681. Sunday9th June 2019. A slow week finishing with Cooly Rocks On…


Wednesday 5th June

Today was Line Dancing and we practised a new routine to a new song. Not only is this a lot of fun but is good exercise as well.

Thursday 6th June

Graham arrived at 9.30 and said, “let’s get the CCTV installed.” We spent the best part of 7 hours drilling a hole through the floor to run the cables. While Graham ran the cables behind an underfloor timber panel I started to install the cameras in the chosen places. The camera’s and power leads were connected to the DVR which was connected to a monitor and by Ethernet cable to the Modem. Power on and we have a picture on all four camera’s. Recording and playback all work as intended.

Friday 7th June

Today I set up a remote viewing App on my Smart Phone so I can access the CCTV anywhere.

Saturday 8th June.

More tech stuff today. Firstly I want to thank Mr Val for helping me through the process. I think I was able to help him learn more about his own CCTV setup.

We often watch movies from the Internet. We use a device called Google Chromecast to cast the movie from our laptop or desktop to our TV. It has worked wonderfully for the last 4 years. Until today. I tried to cast a movie today but nothing happened. I tried to re-install Chromecast but received a message to say Google no longer supports the cast facility from desktops and laptops. It will now only support a portable device such as a mobile phone or tablet. Grrr! I downloaded the Netflicks App to my phone and cast a movie anyway.

Sunday 9th June

090619 crowd
I have to say, so far there have been no official attendance numbers either for the overall 4 days or on the final day – Sunday. Unnoficial attendance on Sunday is probably around the 80,000 and all the food outlets were always busy.

We were both up early as we wanted to be away from the house by 8.30 am. As usual, that did not happen but we did get away by 8.45am. We planned to be at Coolangatta before 9.30 am as the Cooly Rocks On 2019 street parade began (or so I thought) at 9.30. It seems every second car on the M1was headed to Coolangatta as well. Not only that but they all seemed to want to park where we were going too. I underestimated the size of the crowd and misread the street parade time of 9am.

090619 fat boy
For some strange reason there were fewer Harley’s here than I expected. Indians seem to be taking over. If you have a spare $40,000 you have nothing else to do with you you could buy a Fat Boy like this.
090619 overview
View from Coolangatta Shopping Mall

Oh well, we missed the parade but got to see all the cars and motorcycles on display anyway.

090619 wotthe
This car clearly belongs to Darrel but what is it??? I thionk it could be a Hudson but maybe there is somebody out the in blog land who can tell me.
090619 plymouth
1936 Plymouth.
090619 jalopy
Another jalopy.

There were 340 cars on display from several states.

090619 hudson
This is a huidson but it has no door handles.

Actually it was a bit overwhelming.

090619 mustang2
I want a Mustang. Not sure about stripes though.
090619 mustang1
Yep, plain Gold would be suitable.
090619 mustang
Yes a simple Red Mustang would be acceptable.
090619 bowser
This man brought his own retro gear in his retro van.
090619 1934 ford saloon
This is a Ford Saloon car circa 1934.
090619 jalopy2
Coul this also be a Hudson?
090619 jalopy1
I do not know what this is. Lets’s just call it a hot rod or a jalopy.

Then of course there was the rock and roll bands in the street and dancing and pinball competition and retro markets and Poodle and Pugs Parade (that explains why there were so many poodles and pugs in the street and in the parks) and dance lessons and dance performances.

090619 banjo
This man punched out a rocking beat on a simople bvanjo made from a car number plate. It just so happens he was playing outside a tent where they were selling car number plates.

It was just crazy the number of people dressed in retro style and so many places selling retro style clothes and auto parts. Street food was everywhere as was rock and roll coming from 5 bandstands and being played around picnics.

090619 dance1
One of several street band stands. Note the danceers and the flared skirt.
090619 dance
Another band stand and danceres.

We stopped to watch a rock band and a dozen dancers on Marine Parade when we spied Colin and Sue from Mackay.

090619 colinsue
Colin and Sue from Mackay.

We were both pleased and surprised to see each other. They took up dancing lessons a year ago and flew down here to attend the festival and dance of course.

090619 surfers paradise
View of Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach from Greenmount Beach.

Donnis and I took a walk around Greenmount Point

090619 greenmount
Greenmount Beach and Hill.

to Rainbow Bay

090619 longboard1
Greenmount surf with Surferts Paradise as background.

and then on to Snapper Rocks.

090619 lifeguard
Snapper Rocks Luifeguard Station.

The three surf clubs, Greenmount,

090619 surfclub
Standing room only at one of three surf clubs within a few hundred mtrs of each other.

Rainbow Bay and Snapper Rocks were also busy with standing room only on their balconies overlooking the surf.

090619 snapperview
The afternoon waers on at Snapper Rocks.
090619 hanginfive
Hanging Five Toes Upon the Malibu – thanks to PeeWee Wilson and The Delltones.
090619 longboard
Greenmount. Longboard capital.

We did not get home until just on dark. What a great day out. We must put it on our calendar for next year. Perhaps by then our dance lessons will give us the skills and courage to join the other dancers.

090619 sky diver
Sky Divers put on performances and helicopter rides had a long queue all day.
090619 singers
These delightful ladies dressed so nicely sang A Cappella in the Coolangatta Shopping Mall.

090619 treeroots

090619 treeroots1
I was fascinated by bthese tree roots growing under, through and over rocks. Found at Tweed Heads NSW.

Tonight I played another movie on my phone and cast it to our TV. Great clear picture and sound.

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