599. Sunday 15th September 2019. Working with pebbles, Swell Festival, sunrise, Mt Tamborine and 8 Street….,


Monday 9th September

It seems every day I put in at least an hour working with the huge amount of pebbles I dug out of the backyard last week. I put a bucketful through a sieve and end up with a small pile of larger pebbles, a large pile of smaller pebbles and a sand soil mixture which I have picked over to remove the old weeds and plant material. I suspect the pebble originally were a low grade mix, probably taken from a beach, unsorted and unwashed as there seems to be a large number of small seashells in the smaller pebbles. I have also found a couple of sinkers, bits of fishing lines, a hook and a swivel on fishing line. I suppose there is no rush and I can take my time. In fact although my back hurts I find the routine somewhat mentally soothing. What is a mental challenge though is the fact that an equal amount of pebbles and pavers still has to be dug up and the ground levelled so I can put down more carpet grass.

Wednesday 11th September

Today I caught the bus to Southport. I used my Event Theatres card to buy a ticket to see the movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. It is the ninth quirky movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. It lived up to the quirky theme you associate with such a director and the two leads, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt really give the impression of good buddies. Australian actress Margot Robbie played the part of Sharon Tait and although the story line had her as a side plot it all melded together well. The movie is about 3 hours and the first 2 hours is building the story line, slowly, ever so slowly until finally it all comes together in a dramatic fashion. Despite the length and the slow build up, I enjoyed the movie and the realistic depiction of Hollywood life in the 60’s.

Friday (ooh its scary) 13th September

Took i30 for a 75,000 Klm service this morning.

Next was morning coffee at the art group and to show a few photos.

I walked to Harbourtown to talk with Telstra about the new phone plan. My Samsung Galaxy A3 is not going to be powerful enough to be used as a Hot Spot and the battery is quickly wearing out. Yesterday I purchased a Samsung Galaxy A30 and charged it as soon as I came home. I took it off charge at 10pm last night and at 1pm today was still at 100% even after updates and transferring data etc. The A3 on the other hand was taken off charge at 7am and was 100%. At 1pm battery was down to 28% so it confirms that the battery would not last and the power of the A3 would not be sufficient. However I will still need a couple more days before the system is all in place and my old number – SIM Card – is installed in the new phone. I have to shut down the old account first and transfer that to my name. It all takes time. Telstra have been helpful.

Saturday 14th September

My intention was to be at Currumbin Beach to see the sunrise and photograph the sculptures with the dawn as a backdrop and to avoid the crowds. Within half a Klm of leaving home I saw the sun just above the horizon, glowing as a big red fiery ball. I suppose the dust in the atmosphere from the dust storm last week and the smoke from the bushfires helped give it that extra glow.

140918 tower
Not a piece of artwork but it siuts among the sculptures and pretends.
140919 washed out
This piece is called Washed Out and seems to be made of laundry baskets. It also seems to be the shape of a human brain so I instantly recognised it as such and know the turmoil of being washed out.
140919 nude
Two sides of the one piece, called The Nude. It is lit as a neon piece at night and I am sure it would be wonderful to see in the dark. In the day it does not have the same impact.

140919 nude1

I arrived at Currumbin Beach and was lucky enough to get a parking spot although even at 6.30 am it was getting full.

140919 sunny one day perfect the next
This piece is called Suny One Day, Perfect the Next. Yes, I get it and understandit and can relate to it especially where it is located on the beach where the real life buildings it portrays are in the background. I wonder how it would look in a gallery or public sopace without the imposing built in inspiration.
140919 tide
This piece is called Tide. I am sure there must be a story behind it. I see an open door and in this case the sea is reflected and seen as if through an open door. What I do not understand is why the door is on a slant.

The crowds were already here, oohing and aahing around each piece of sculpture instead of standing back and admiring.

140919 barcode
This is a collaborative work by three artists. I spoke with one of them. The piece is called Barcode hence the numbers on some panels. One of the artists was inspired by the black door at 10 Dowling Street.
140919 the host
This is called The Host. Why? It could be a large mouse, or rat or a kangaroo. Once again I am sure the artist had a reason to name it the way it was.
140919 hand in the sand
Called Hand in the Sand. What you see is what you get. Get it?

The pieces are arranged along the beach from Currumbin Alley Rock to Elephant Rock and along the park behind the beach.

140919 little tree frog
Called Little Tree Frog. Yep. A bit angular perhaops but recognisably a tree frog.
140919 sea spirit
This is called Sea Spirit. Hmmm! You need to make up your own mind.
140919 migration
This piece is called Migration and the artist hails from Canada. Instantly, when I saw it, before reading the information, it put me in mind of the Sand Cranes, common in USA and Canada.
140919 currumbin
Great early morning wave at Currumbin Beach.

As usual there are about 50 entries and although many are from Queensland there are entries from around the world, including one from Iran.

140919 big fish
The imagination of the artists knows no bounds when it comes to being creative and making a piece of art. For some reason the creative juices are turned off when it comes to creating a name. This is called Big Fish.
140919 angler fish
This little beauty was a hit with the kids. You can turn a crank handle outside the fence and the mouth will open and close and a deep throated growl would rumble through the mouth. Looks like this one needs to see a dentist. It looks like an Angler Fish from the deepest darkest part of the ocean. The little bait dangling over the head, lights up at night.

This is a family friendly festival and even at this early hour there were lots of families on the beach and as I discovered mid-morning at all the little coffee shops having a late breakfast.

140919 wesley
This piece is called Wesley. Wesley the Whale? It’s a bit rough but art is in the mind of the artist and those that can see what he saw…OR… they see what they think he saw.
140919 village bike
This collection uis called Village Bike. Yeah, I get that.
140919 tribesman
I photographed this several weeks ago at the Helensvale Library. Unfiortunately I was there just after sunrise so the sun puts the face in shadow. Despite that, you can still see the life in those eyes.

All places selling coffee and food were packed.

140919 balcony
Across the street was a piece of work from a past Swell Festival. It was in a prominent position on a balcony overlooking the park and beach. It is a sort of Venus de Milo meets surfing culture.
140919 mothers wisdom
Mothers Wisdom. I guess it is all about sharing a cup of tea, having a chat and disussing your problems and your world with your mum? Perhaps!
140919 bower
Unfortunately the rising sun puts this, Bower, in shade. To me it looks like an eagle rather than a bower bird.
140919 look again
This piece is called Look Again. I did. On this side it looks like a Piuth Helmet. The other side is much the same. On tghis side there is a eyepiece to look into. On th other side there are about a dozen keyholes to look into. Nothing to see.
140919 concrete fish
For reasons best known to the artist, this is called, Cobncrete Fish. Really?

I took 331 photos in 3 hours. Amazing! Now have to narrow my choices down to about 20 preferred images for final editing.

140919 fiat
What is this all about? I am sure it has a name and a significance.

140919 fantasy

140919 different ape same stick
This is called Different Ape, Same Stick. I instantly thought of North Korea. It is a missile mounted on a crossbow. Sort of a modern destructive weapon mounted on a archaic destructive weapon.

Later I wandered into Currumbin RSL for an early lunch. This gem of a place is situated on  Currumbin Creek between the M1 Motorway Bridge and Thrower St bridge and surrounded by a ring of trees which hides it from view. The views across the creek from The Deck Creekside are stunning. Hmmm. Maybe I should have joined here instead of Surfers RSL.

Sunday 15th September

I really wanted a photo of the sunrise yesterday.

150919 broadwater 1
The tide has washed the beach clean and removed yesterday’s foot prints. Readty for a new day of walkers and runners and dohs and children playing and digging.

150919 bench seat

For some reason I woke at 4am this morning and went to The Broadwater and waited for the sun to make its bold, colourful journey out of the sea.

150919 trees
All along the Broadwater especially at Labrador are these Norfolk Island Pines. I was waiting for the sunrise when they caught my eye.

150919 lone tree150919 broadwater4150919 broadwater3150919 broadwater

I was not disappointed.150919 broadwater 2

150919 sunrise
Drum Roll. Let the SUNRISE begin.
150919 sunrise1
Slowly, steadily it creeps above the treeline, showing a flaming ball made more “red” by the dust and smoke in the sky.
150919 sunrise2
It almost looks like a planet.

150919 sunrise6150919 sunrise5150919 sunrise4150919 sunrise3

150919 sunrise7

I spent some time sorting pebbles and for a few hours went to the St Bernards Hotel at Mt Tamborine and listened to a Jazz Band called Galapagos Duck. I recall seeing this band many years ago when they performed in Wollongong. Two of the original members are still playing and they are now based on the Gold Coast. I had a cold beer and as the afternoon wore on it got colder. It was so cold I was shivering.

Time to go home.

As a treat I went to the Harbourtown Outlet Shopping Centre and had wonton soup at 8 Street.   http://www.8street.com.au/  which is like an Asian street food locale. eight8 Street is an Asian hawkers market style street food precinct combined with a beer garden. 8 Street is designed with traditional Asian architecture in mind, the stalls feature wooden fixtures and fittings and allow shoppers to see their food being made to order in front of them.

eight 1
This looks like a street food scene from somewhere in Asia. Nope. It is right here on the Gold Coast.

In true Hawker market style, 8 Street stalls are compact and provide takeaway food as well as dine-in options. 8 Street beer garden offers a large range of Asian and international beer, cider, Japanese sake, Korean saju, and Australian local wine.

The many choices of street food and simple bench seats and you really feel you are in a street in Vietnam, or Malaysia etc. I had a bowl of soup which had a dozen wontons but also included another 6 steamed dumplings. It cost $12.90 and very filling.

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