597. Sunday 1st September 2019. Fathers Day.Drive to the airport, phone plans, Audiologist, Dentist, Fathers Day and Rugby League…

Monday 26th August.

Up just before daybreak and on our way to the airport. Donnis flight to Melbourne left on time at 8.40.

Nuff said. Stay tuned.

From the airport I went to Robina Shopping Town. Of course I was there early. They had not opened any of the stores yet. Except a few coffee shops were serving staff on their way to work. Also a few early morning regulars were there for their cosmopolitan brew. Me? I would prefer a coffee in some place as close to the sea as possible. Not tucked away inside a shopping centre.

Finally the shops began to open. I had wandered around the shops for almost an hour. I was here at the Samsung Shop to ask if my Galaxy A3 is capable of maintaining good strong signal as a Hot Spot device. I am considering getting rid of our landline (which we never use) which has a modem attached. I want to increase my mobile data allowance and use the phone continually. Yes the man said my phone is powerful enough although the A20, A30 or A50 may be more suited. The A3 may suffer occasional dropouts. Hmmm! He also mentioned that the NBN may be a better proposition when it arrives. Neither my phone nor the other A series phones are suitable to 5G and the Samsung 5G device would cost over $2,000.

This needs a bit more thought.

In the afternoon I had an appointment with an Audiologist. All good. Hearing graph is almost identical to last year. They tried to promote the idea of buying a new hearing aid. I knocked that idea on the head as I rarely remember to wear the hearing aid I have now so spending another one or two thousand dollars to upgrade to a new model which I will forget to use makes no sense to me. She did point out that my hearing aid is 5 years old and they usually have a life of around 8 years before parts are no longer available. So theoretically I have another 3 years before I need to worry about upgrading by which time there will be more options.

Tuesday 27th August

Dental appointment today. Instead of driving I caught the bus. The Griffith University Dental Hospital provided me with an access code to the car park. Usually it is full unless you have an early or a late appointment. It was easier to bus it. It also gave me an opportunity to walk around some of the University campus grounds and as it was midday I got to see all the eating places feeding the masses. The huge library was also very busy as were tables and chairs and patches of grass where students etc were eating or reading. Or both.

The check-up showed I am all good for another year although my teeth were given a clean and a dose of fluoride.

I have a tale of woe today. I bought groceries at Coles and used the self -serve checkout and got $20 cashback. I left without picking up the $20. Oh woe is me.

Wednesday 28th August

Line dancing in the morning and indoor carpet bowls in the evening.

I also visited Telstra to discuss phone plans and came away without any clear choice. Basically if I keep the home phone, mobile phone and modem and it will cost about $100 a month. Or switch to increasing the data plan on the mobile and use the phone as a hot spot for the computer. With about 60 Gb of data it would cost $60. The downside is battery drain and tying up the phone when updates are done. I need to determine how much data I use per month now. That is not so easy to do when two of us have shared WiFi on the modem plus I use the PC regularly.

Thursday 29th August

I spent a casual couple of hours going through the linen cupboard selecting towels, tea towels, hand towels, serviettes and table cloths which are most likely to be used. The rest I have packed away in a plastic box. Now at last I can find what I am looking for – at least on two shelves. I will tackle the other two shelves of blankets and sheets on another day.

Friday 30th August

Swept the tiled floors in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry. I followed up with the steam mop.

Earlier this week I ordered some Photo Blocks from KMart. I collected them today. They can be displayed as a stand alone on top of a shelf or wall unit or hung on a wall. They come in various sizes so I chose a 13mm x 18mm size. I think they look quite good.

Here are the three photo blocks and my biggest problem was…do I display as a stand alone on a shelf or hung on the wall. At present they are on the wall

Saturday 31st August

I have a little backyard, about 1.5m wide by 9 metres long. Currently there are concrete stepping blocks surrounded by pebbles. Weeds grow in the pebbles and I am sick of weeding and SWMBO will not permit me to use poison although that will no longer be the case. I started the laborious job of pulling up the stepping stones and digging out the pebbles. The depth of pebbles was deeper than anticipated so I have a job every day over the next week as my back does not appreciate the work. Once it is all dug out I will lay down a bed of sand then cover it with carpet grass.  The concrete pavers will be placed back on top of the carpet grass. – Maybe – Along the 500mm edge I will lay down an even deeper pebble garden but put down plastic matting first. Perhaps even plant some nice flowers.

Sunday 1st September –  Fathers Day

I was awake a 5 am. What to do? Ait was a cold morning so I rugged up and drove to The Broadwater for a 3 Klm walk. On the return leg I was warm enough to start shedding clothes. As always walking or riding along this path the scenery is something special. I never tire or it, any time of day and even at night the lights across the bay and of all the boats moored here and the high rise of Southport, Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach with their brilliant lights reflecting on the water is always enticing.

010919 broadwater
The Broadwater. Photo taken with my mobile phone. It would be a whole lot clearer with the camera.

So, what does a father do on Fathers Day? Why, he gets down on his hands and knees and digs up pebbles for an hour until the back protests too much.

After my mid – morning cup of coffee, I drove to Browns Plains an outer suburb of Brisbane to watch Chris play Rugby League. His team won 38/6010919 chris2 and Chris scored two tries. His Dad Peter had offered him $50 per try.

010919+ chris1
Chris uin the process of passing the ball while being tackled. Chris has been selected with 22 other boys, Under 16, to be chosen for a team as opening round for a Phillipines verus Italy event in Sydney in October this year. Chris is number three on the list and after his two try performance today should be in the final 17.
010919 chris
Go Chjris. Try number two coming up.

Next week – Grand Final.

In the afternoon it was time to put in another hour digging up pebbles and weeding.

.I also contacted Telstra and asked for my data usage over the last 3 months. Including constant downloads by Donnis and my photo uploads we have never exceeded 30Gb. Telstra were able to say that over the last 12 months we have never exceeded 30Gb. (Even with doing regular updates on the PC, laptop and two phones. Changing the phone plan to just one single mobile with 60Gb seems like a better idea the more I think about it.

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