676. Sunday 5th May 2019. A rant, a flight to Melbourne and a wonderful day at Coolangatta…

Thursday 2nd May

Last week I had a photo issue which I did not write about. Today another photo issue occurred which I feel compels me to mention. Especially if anybody shares a photo on Facebook OR The Internet for that matter. It does not make any difference if your photo is an unfocused happy family snap or a carefully arranged creative image which has been sensitively edited to achieve a work of art. It is especially true if you share on Facebook which is after all, supposedly a friendly, caring, sharing and embracing outlet. Although I use Facebook I do not like Facebook. OK here comes the long story. Get a coffee before you start to read.

I am sole Admin for an Australian based Facebook photo sharing group. When people apply to join they must answer three questions and obviously must be a Facebook member. Included in their application is a link to their FB profile. As a matter of interest I like to look at their profile or more correctly at their photos, if any. What their profile might reveal in terms of idealogical, political or other personal beliefs has no bearing on their application. (Although if the person was paedophile or terrorist that might take some soul searching on my part). One applicant had answered three questions so I looked at his FB photos where I was confronted by a photo which I knew I had taken way back in 2010. I compared the two side by side. To me they were the same in every way, not only visually but edit points were the same as were the number of pixels. I sent the two photos to a trusted source for a second opinion. The result was the same. Same photo in every respect including light shining from the same source direction.

I wrote to the applicant and said I had not yet approved the application and explained I was uncomfortable with the photo and could he provide an explanation (By the way one of the rules of every photo group I am involved in is that any photo must be your own work). Several hours later he replied saying he saw the photo on the wall of the Hebel Hotel which sits in a remote part of the Qld/NSW border. He took a photo of the photo and put it on his FB page. Hmmm. I realised I was dealing a very talented photographer and super talented photo editor who could take a photo of a photo and edit and crop perfectly. So perfect it is the same number of pixels! All cameras are different and have photo image of different sizes. How he managed to get his photo of photo image cropped to the exact size is brilliant.  I wrote to the applicant again and included a copy of our rules, bringing his attention to those relating to your own work and copies of photos not being acceptable. I asked if I approved his application could he abide by our rules?  I did not get a reply. That was a week ago and still no reply. I declined his application.

I also reported it to FB but not unexpectedly, they have not acknowledged my report let alone given any feedback.

Today on another group of which I am a member was a photo taken from the air of a small water course. The Admin asked the member if it was his own work. He replied, of course it was. It was taken in the Amazon – that’s a big area – from his Dad’s private helicopter. Another member asked the same question and this time he replied he used his own Phantom 4 Drone to take the photo. The Admin posted a link to a website where the photo was used to show some devastating eco damage in Africa! So far that member has not responded further. I did an International Tin Eye reverse search engine hunt on the photo. It has appeared on-line 52 times since 2016. Although the original photographer is not named there are enough resources to show where the photo came from. None were the person purporting the photo to be his own.

Why am I telling you this? If you are comfortable with your photos on FB not falling into the wrong hands than that is fine. If however you post family photos or as sometimes happens with younger people, more intimate or revealing photos, they can be taken and used by anybody anywhere, claimed as their own or used in a way not intended by you. As seems to be the case, FB is not prepared or not capable of follow up and will not or cannot help if you have a problem. Although FB state that photos always remain the property of the photographer, proof that it is your property is up to you. FB is tarred with the same Political Correctness brush that has invaded our world. They are too busy telling us how to run our lives they do not have time or resources to follow up on artistic or intellectual theft or piracy. Simply be careful what photos you show of your family, especially your children and even more especially your teenage children.  Do not expect any help or guidance from FB.

Friday 3rd May

Up at 5am to take Donnis to Coolangatta Airport for a flight to Melbourne as it is granddaughter  Hannah’s 6th birthday next week. Although there is a 7.30 am flight, Donnis is on stand-by. There is usually drama on arrival as there are 3 options. The flight is only partially booked and she gets a boarding pass immediately. That does not happen often. The flight is full or nearly full so we wait, along with the other stand by passengers to see if a passenger does a no show. Any spare seats are then allocated to seniority and then arrival at the airport times. The third version is the plane is fully booked and there are lots of stand by ahead of you. This is worst case scenario as you then wait for the next flight. Or the one after. Or the one after that and so on.

I dropped her at the airport and started to drive to Kirra Beach to see the surf and take a few photos. Before I arrived at the beach Donnis called. She has a ticket.

030519 kirra view
Rain clouds off Kirra Beach.

The surf was sloppy, the sky was dark with storm clouds and it was beginning to rain.

030519 rain over surfers
Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach almost hazed out by rain clouds.

There were no surfers in the water.

030519 rain over surfers1
A downpour of rain approaches Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach.

Time to head home and make myself bacon and egg for breakfast. Despite the rain I had a nice drive home along the Gold Coast Highway.

Saturday 4th May

A bowls match was planned at our green today. Within 20 minutes of starting it began to rain. The game was called off but it continued to rain anyway. The bowls committee had gone to a lot of trouble preparing meat pies, mashed potato and mushy peas with gravy plus a dessert. While some sat around socialising the table tennis players got in some match practise. Then it was time for a pie and couple of glasses of wine. We all had a good afternoon anyway.

Sunday 5th May

After a cool morning around 12° the day warmed up. It was brilliant sunshine so I decided to drive to Coolangatta for a day out.

050519 jok
Johnny O’Keefe famed Australian Rock star has a statue in his honour straddling the border of NSW and Qld – Coolangatta and Tweed Heads. It was often said he was Australia’s answer to Elvis Presley. He had a string of hits but was killed by an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in October 1978. How often have we heard of actors and singers dying of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs?

I forgot it was a long weekend and traffic along the Gold Coast Highway was heavy but from Surfers Paradise all the way to Coolie it was a good drive. Parking on the other hand was impossible. I drove into NSW and found a spot about half a Klm from the beach.

050519 cenotaph
Cenotaph at Tweed Heads. I had to park down near the tall building in Tweed Heads and walk back to Coolangatta and Greenmount.

Oh the sun was shining the water was warm and clear and the surf was only about 60cm and gentle.

050519 greenmount
Greenmount, famed for its long slow swell.

The surf from Kirra to Greenmount to Snapper Rocks was just rolling in wave after wave and was simply annoying.

050519 greenmount1
The surfing traffic was getting a bit busy.


050519 hanging 5 1
Gentle waves which go on and on.

Yes annoying.

050519 hangin five
This surfer dude has an unusual method of “hanging five toes upon the Malibu” From the hit song Hanging Five by the Delltones.

I was annoyed I did not bring my boogie board and not out there enjoying it.

050519 malibu
Gentle, clean clear waves, ideal for Malibu boards.

Almost every board was a Malibu.

050519 pandanus fgrame
Greenmount Beach framed through Pandanus.

The waves were probably too slow for the hot dog boards.

I recalled my first visit from NSW to Qld many years ago. We arrived at Kirra and the waves were perfect as was the water temp.

050519 surfers1
and yet another skyline

The next day we surfed from Snapper Rocks all the way through to Greenmount.

050519 surfers
and yet another, this time framed by a Pandanus and populated with board riders.

After walking around and going bananas taking photos I had lunch and drove through Tweed Heads and onto the M1.

The weather forecast is for another prefect day tomorrow with even better surf.

050519 surfers2
Looking back at the skyline from Greenmount Hill
050519 surfers3
I never tire of the Surfers Paradise/Broadbeach skyline. This one is from Greenmount Beach
050519 thc sc
Many moons ago this was the Greenmount SLSC. and they would have open air rock bands on a Saturday afternoon. My friend Karl and I had just surfed at Kirra Beach and were getting in the car to drive to Greenmount. I got my fingers jammed in the car door. Blood blisters formed and I was in pain. Karl use a nail file to file through 3 fingernails to expose the blood blisters then poked a needle into them to release the blood and the pressure. I am not sure if I passed out then or after listening to the rock band. We then drove 700 Klms back to Toukley in NSW. I was unconscious on the back seat most of the time.
050519 pink hotel
The Pink Hotel. This was once called the Seaview Motel. The new owners painted it pink. put in an eatery, a tattoo parlour, a boutique and a bar with a stage for a band. It reminded me of Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi and the words, “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot, with a pink hotel a boutique and a swinging hotspot”. It seems that mural of, I’m guessing, Joni Mitchell, was not there 6 months ago.

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