead.


So I rolled up my metaphorical sleeves and started work.

Fist I changed the photo banner to one of my own photos.

I wrote a long message to members inviting them to get involved again. I wrote to somebody I know from another site and invited her to join…which she did. The rest of the day was watching as comments and photos started to appear. Hmmm! The site had more traffic in one day than in the previous week.

Once I was established as Admin the previous Admin removed herself.

I am on my own.

Saturday 9th February

The steep learning curve became a sheer perpendicular climb with no hand or footholds. For some reason the site has no Settings, Rules or Tags.


In the afternoon while struggling with trying to make sense out of the Facebook page the phone rang. It was Donnis. Her first words were, “Bad News”. Some young driver pulled out of a parking spot on the street and ran into her. He damaged his front driver side front panel and headlight. He managed to damage 6 panels on our car. Donnis is uninjured and the car is driveable. Looking at i30 I can see the first point of impact of his car was with our passenger side front wheel. It could be that apart from all the panel damage the wheel, suspension, tyre etc could all be damaged. There is also evidence he had damaged the rear wheel as well. The car does handle a bit wobbly so the assessment will find ALL the damage.

090319 i30 damage
Damage to i30

We called RACQ and lodged a claim. We have an appointment with the panel beater and a hire car has been organised already. As we are not at fault the excess has been waived.

Sunday 10th March we took a drive to Victoria Point a suburb of Brisbane to visit Donnis son Peter. Afterwards we bought fish (barra) and chips and drove right to the point where the ferry leaves for Coochiemudlo Island. None of the scenery was inspiring enough to justify a photo. At least now I can say we have been there, done that.