Day: January 13, 2020

618. Thursday 10th January 2020. Maroubra, Barangaroo, Wollongong and Port Macquarie…

Too many photos this week so I have to split the post in two.

Monday 6th January

Today was the day we planned to do the Maroubra to Malabar clifftop walk.

060120 maroubra5
The walk begins.

The weather was kind, it was overcast and a coolish breeze was blowing from the south.

060120 maroubra2
Sandstone cliffs at South Maroubra

We were ready to roll. Enid, Bev, Pete were ready. My back was not.

060120 maroubra7
Sandstone wall at South Maroubra and beginning of the Malabar walk.

I walked the first 600 metres with them on some uneven ground.060120 maroubra That was uncomfortable. 060120 maroubra3The start of the walk is on a beautiful flat walkway suspended above the coastal heath. So far I thought I could make it. Then the path finished and from there it was all rough uneven ground across rock and with tree roots and foot tripping obstacle. Regrettably I had to say goodbye to the others and watch them continue the adventure.

I returned to South Maroubra where I spent so many days surfing and laying around on the beach all those years ago. The rough almost natural rock pools were the same as was the rip beside the rocks which I used to paddle out beyond the breakers.

060120 maroubra6
Natural Rock pools at South Maroubra.

I watched as other surfers used the same rip to their advantage.060120 maroubra1060120 maroubra1

The surf cub is much larger and a raised pathway now connects South Maroubra with Maroubra. The promenade has been extended with lighting and the surf club also extended. However any fond memories I had of Maroubra were shattered when I noticed all the stains on the promenade, pathways and steps.

060120 maroubra8
Maroubra Promenade

Across the street where all the food shops. They look untidy, old and uninviting. In fact the entire area was depressing. I loved this place. Now I no longer have any feelings for it.

The others arrived back at the carpark and we had a picnic lunch. They shared their adventures and I shared my disappointment in not being to go with them and the run down state of Maroubra.

C’est la gare.   Que Sera, Sera


Tuesday 7th January

Enid, Bev and I had a long day. We took the train to Central Station and walked to our Aunt Gwen’s flat at Redfern. We had morning tea with her, talked about the past, the present and as she is 96 her desire to reach 100.

And so say all of us!

Back at Central we decided to take the Light Rail or Tram to Wynyard station.   The light rail has been operating for three weeks. Given that it has to use the same roadway as buses and cars the trip was a little slow but it was quite comfortable and had regular information about destinations and links to other transport options.

Once at Wynyard I was gob smacked by the changes that have taken place and still taking place since I was there last century.

We followed the direction signs to Barrangaroo a new harbourside park giving fabulous views across the harbour and the Parramatta River.

Barrangaroo is a huge park which I believe was created in a deal between the state government and the developer of a new high rise shopping, accommodation and gambling precinct.

070120 barangaroo
Sydney Harbour Bridge from Barangaroo.

That said we could only see a small part of the park today as there are so many walking tracks and viewing locations.

070120 anzac bridge
Anzac Bridge at Pyrmont

We were a long way from a railway station and still had to finish our tourist walk.

070120 luna park
Tall Ship

I wanted to see Pier 1 which was once a mecca of restaurants and specialty shops.

070120 balmain
Darling Street Balmain.

Alas only one restaurant survives and it seems to be struggling.

070120 sydney harbour bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge from Pier 1 at Dawes Point.

The rest of the pier development is now yuppie apartments.

070120 car rock
Still Life sculpture.
070120 luna park1
Luna Park from Dawes Point.
070120 the rocks
Construction work at Walsh Bay behind Sydney’s The Rocks area. The area is also known as Millers Point or Dawes Point. In 2009 these terrace houses sold for around $1.4 million. Now estinmated to be worth around $4 million. They have stunning views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour.
070120 opera house
Sydney Opera Housde and Tall Ship from Dawes Point Battery.

We followed the road around the edge of The Rocks, under the Harbour Bridge and into the Rocks proper where we finally called a halt to walking while we stopped for lunch.

After lunch we visited the Museum of Contemporary Art and I had my first experience with a Mixed Gender toilets.

070120 Unisex_pictogram
User comments

For those who have not yet discovered these facilities, Men, Women, those who have decided they are another gender and those still in transition can be found in these toilets. In this facility there were several cubicles with doors but no urinals. However it was strange to say the least when you have left the cubicle to be washing your hands beside somebody who looked like a woman but may have been a male. Maybe she was a woman who is really a woman. Or a woman who is a woman but thinks she is a male or a woman who is undecided.

She probably wondered about me too.

From here we walked to Circular Quay Station and caught the train home.


Wednesday 8th January

Today I drove to Wollongong to meet up with long time friend Wayne M. Wayne has a new Mercedes A Class AMG Built A35 4Matic Turbo Hatchback. He wanted to put it through its capability by driving up Mt Kembla across to Mt Keira and back home and through to Albion Park Rail where we stopped for lunch at The Oks Hotel. The car is very sporty with uncomfortable suspension.

We stopped at Mt Kembla Moto Cross Track and watched practise for awhile.   Just as we were about to leave a 4WD towing a trailer with moto cross bikes on it came into the pit area. The driver was -1 asleep, 2 intoxicated, 3 driving too fast, 4 inexperienced or 5 all of the above. He slid over an embankment with the car finally resting on its side while the trailer was flat on the ground behind it.080120 mt kembla080120 mt kembla1

There was so much smoke haze in the sky that it was impossible to see the coastline below the lookout.

080120 mt keira
Wollongong is down there somewhere. Normally on a clear day the city and coastline would be clearly visible. This is the smoke haze from bushfires.

I was back at Gymea in time for dinner.


Thursday 9th January.

We are heading back to the Gold Coast.

Enid and I were on our way shortly after 8am and made good time through city traffic. We reached Heatherbrae on the outskirts of Newcastle as per my projected time line. We stopped for fuel and coffee.

We arrived at the bustling town of Laurieton in time for fish and chips. This is a busy tourist town well known for its fresh seafood from the local trawlers.

After lunch we drove to Camden Haven where we walked to Pebbly Beach and Enid continued on to Camden Head and Perpendicular Point.

090120 camden head
Pebbly Beach near Point Perpendicular at Camden Head.
090120 camden haven inlet1
Camden Haven breakwater inlet.
090120 camden haven inlet
Camden Haven Inlet.

We then travelled through North Haven to Bonney Hills, Rainbow Beach,

090120 rainbow beach2
Beach Staircase at Rainbow Beach near Lake Cathie.
090120 rainbow beach
Rainbow Beach
090120 rainbow beach1
Rainbow Beach. Earlier the top of Middle Brother mountain was invisible due to cloud cover plus smoke haze plus salt haze. The haze in this photo is from the salt in the air after many days of strong winds.

Lake Cathie,  Tacking Point Lighthouse

090120 tacking point lighthouse
Tacking Point Lighthouser at Port Macquarie. Built in 1879    and Lighthouse Beach at Port Macquarie.

090120 lighthouse beach
Lighthouse Beach staircase.
090120 lighthouse beach2
Lighthouse Beach Port Macquarie.
090120 lighthouse beach1
Lighthouse Beach. All along the NSW coast, salt haze mixed with smoke from the bushfires creates thick curtain obscuring the view. The haze also clings to houses, furniture and cars. It also feels sticky and gritty on the skin.

We stayed the night with friends Tony and Dawn. As always the hospitality is first class. Thank you Tony and Dawn.

090120 tacking point beach
The strong north easterly wind was trying to blow me off the hill at Tacking Point.
090120 tacking point beach1
Unnamed beach below Tacking Point Lighthouse. The track forms part of a rugged 8 kilometre walk along the cliffs and beaches to Port Macquarie.