595. Sunday 18th August 2019.Caesar Salads, a walk along the beach and jet ski’s…

Friday 16th August

It has been a quiet week. Just doing stuff at home that needs to be done. Weeding is one of them but half an hour of weeding leads to an all- day pain in the back. Every day I weed a little and feel pain a lot.

Lighting is another job. The spare toilet room, the main bathroom and our front steps all have LED battery powered movement activated lights. All three rely upon a double sided tape, supplied by the manufacturer, to hold them to a wall or bench or under stairs. All three tapes just gave up and the light just keeps falling down. Grrr!

Solution? I ordered some super gel, super stick Nano tape which should arrive Monday. If it performs half as good as the ads claim it will be fine with me.

The toilet seat in the spare toilet room has a soft close feature and it has never soft closed. It is one of the few Aldi products I have bought which has not performed as it should. As well the very fine thin metal slot which holds the bolt which attaches it to the toilet bowl has bent and as well as not soft closing the seat slides around. Enough is enough! I took measurements and called on a plumbing specialist at Bunnings. I was soon home fitting the toilet seat, Wooee! What a difference that made. The toilet seat closes softly and it does not slide around on the fitting.

Saturday 17th August

It is grandson Chris 15th birthday today. Mum Regelyn organised a lunch at the Carindale Hotel which is part of the mega Carindale Shopping Centre at umm err, Carindale. It was an hours drive from home, but first we had to buy a birthday card and then buy fuel. It seems my favourite United Service Station has fuel at least 20 cents cheaper than anywhere else nearby. We had to queue with about 50 other cars to get fuel then as we neared roadworks on the M1 near Rochdale traffic slowed to a walking pace. Finally we reached Carindale and like all the other cars lined up in front of us we went looking for a parking spot. We were almost 45 minutes late by the time we arrived. Whew! This is not a typical pub with pub food  prices. Pete and Chris had a steak each of which was $35. Donnis and I had a Caesar Salad which did not have anchovies – which it should – so it was a bit of a mild salad, not as good as I make at home. Each salad cost us $12.

170819 dcp
Birthday boy Chris with grandma and dad Peter.

170819 dfc

Chris plays a Rugby League semi- final tomorrow.

Sunday 18th August

As usual, Sunday dawned fine and sunny and stayed that way all day. I could not find a cloud in the sky.

180819 phillip park entrance
Entrance to main beach at Phillip Park near Sea World.

It was warm (hot) in the sun but a cool breeze was blowing off the ocean.

180819 main beach
Main Beach north looking to the Sand Pumping Jetty.

We went for a walk along Main Beach

180819 main beach1
Main Beach looking south.

180819 main beach2

and found a team of Lifesavers undergoing jet ski in surf training. It was fun to watch them punching their way through breaking waves.180819 jet ski1180819 jet ski2180819 jet ski180819 jet ski3180819 jet ski4180819 jet ski5180819 jet ski6180819 jet ski7

There were more people walking the beach today and all car parks were near enough to full capacity.

180819 sailing
Sailboat racing.

After our walk we drove to Mondarewa Beach to watch the boats coming and going on The Broadwater. We had a picnic lunch on a beach blanket and in general just relaxed in a fabulous setting. We have so many family friendly beaches and parks to choose from and it seem the entire population of the Gold Coast were also out enjoying themselves.

180819 aquaduck
The Aquaduck takes passengers along regular Gold Coast streets then plunges into The Broadwater. I did a similar trip at 1770 some years ago and I confess the first time the duck goes into the water you feewl it will sink and your heart begins to race.

180819 aquaduck1180819 aquaduck2

Yesterday we had a Caesar Salad (seniors menu) at the Carindale Hotel. Tonight we prepared a huge Caesar Salad which included anchovies – as it should. The serving size would have been double what we had for lunch yesterday. I estimate the cost for two huge servings would be $6. We had a much tastier, fresher meal prepared at home. That is probably why we do not eat out all that often.

BTW Chris team won their Semi-Final match 20-18.

180819 seaworld
Looking at Surfers Paradise in the distnace with Sea World on the right.

180819 seaworld1

2 thoughts on “595. Sunday 18th August 2019.Caesar Salads, a walk along the beach and jet ski’s…

  1. Frank (for example 🙂 IMHO if you can’t cook better than most so called restaurants and eateries then you probably couldn’t even boil an egg 🙂 I got up our local club and told them the so called chef should stick to his daytime job as a brickies labourer. Also the recently reopened Boat Shed can’t even cook BnE breakfast. Ah well, yes I like cooking and some say I’m not too bad at it :))


    1. You know I am a dab hand at the fine culinary art also. Even simple recipes like boiling an egg is different for different people. Cooking a steak is not so simple when your target diners want, rare, medium rare, medium and boot leather. I usually just prefer to eat at home as it is my choice of fresh ingredients and cooked my way to suit me. BTW have you ever tried a Brussel Sprout Omelette? Yum. It is one of my favourites.


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