675. Sunday 28th April 2019. ANZAC Day is the focus this week…

Monday 22nd April

I had one of these days. I wrote about it once before  (December 2016) but it is worthwhile repeating here today.

Does anybody else have these kind of days?

I have a Scratchit Ticket to be umm err scratched.

I need a coin to scratch so go to the bedroom to find a coin.

I find the washing which I brought in earlier, left on the bed and still have not folded and put away.

I start on matching the socks when I spy a Tea Towel and remember when putting the tea towel in the wash I forgot to replace it in the kitchen.

I go to the hall cupboard to get a fresh tea towel to take to the kitchen. Once in the kitchen I spy the Scratchit ticket and head to the bedroom once again to get a coin but the laptop goes DING! With a Facebook Messenger delivery but before I open the message I recall I am waiting on an email so check that first. While responding I recall the Facebook Message so quickly open that, read the message and start to reply when I recall I am still thirsty since an hour ago and was going to get a glass of water in the kitchen.

So I stop the Facebook message and go to the kitchen for a glass of water but there I spy the Scratchit which is still unscratched and recall I was headed to the bedroom for a coin.

I see the washing again and start folding those now sorted socks when I spy a hand towel and recall I did not replace the hand towel yesterday when I put a hand towel in the wash.

I go to the hall cupboard to get a hand towel and on my way to the kitchen spy the open laptop and recall the unfinished Facebook message. I complete the message and Facebook Dings once more with a new post from a friend. Eventually I see the hand towel on the table and wonder what it is doing there.

Ding! I was going to put it in the kitchen. As I do so see the tea pot is still unemptied from breakfast so empty it into the garden and back to the kitchen to rinse it and realise I still have not washed the dishes but at the same time spy the Scratchit and need a coin and head to the bedroom where I see the unfolded washing on the bed.


Where has my day gone?

Wednesday 24th April

Today we spent most of the day setting up the clubhouse for our Anzac Day Luncheon, catering for 60 people. In the afternoon we set up the park area around our cenotaph. We erected 3 shade shelters but realised we needed another 3. A quick phone call to our local Federal Member for the seat of Fadden, Stuart Robert and we were lent another 3 shade shelters. The caravan park staff were seconded to tidy up the gardens around the cenotaph and apply fresh mulch. We then realised we were missing a Queensland flag. A quick phone call to the state member, Sam O’Connor and he provided a flag. Within an hour we had the 3 shade shelters and a new flag. About 40 chairs were provided by the caravan park and we had another 50 chairs.

|Hmmm! I think we need a new Australian Flag for next year. We will call on Stuart Robert to see if he can provide that, without cost.

Thursday 25th April

I was awake at 4.30 am and up at our private Cenotaph beside Biggera Creek by 5am.

I set up my phone to the ABC Listen App and connected to ABC Brisbane who would broadcast the Anzac Dawn Service from the Australian War Memorial, Canberra. The new 3.5mm audio 3m cable I purchased yesterday was not a tight fit in my phone but was suitable to fit the Microphone in jack on our loudspeaker system. That meant I would have to hold the plug tightly in the phone for the entire ceremony. My fingers became numb but as soon as I relaxed the tension the speakers would crackle and signal was lost.

We had about 20 people attend the dawn service.

My sutures from skin cancer surgery last week have become infected and are red and inflamed. Luckily I saw a doctor at 10am and Donnis went off to find a chemist to fill the anti -biotics prescription. Considering it is a public holiday my doctor was working until midday and a chemist opposite the hospital was open.

Soon it was 11 am and our next service. We had around 80 people attend, some family of residents, some from the caravan park next door and Sam O’Connor, Qld State Member for Bonney. Sam is well liked, respected and trusted within the community. All politicians should be like him.

I played the various hymns, music, odes and bugle calls on my first release, trusty Apple iPad from 2010. Apart from one very minor glitch at the very beginning it was a smooth presentation.  It is the only Apple device I trust and it is somewhat restricted. It is so old it can no longer be updated. The last update was in 2014. Still it is good for playing music and doing photo slide shows.

Apart from old standards such as Abide With Me and Amazing Grace I chose to steer away from playing songs that are done every year. To close the service I played “I was only 19”, a song written by John Shumann a member of the band, Red Gum. I played the original song with its sountracks of helicopters and gunfire. Everybody sat still and took in the words of this Vietnam War era song with so much meaning. Afterwards people spoke about the meaning of the song and how it resonated with them.

Afterwards we went to our clubhouse for a catered lunch. Sam joined us and fitted in by talking with people, giving a brief speech and answering questions. By now our local councillor Krysten Boulton for Division 4 joined us. Krysten also gave a short speech and answered questions, immediately gaining trust by speaking without a microphone with a beer in her hand. She loves dancing and discovered we have a Rock and Roll night coming up in June and has already stated she will be coming. I had Krysten sitting beside me and Sam opposite me so had a wonderful opportunity to talk politics.

Next we had a two up session played with paper money and an opportunity to win a bottle of wine.

Afterwards we took down the fold up tables and packed away much of the items brought out for occasion. The anti-biotics must really be battling the infection in my body. By 3pm I was so tired and so much muscular soreness and quite a bit of pain, so I went to bed and slept for 2 hours.

Friday 26th April

Once again I was up early as I had an appointment with my doctor at 7.45. He spent some time with me explaining why the surgery cut is made in a certain direction and how the bodies own shape of muscles etc determines the direction of the incision. Then he removed the sutures and sprayed some liquid nitrogen on spots on my hip and we are all finished. Now I have pain on my left leg and pain in several spots on my right hip. I am walking funny.

Sunday 28th April

My leg is still sore but also need to exercise. I arranged to play table tennis with Jenny who lives here in our village for most of the year. She and husband Tony own a house in Tamworth so go backwards and forwards every couple of months. Jenny is probably the youngest person in our village and was once a professional tennis player and coach. She plays table tennis like she plays tennis. She gives no quarter and asks none. We played for over an hour and were both lathered in sweat. That is the exercise I need.

I weighed myself tonight and I have lost 3 Kg. It does not sound like much of a loss especially as I have reduced meal sizes and increased my cardio vascular exercise. The specialist did say that slow steady weight loss is what he is looking for and wants to see me lose 4 Kg by our appointment in June. I could perhaps lose more weight by dramatically reducing carbohydrate intake but according to our discussion I do not eat a lot of bread or potatoes and only have pasta once a week.

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