598. Sunday 8th September 2019. A new back yard, Rugby League, bushfire destroys Binna Burra and a birthday…

Monday 2nd September

Work continued in the backyard, digging up pebbles, roughly levelling and creating an edge to keep pebbles off the carpet grass. I laid down a sand base to finish the levelling.

Tuesday 3rd September.

Drove to Australia Fair to watch a movie. The session I wanted to  attend was Gold Class only and the ticket price was $25 instead of the usual $12.50. I chose to come home.

I laid the first 3 metre section of carpet grass and partially pegged it to the ground and replaced a couple of the stepping tiles.

Wednesday 4th September

The weather has been a lot like summer and no rain in sight. Woke to a smokey smell and a smoke haze across the creek. I went for a walk along the Broadwater to Lands End. Then it was back to work in the back yard, preparing the ground for the next lot of carpet grass.  I must have 20 bucketloads of pebbles. Now that I see the pebbles up close it seems there is a mix of reasonable size pebbles mixed with a sort of smaller sixed pebble and small gravel. Yuk. I am going to have a hard time sorting good size pebbles from smaller rubbish and the soil which is mixed in.

The smoke haze is from bush fires in the valleys of the hinterland a few Klms to our west.

Thursday 5th September – Happy Birthday to me.

With nothing planned I drove to Surfers Paradise and took a new route. I am not sure if it was any shorter or quicker but found myself on Chevron Island. It was coffee time so I stopped for a coffee and banana bread. I had a walk around the shopping centre and realised it is a pretty self- contained residential area with a good variety of shops. All of this is shadowed by the high rise just across the bridge.

I knew that parking would be a problem in Surfers so left the car at the coffee shop and walked to Surfers, along the beach and then back to Cavill Avenue where I rubber necked at all the shops and tourists and street people. I walked into an arcade and saw a sign saying Surfers Paradise RSL Club and renovations almost complete, come on in a have a look. So I did . Umm no you cannot come in as you live within 15 Klms and you must be a member or member of any other club or a visitor from outside the 15 Klm radius. Oh Ok then. But, they said, you can join for three years for $2. So I joined. Beer is discounted for members as are meals in the dining room.

050919 rsl
View from Surfers Paradise RSL balcony.

There is a nice little park and cenotaph just outside the club and a memorial to a dog called “MATEY” who greeted visitors to the beach for many years.

050919 dog
MATEY the dog memorial.

I have not been a member of a club for many years and had been thinking I should join an RSL so this was an ideal opportunity. Talking with a neighbiour who was President of the Southport RSL Club for 13 years he commented their fees are $6.50 per annunm so $2 for three years is a bargain.

In the afternoon I continued working in my backyard.050919 backyard

Tonight, friends Deb and Wayne invited me for dinner before Deb and I went to table tennis.

Friday 6th September

A bit of work in the back yard then I attended the Art Group for a coffee, display some photos and a chat. It is always fun.

Then back to the yard and finally rolled out the second three metres. Again I have roughly pegged it in place. Put down a couple of concrete pavers and started sorting and washing the pebbles. OMG this is going to be a mammoth job. I suppose the easiest way is to just select the best pebbles one by one by one.

Tonight on the news it was announced that several fires in the hinterland are out of control and with the forecast strong westerly winds, high daytime temperatures and no rain in sight, Catastrophic Fire Conditions are forecast for the next few days.

I did not win Powerball last night.


Saturday 7th September.

I spent most of the day sieving through the bucket loads of gravel. I have ended up with three piles of medium to acceptable pebbles, smaller pebbles better suited to being called gravel and a third pile of dusty soil. Looking around at the 6 milk crates lined with garbage bags all filled with gravel/pebbles, I see a lot of work ahead which will keep me off the streets in the coming days and weeks.

Tonight I went with friends Frank and Kay and Ken and Glennis to the Woongoolba Hall monthly dance. The hall is located in the middle of a sugar cane field which itself is surrounded by sugar cane all of them located between the M1 and the small coastal community of Jacobs Well about 45 Klms from home. In other words in the middle of nowhere. Luckily most of Frank and Kay’s Rock and Roll Group attended along with two other dance groups. Most of the locals who would normally attend were at the final night of the Beenleigh Show. The band, “Bittersweet”, was really a husband and wife duo with a good repertoire of songs. So the night went with some Waltzes, Gypsy Tap, Line Dancing, Rock and Roll and a mix of whatever you wanted to do. The last song was the Hokey Pokey. Even if you cannot dance you can do the Hokey Pokey.

The hall committee also put on a lavish supper of all the foods I normally do not eat in my diet. However not having eaten dinner I had a couple of small helpings and gasp shock horror, two beers during the night. I also had a cup of tea but the tank water did not have a pleasant taste. Yuk.

It was a fun night, something different and gave me a chance to learn more about the R&R group and the people and their dance abilities. As has been the case, every time I go to one of these events I am in awe of the dancing talent. They make it look so easy.

My parents were very good ballroom dancers and my aunt was a dance instructor so I guess somewhere in my genes there is a gene crying out to be let loose. Perhaps that’s why I found myself quick stepping back to the table after a dance.

I had a good night and was pleased I had friends to share it with.

Sunday 8th September

I did a little sieving and sorting of pebbles in the morning then headed off to Browns Plains in Brisbane.

Yesterday and overnight the fire got much worse and about 11 properties were destroyed in the Binna Burra, Beechmont, Saraba and Springwood areas. The original wonderful Heritage Listed Binna Burra Lodge Resort, built in 1933 was totally destroyed.

For the last time this season I went to watch Chris play in a Rugby League Grand Final at Browns Plains. Chris had his own cheer squad of parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts to cheer him on. Sadly the team lost, by an uncomfortable margin. I decided not to take the camera so you not be subjected to endless photos of Chris on the leagues ground.

After the game we went to The Glen, an overpriced hotel at Eight Miles Plains.

The Rugby League season is over.

Unless Chris gets chosen for an under 16’s representative side.

That is a real possibility.

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