680. Sunday 2nd June 2019. Donnis comes, home, learning to install CCTV and Fireworks…

Monday 27th May

My Facebook Photo Group – Aussie Photographers for Beginners – reached a milestone today when we reached and exceeded 250 members. I promised myself when I reached that milestone I would take on another 2 Administrators to share the work load. One person I approached asked many questions but unhesitatingly said yes. The other said no. Now I have to continue the search to find another and did what I thought was unthinkable. I asked on the Group FB page if anybody had the skills or the interest to take on the role. Late in the evening I got a reply and after a bit of discussion I now have two Admin to join me.270519 sunset

270519 street
Looking down from the Light Station to Tweed Heads

Donnis flight from Melbourne was due in at 6pm. I decided to leave early to go to Coolangatta before the peak hour traffic begins.

270519 snapper sunset2
Sunset through the Pandanus over the next 3 images.

270519 snapper sunset270519 snapper sunset3270519 snapper sunset1

I left just before 4pm and arrived at Snapper Rocks at 4.40pm in time to watch and photograph the sunset.

270519 skyline sunset
Looking from Snapper Rocks to Surfers Paradise with the changing face of a sunset and gradually zooming closer over the next 5 images.

270519 skyline sunset1270519 skyline sunset3270519 skyline sunset4270519 skyline sunset5270519 skyline sunset2

270519 lighttower
The Point Danger Light Station which straddles the Qld/NSW border.

Donnis flight arrived on time but baggage collection meant a wait of 20 minutes and we still got home just after 7pm.

270519 snapper sunset8
Sunset over the next 3 images

270519 snapper sunset5270519 snapper sunset4270519 snapper sunset7270519 snapper sunset6

270519 surfer
There were still board riders, boogie boarders and body surfers as it got darker.

Tuesday 28th May

A couple of weeks ago I ordered three sets of security cameras, a DVR and a monitor screen. I am going to set up CCTV on two other houses plus my own. The DVR and cameras have arrived and today I picked up the monitors. I suppose tomorrow will be a wash out as I begin the set up.

Wednesday 29th May

After Line Dancing I started unpacking the DVR and cameras, checking each item carefully. I then started to read the instructions and a moment (soon to be ages) of panic set in. The instructions said if you want to record to install a hard drive. I unscrewed the DVR cover. No hard drive is installed. WHAT!!! I checked my order, yes it tells a description of the DVR with the words + 1 TB HDD. Then in smaller print underneath. NO HDD included! Grrrr! Now I need to buy three HDD suitable for 24/7 security data recording, then install them. I checked the Monitor. It works and nothing extra to buy…Apart from the HDD. Phew!

My friend Mr Val assisted in locating a Western Digital 1 TB HDD suitable for 24/7 operation for $70. I ordered three.

Friday 31st May.

The 3 HDD have arrived at the warehouse so collected them. Gee they are heavy little suckers.

Over the last little while I have been evaluating several Bingo Apps for our monthly Bingo and Fish n Chips night. The ones offered as free are usually US in Origin and are 45 number offerings with BINGO plus a number. Those that do offer a 90 number game do not show the numbers on screen above 70. We finally purchased a professional game from the UK and after a week or two of installing and fine tuning we used it tonight. The attendees were quite impressed with our modern Bingo session where the numbers appear on our 75” smart TV.

Saturday 1st June

In the morning I installed the HDD in the DVR all going well I will put it all together and test the system tomorrow.

In the afternoon we travelled via bus and Light Rail – Tram – to Surfers Paradise to see SeaFire the World Fireworks Championships. Competing nations are New Zealand, Korea, The USA, Phillipines and Australia as a guest presenter. I have no idea how you judge a fireworks display and I am sure the other 95,000 people who braved a cold blustery wind and drizzling rain would have no idea how the judging works. We knew it would be a busy night as the Tram was standing room only and almost everybody got off at Cavill Avenue at Surfers Paradise. Every eating establishment was packed and there were queues of people waiting for a table. The take away outlets were jammed with hungry people. The Surfers Paradise Markets on the beachfront walkway were busy and people were sitting along any available space on the concrete walls and the beach was simply packed. Sensible people took their beach shelters, picnic blankets, tables and chairs. A light rain fell several times during the night but on each occasion we found shelter. The first event was a half dozen sky divers who performed twists and turns on their descent, each with a continuous burst of fiery sparks from fireworks strapped to their shoes. They all landed with pinpoint accuracy on a small fenced off area on the beach.

Several boats and or barges were anchored offshore just beyond the breaker line. The fireworks started and went on for about 10 minutes. We were further along the beach and could not hear the announcements so when the fireworks stopped we thought that was it for the night. In a few minutes another started. This was different but similar and had a longer, louder more fireworks packed into a crescendo finale that seemed to go on and on and ended with a loud bang. Soon it was announced the winner was the USA beating last years champions, The Phillipines. That’s it we said, time to make a bee line for the Tram stop to avoid the crowd. Oops. Another display started. This one had Australian music playing in sync. OK. It was the Australian Team Demo which for some reason we were not entered as a contestant. Call me parochial but the finale was simply spectacular and drew the loudest response from the audience. We thought it was the best display.

We walked to the tram station and joined many other people waiting along the back of the platform. Tram wardens were in place to ensure people were orderly and as many people as possible got on the trams. With trams running every 10 minutes we did not have to wait long. We changed to a bus at Southport and were home just after 9pm. I deliberately left my camera at home due to the extra weight and to take good night shots you really need a tripod. And time exposure. The photos we took with our mobile phone are useless.

Sunday 2nd June.

Today I did a temporary assembly of the CCTV system using just one camera. It has a great clear picture and the recording was saved to the HDD. Now I have to understand how the daily recordings can be accessed especially how the “movement detector “ works and how it is accessed. I also need to read up on how I can receive it on my mobile phone.

That’s a job for Monday and probably Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tonight I also played an hour of singles table tennis with Jenny who has a wicked forehand and plays a strong game. She was once a tennis professional and tennis coach. I was drenched by the time we finished.

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