604. Sunday 20th October 2019. Mainly Rock and Roll and weight loss…


Wednesday 16th October.

It was Rock and Roll lessons again tonight. It started out a bit of a disappointment, only in respect of numbers. There was Graham, Marie, Jenny and myself. Oh, of course Frank and Kay our instructors were there. It seems that trying to get some people involved is a bit like pulling teeth. It was good nonetheless as we did some revision, particularly in the dance I really wanted to learn, the Cowboy Cha Cha. But, I am getting a little ahead of myself. We were just going through a bit of revision and Jenny was doing her twirling, which she does well and I was making her twirl. Which I do well. Frank and Graham tell Jenny, no, no, no stop twirling so much while Kay looks on with a big smile knowing full well it is me making Jenny twirl. Then a person comes in the clubhouse door. This is about 7.15 at night. It is Betty. Betty is 99 in November. She loves dancing and listening to the music and came along to watch the lessons and maybe find something she can shuffle to. This lady does not act her age. She thinks she is a young 70. She explained her mind tells her to get up and dance, her body tries to disobey, she fears falling but she wants to watch and learn. Graham took her for a slow dance and to see the glow on her face was magic. Betty was one of the first people to put her name on the list of those who are coming.

Last weekend we had 17 names on the list of those coming to the dance. By tonight we have 39 names from our village and we understand another 44 people from various Rock and Roll groups on the Gold Coast have nominated.

Houston, we have lift off.

The dance is on.

The band, Route 66 is booked for Friday night.

Friday 18th October

This morning Graham, Frank W, Wayne, Marie and I gathered at the Clubhouse to set up the tables and decorate the hall for tonight.  Just to be sure we set up the tables to seat 83 people. Somebody always pulls out at the last moment. Also at the last moment a resident and visitor decide they want to come. It usually works itself out.

By 6pm almost half the people had arrived, an hour early. The band was setting up and everybody was jockeying for somewhere to sit with friends.

Soon the band was pouring out a rhythm and a beat. Toes were a tapping and dancers were, well…dancing. Thankfully, enough ladies asked me to dance to keep me on the dance floor and add a few more skills to my learning. Every partner is different especially as males are meant to lead and I have not yet developed that skill. That said, I did Ok and was even complimented by several people who were watching. It’s kind of exciting discovering that I am being watched. Stand out in my mind was THE DANCER, Marcia, who asked me to dance – twice. All the dancers say she is so full of energy and she exhausts them. I know the feeling as she does 3 steps to every one step taken by everybody else. I was exhausted too but there is no way I would have said so.

After the dance, several of us adjourned to Kay and Franks house for coffee. I was home and in bed by 12.30.

Saturday 19th October

I was awake at 5am and no way could I get back to sleep. I am sure sleep will catch up with me later.

Most mornings I do a brisk walk, three times around the village. After the walk I do my floor exercises to strengthen my back muscles and sit ups and push ups then a series of weights to do muscle toning on arms, shoulders and chest. All in all it is about an hours routine. My weight is hovering just a little over 70 Kg, not quite 71 Kg but getting to that final 70 Kg or, even better, 69 Kg is a bit of a challenge. I started my diet at 82 Kg so feel I have lost 12 Kg and when people comment I know the effort has been worthwhile.

Frank and Kay suggested I join them at Southport RSL for the Rock and Roll night there tonight. Would love to but… I am too tired, more’s the pity.

I have some great video footage of a dance last night but this blog page does not allow video. I have posted the video on my Facebook page.

Sunday 20th October.

Graham and Wencke asked me to join them for dinner at a Chinese Restaurant tonight. After trying on several pair of trousers and jeans I have taken a few pairs off the rack in the wardrobe. They keep sliding off. On checking the size labels I realise I have still been wearing  trouser of a larger size. How are they still in the wardrobe? No wonder I had trouble on Friday night, having to keep cinching my belt ever tighter to keep the trousers up.

It might be fun looking for a few new pairs of trousers and jeans.

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