605. Sunday 27th October 2019. Sunrise walks, exercise and pain…

Tuesday 22nd October

Up early this morning and went to The Broadwater for a brisk 3 Klm walk.221019 broadwater 1 What a glorious sunrise although any morning I can see a sunrise is glorious. 221019 broadwaterBack home I did my floor exercises to strengthen my back. 221019 broadwater2Did sit ups and push ups and some weights. I will have to buy heavier weight to start building up muscle again. My weight is still hovering around the 70 Kg mark and still irks me that I have lost weight but not where I want to lose weight. Actually I want to lose belly girth but it seems that might not happen. I will keep trying.221019 broadwater3

Friday 25th October

Up at 5am and down to The Broadwater for a walk and enjoy the sunrise.251019 broadwater2 I usually take a left turn at the park and walk to Lands End. 251019 brioadwater1Today I took a right turn and headed towards Loder Creek. 251019 broadwaterIt is about 3 Klms return walk. Afterwards it was floor exercises, sit ups, push ups and weights.251019 broadwater3

Saturday 26th October

It was a wonderful Spring day. I decided to do a little pruning. As I stepped into the garden and leaned forward over a large pot plant my back went grmmmp! The pain almost laid me out on the spot. I managed to get inside to rest but knew from past experience this was not going to go away in a hurry.

It has left me wondering about all the back strengthening exercises I do and how in just a moment and wrong choice of movement and all that work can be undone.

Friends Tony and Dawn arrived.

For several reasons, including my painful back I was not able to make dinner for us so we agreed to walk to the Japanese Restaurant, Kabachi Ya which is just outside my village front gate. As always, the welcome is genuine, the service is quick, the food is fresh and well prepared and the prices are reasonable. Sushi does not appear on the menu. The only drawback is the menu although written in English, does not explain what is in the dish. From past experience it seems they only serve beef, pork or chicken. No seafood. They do a number of vegetarian dishes and some noodle soup dishes based on bone broth or Miso broth. Sometimes you have to wait as we did tonight. It is worth waiting and judging by the number of Asian people who eat here we know it gets their tick of approval. It has an open style kitchen so you can see what is being prepared and cooked.

Sunday 27th October.

Woke with pain which in fact was with me all night. The pain really makes it difficult to do simple things like put on a pair of socks or my shoes.

Dawn wanted to do some shopping so Tony and I went people watching at Harbourtown while we waited. The new Harbourtown Food Court is bigger, brighter and busier than ever. The bonus here is that the eateries are all outside in fresh air with lovely garden and water features and it seems to appeal to lots of people. There is even a micro- brewery of craft beers called – Crafty’s Sports Bar which also include a small grill area.

Tonight we went back to Harbourtown for dinner. We did not get to try the fare at Crafty’s but settled for pasta which is a bit of a no no for me as I try to avoid carbs. We ate at Zingara’s Kitchen which was once called Fasta Pasta.

I really did not care where we ate or what we ate or when we ate. Pain does that to you.

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