Day: June 17, 2019

682. Sunday 16th June 2019.Acupuncture, diet, weight loss and keeping busy…

Tuesday 11th June

I took Donnis to Robina for Acupuncture and Osteopath treatment on her knee. I took the opportunity to go to the nearby Robina Town Centre and take my phone to the Samsung kiosk for a check -up. A clean out of the cache and all done.

I wandered the food court and decided on a Vietnamese chicken salad. It is low in carbs and quite tasty. It was also cheaper than buying a Macca’s or KFC meal. It also included a drink.

Friday 14th June

We made our second trip to Robina this week. Donnis has her acupuncture treatment there while I go to the Shopping Mall to watch all the sheep being rounded up at the Apple store.

I think a couple of words about my diet are in order. I am on a reduced carbohydrate intake. That means bread, pasta, rice, cakes, biscuits, potato, baked beans, lentils, chick peas and a host of other products are almost totally ruled out. The body needs some carbs so I will have a treat from time to time but my favourite Rye Sourdough is no longer eaten. Sigh! No potato, no baked beans on rye sourdough toast. If we make a curry it is eaten without rice. I also try to play table tennis several times a week along with walks and cycling. The result is I have now lost a bit more than 5 Kgs which should be 6 Kg by the time I post this. I tried on some trousers and some of those which were impossible to do up buttons etc I can now wear. A few more pairs will require a bit more weight and girth loss. My target is to reach 72Kg. My research reveals hundreds of diets, most of them fads. There are names like Keto, Paleo, Pritikin, Atkins, Israeli Army, Potato and many many more. I discovered the diet I use from my own choices is probably closest to the Keto diet. It is working for me.

Saturday 15th June

We have been wanting to Gerni the house for some months. Today Jupiter was aligned with Mars and the Moon was in the seventh house. We Gernied the outside of the house including all the awnings. I used Sugar Soap in the initial clean and followed up with a spray rinse. After it was all washed down, I packed away the equipment, Donnis finished off by washing the windows inside.

Sigh! Now I have to plan on doing the roof!

Sunday 16th June

For some reason best known by the Universe we both woke before 5am. Try as we might, getting back to sleep eluded us. Instead we drove to The Broadwater at Labrador and went for a walk along the Esplanade in the dark. Even at that time of day there are walkers, joggers, cyclists and this morning one lone in-line skater. Although it was dark the first rosy tint on the horizonal clouds gave notice that sunrise was not far away. The boats moored on the water looked as though they were anchored on a dark mirror. It is so calm and peaceful at this time of day. Just the smell of salt in the air and deep breaths as we walked and the sight of those boats is enough invigoration to get anybody ready to face a new day. Well some of us can face a new day. At least one of us went back to bed!

Mid morning we drove to Rochdale in  Brisbane to watch grandson Chris play in a Rugby League match. Chris has joined a new team this year as his old team just could not cater to his skill level so he has gone up a grade. His team won 46 to 12.

That was our week. A little quiet but when you consider all the other activities we both do, we are always busy. I have my role as treasurer for our Social Committee and as Administrator for two Facebook Photo Groups. Monday and Thursday night we play table tennis and any other day or night we can arrange. Tuesday night Rock and Roll lessons, Wednesday morning is line dancing and Wednesday night is indoor bowls. When the mood overcomes me I can play lawn bowls 4 days a week plus walks and bike rides and art group on Friday. Donnis also has a craft group on Monday morning, a ladies support group Tuesday afternoon and another craft group on Thursday mornings.

See you next week.