603. Sunday 14th October 2019. A drive to Lennox Head and JOKER…

A quiet week.

Tuesday 9th October

A quiet gardening day. Actually it is still sorting pebbles day.

Tonight we had Rock and Roll lessons. There were only four of us tonight plus Frank and Kay giving the lessons. I asked if we could learn the Cowboy Cha- Cha as well as the refresher lessons. Despite a shortage of numbers it was a good night.

Thursday 10th October

I do not know how I have these bright ideas. Today was windy. A chilly strong wind from the south -west. Knowing it would be cool and blustery I chose to drive down the coast into NSW and visit…somewhere – anywhere. Preferably somewhere on the coast with surf. I originally thought Evans Head then recalled that is a 3 hour drive.

Naah. Too far.

Undecided I hit the M1 and was doing the speed limit as I passed the Byron Bay turnoff when an idea came along. Lennox Head with good views, good surf good places to eat.

101019 lennox1
Lennox Head
101019 lennox
Lennox Head

I rolled into Lennox and my clock said midday but NSW is on Daylight Saving Time so it was 1pm. I did not realise that until later, much later.

101019 lennox2
Bench seat at Lennox Head.
101019 lennox3
Symbols of love.

The surf was pumping and so was the wind. I took a walk over the headland and tried to take photos but the wind was too strong, making the camera shake.101019 lennox5 101019 lennox4I drove to Boulder Beach where the surf had been whipped into a brownish foam sitting on top of the water.

101019 lennox6
Lennox Head seen from Boulder Beach.
101019 boulder5
Boulder Beach
101019 boulder6
Pandanus on grassy knoll at Boulder Beach.

Then finally back into Lennox for some fish and chips at Fishy Fishy.

101019 boulder1
Skennars Head. Note the people having a picnic on the grassy knoll.

101019 boulder

101019 boulder4
Skennars Head

101019 boulder3101019 boulder2

Then drove the road back through Byron Bay and onto the M1, noting the town of Billinudgel to pay a return visit in the future. I turned off the M1 onto the coastal road to visit Pottsville, Hastings Point, Cabarita Beach and on to Kingscliffe for a drink at the bowling club right on the beach. It was here I realised I was in the wrong time zone. My car clock was telling me 5pm but it was really 6pm. That explained the crowds of people at the club.

Oops time to get on the road so I could be home in time to play table tennis.

Friday 11th October

A bit of gardening in the morning.

In the afternoon I saw the movie JOKER. This is a psychological thriller and I do mean psychological. Be prepared to have your mind played with. The actor Joaquim Phoenix will undoubtably be nominated for an Academy Award.


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