687. Friday 13th July 2019. Ooooh. Friday 13th. All Good. More criss crossing the Pioneer Valley and Sunset Bay sunsets…

120719 whitsunday passage1

Once again due to the sheer volume of photos this week is spread over three posts another will follow asap when I finish editing photos.

120719 whitsunday passage

Thursday 11th July

This morning I went for a walk to the Rosewood Drive Reserve – Constructed Wetlands – a partially man made water reserve with walking trails around and through the wetlands and all the honking, chittering, whistling, quacking birds including a family of black swans.

110719 wetlands2
Another park bench with a view.

This reserve was made by the developers of Plantation Palms along with assistance from Mackay Regional Council.

110719 wetlands
Park bench view of the wetlands.

It was land owned by the developer which was simply unsuitable for housing and too expensive/declined by council, to fill it. It therefore remains wetlands which drain into McCready’s Creek which itself empties into Slade Bay and is bounded by Blacks Beach on one side and Slade Point on the other.

110719 wetlands1
A picture paints a thousand words.
110719 windmill
Windmill at Plantation Palms.

In the afternoon I continued with my re-exploring Mackay and finding places I have not been to, took no notice of or finding for a second time. Today I followed the Pioneer River from Glenella through Foulden, Erakala, Dumbleton, to Conningsby and return via the same route. Most of those places are place names on a map although generally there are small clusters of houses, small hobby farms and or large sugar cane farms.120719 sunset8

First stop was Dumbleton Rocks Weir on the Pioneer River.

110719 dumbleton weir
This is Dumbleton Rocks Weir and it is easy to see how it got its name. Avid fishermen (sometimes you could call them rabid) have to hike across canefields and down a steep heavily vegetated, snake infested bank to reach the rocks on the other side. It seems that is where all the best Barramundi fishing can be had.

The Pioneer River has four storage dams along its meandering route with Dumbleton being the last before some tidal influence begins to turn the water salty. Most of Mackay’s water supply comes from here where it is pumped to the treatment plant at West Mackay and from there pumped to 29 Reservoirs around the city.

My main reason for travelling this route is to seek out unusual homes and or abandoned farms, sheds or houses. I followed the Yaraju – Yakapari Road as far as the Nebia – Conningsby Road and then as far as the Bruce Highway before backtracking to see what I missed on my first run.

110719 conningsby
Abandoned house at Conningsby.

I found what I was looking for and made a mental note to remember some of the back roads as a shortcut to elsewhere further up the Pioneer Valley.

110719 dumbleton
Abandoned house at Dumbleton.

110719 dumbleton1 framed

110719 dumbleton2
Same house in closeup.

In the evening I had dinner with my sister Enid at her daughter Kelly’s house. Her two young active boys, Cooper and Ollie were there. They are fun boys and love to explore, play and ask questions.120719 sunset7

120719 bucasia
Sunset over Sunset Bay looking to Bucasia.

Friday 12th July.120719 sunset6

In the morning I spent time with daughter Averyl and granddaughter Shelby.120719 sunset5

Late in the afternoon I drove to Dolphin Heads which looks across Sunset Bay to Eimeo, Bucasia, Shoal Point, Little Green Island and the beginning of the Whitsunday Passage where at least a dozen of the 73 Whitsunday Islands can be seen.120719 sunset4120719 bucasia1

Once upon a time, Brampton Island was the jewel in the crown at the bottom end of the islands and a cruise boat (as well as flights) took day visitors and guests to and from the island. The island was well known for its entertainment, accomodation, food, great walking tracks, isolated beaches, fabulous snorkelling, one of the best fringing reefs accessible from the beach, legendary fishing, fabulous view and a small golf course. Now it is closed and although a resident caretaker carries out some basic maintenance it is doubtful it will ever become a resort again. At least with the current facilities.120719 sunset2120719 sunset1120719 bucasia2

However my reason for coming here was to take Sunset photos across Sunset Bay.120719 sunset2 framed

Mission accomplished.120719 sunset

120719 st bees isl
St Bess and Keswick Islands seen from Dolphin Heads.
120719 moon
Trying to take a hand held photo of the moon while on full zoom needs a monumental effort to hold the camera steady.
120719 little green isl
Shoal Point, Little Green Island and the beginning of the Whitsunday Passage Islands.
120719 kookaburra
A Kookaburra kept an eye on me while I took 70 photos.

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