672. Sunday 7th April 2019. Cleaning and re-arranging a back room…

Monday 1st April

The morning started off cool and gradually warmed. A phone call from the smash repairer said my car would be ready by 4pm. Then another call to say my battery is dead. It needs replacing. Ouch! There goes another $240.

Cleaning up the back room after the water damage a couple of weeks ago, I discovered lots of little pieces of the broken skylight. Many of them are about the size of twenty cent piece but are about the same colour as the bare concrete floor. I can hear them as the vacuum cleaner starts to pick them up. There are so many of them they cannot fit through the vacuum hose it soon becomes blocked. I turn off the power and they drop out again. I now have to get on hands and knees and brush them up. Even after doing this 4 times I still find small pieces.

I30 is home and looks great. It sure is a delight to drive compared to the Toyota Corolla hire car. The hire car was sluggish and very slow on the accelerator. The i30 responds instantly.

I also collected some carpet from Bunnings. The dimensions means it will fit the room perfectly. At the same time I collect some shelving brackets and Melamine  sheets.

Tuesday 2nd April

A final clean of the bare concrete floor and roll out the carpet. Oops somehow my measurements are wrong by about 15 cm on one side. No worries I have folded that piece of carpet up the wall and it will be hidden by the wall units when they are placed back in the room.

I then built in shelves on two walls and quickly filled them. After 4 years we now have somewhere off the floor to store our collection of suitcases. Hmmm! Now I wonder. We have a huge collection of backpacks and briefcase type bags. If only I could find a place for them.

In the afternoon we started bring the bookshelves back into the room. Now to unpack the books and re-pack the bookshelves and wall units.

I must admit the room is looking good. The water which came in through the skylight may have been a blessing in disguise. Expensive and time consuming but a blessing none the less.

Wednesday 3rd April.

Line dancing this morning. Painters have been in last week and I discovered all the connections for the TV, amplifier, DVD player, CD player and antenna and power connections were disconnected. Grrr! I spent the morning trying to re-connect but discovered the three rear speakers are not working. Everything else is now working as it should. I gave up.

The wall units and bookshelves are back in place. Whatever was in the garage has been re-arranged and also gave us an opportunity to get rid of stuff we have not used for a few years.

We also started re-arranging the garden sheds and getting rid of more unwanted stuff.

Thursday 4th April

Work in the garage, back room and sheds continues. We are almost finished but tomorrow should see it all looking good and tidy, giving us a bit more room. (to fill with more junk I suppose)

Sunday 7th April

Nothing but routine boring stuff over the last few days. Donnis is still sorting through books and other things and created two piles. Stuff we have not used in 2 years and probably should be thrown out or given away. The other pile is stuff we have not used in 2 years and will be kept. So far everything is in the “keep” pile. I managed to sort out one of our garden sheds, got rid of stuff I have not used in 2 years – actually Donnis helped me decide what to throw out. Funny how she can help me decide what goes but I cannot help her decide what goes! I can now move about in both sheds.


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