Day: April 1, 2019

670. Monday 25th to Thursday 28th March 2019. Washing machine woes and we fly to Sydney for a wedding…

I have only posted half a week as there are lots of photos. 

Monday 25th March 2019

The day started off hot as seems to be the case lately. Summertime Blues in the middle of Autumn. If I can handle summer in the summer I can handle summer in Autumn.

I rode to Southport Bridge over to the other side turned around underneath and back again. I got started at 6am before the heat of the day began but as I progressed the crowds began. That was a good 20 Klm plus ride.

I planted some Portulaca ( a sort of succulent ) about three weeks ago. They have started blooming including three different coloured flowers on the one plant.

I also noticed the Orchid which has been planted against the base of a Golden Cane Palm but was in the shadow of a very bushy flowering plant whose name escapes me. I cut that plant back to a bare stump just after Christmas. It was just what the Orchid needed. More sunlight but still dappled shade. This morning I just noticed three wonderful Orchid blooms, the first blooms since I planted it.

240319 orchid
After 4 years my orchid suddenly blooms.

Our Samsung Front Loader washing machine stopped working over the weekend. There was an error message on the screen. Same error as July last year when Samsung replaced the part. They normally provide a 2 year warranty but unwritten they extend that to 5 years, Our warranty ran out in January. No worries say I. I bought a 5 year extended warranty from Harvey Norman when I bought the washer. Rang the extended warranty people who said no your warranty ran out in Jan as well. How can that be? Surely the warranty kicks in after the manufacturers warranty expires. Nope. Their warranty commences on the day of purchase. That means I am paying for two years of warranty for no reason.  Grrr!

Another good day to stay indoors but also a good opportunity to pack our bags for the flight to Sydney in the morning.

Tuesday 26th March

We were on the road by 7.15am and despite a short time spent on the M1 Carpark it soon turned into the motorway it was designed to be. We arrived at Alpha Car Parking at Coolangatta well ahead of schedule. We left our car and the shuttle bus took us to the airport where we arrived at 8.15am an hour ahead of schedule. We presented ourselves at the check-in where I fully expected to be given boarding passes. Nope they said. Come back 30 minutes before departure. After cooling our heels and keeping my frustration under control we arrived back at the appointed time. No boarding pass. The plane was fully booked and all passengers have booked in. Can we get on the 10.30 am flight? It is fully booked and there are 12 standby passengers ahead of you. What about the next flight at 2.30pm? It is also fully booked but you are short listed as stand by 1 & 2. As well, the next flight at 4.30pm was impossible but there is a chance of picking up seats on the 7.30pm which is also the last flight of the day. Come back at 1.45. We did. Nothing. At 2pm our names were called. Some passengers did not arrive so here are you boarding passes. One gets 3A and the other gets 16F. Both window seats. Of course once we landed in Sydney it is an hour later than our clocks tell us. While our clocks say 4pm it is actually 5pm. We catch a train to Wolli Creek where we change for the Cronulla Line. Bev picks us up at the station and we are at her home at 6.15 in time for dinner. Curried honey chicken on a bed of rice with crispy fresh vegetables on the side. Peter is not well and is still asleep.

Wednesday 27th March

We did not do much today as Peter is sick and Bev is working. Sisters Enid and Sandra arrived in time for dinner.

Thursday 28th March

We did a bit of mooching around the house for a few hours until it was time to get dressed for the wedding. All 6 of us piled into Bevs 7 seater Honda and we drove to Gerringong about 100 Klms to the south, past Wollongong and past Kiama. It is a beautiful drive once you get through the traffic bottleneck at Albion Park Rail. Particularly pretty is the drive through Minnamurra, Bombo and the hills above Kiama and the final drive down the hill into Gerringong.

We were in Gerringong for the wedding of Bev and Petes youngest son, Mitchell, to Sam (antha) Smith. Mitchell is an air traffic control officer at Sydney Mascot Airport. The wedding was held at a multi -function and accommodation location called Soul of Gerringong.     This is a wonderful location on a hill which although no view in any direction is not far from Werri Beach

280919 werri beach
From the hillside looking down on Werri Beach.

and just above Gerringong Boat Ramp Cove.

280319 cemetery
View from top of hill at Gerringong, over the cemetery to Boat Harbour Cove.
280319 trees
A row of Norfolk Island Pines along the next hill from Gerringong. It is interest the same trees lined the hilly street in Gerringong. Almost a mirror image of each other.

Mitch and Sam did a few things differently.

280319 family
From L to R. My sisters Sandra, Enid, Bev, then Sam and Mitchell, Peter Donnis and me.

They had the wedding on a Thursday to coincide with the date they met 8 years ago. The wedding commenced at 2.30pm. The wedding cake was a three tiered set of cheese rounds. For a little while, the cake was kept at a distance so we could only guess what it was. It looked like strange coloured cake of different sizes and colour. Once we were allowed up close we could smell the unmistakable aroma of a smoked cheddar cheese.

280319 cake
The Cheese Wedding cake. It has a splattering of Gold Leaf, flowers and tips of Pampas Grass.

Mitch and Sam are cheese lovers. The cutting of the cake was interesting as the top layer was a Camembert or a Brie which of course means the first slice was clinging to the knife and they could only feed each other tiny morsels.

280319 sm
Sam and Mitchell prepare to cat the cake and do a bit of cheese tasting.

The guest list was below 50, close friends and family only.

280319 mhd
Mitch, his nephew Huxley and his brother David

There was no sit down meal but there was a 4.30pm snack of cheeses,  crackers, various meats, olives, dips and fruit and a small slab of honeycomb.

280319 sisters
Sisters Enid, Beverley and Sandra

Later a local man made a Paella, seafood, Chorito or vegetable

280319 paella
The Paella man. I always thought Paella was a seafood and rice dish but it seems there is now a Chorito and a Vegetarian version.

It was quite a pleasant experience being part of a small intimate wedding party.

280319 bsmp
Bev, Sam the Bride, Mitchell the Groom and Pete.

I suppose having the wedding on a Thursday at 2.30 would make it difficult for some people to attend.

280319 fme
Me Mitchell and Enid.

A small band played and dancing continued until 10pm. We arrive back at Bev and Petes by 11.35pm.

280319 cstania
The Bride, Sam, flanked by her sister Chloe and her mother Tania while the official photographer coaches them on a pose.
280319 ap
Peter and his granddaughter April.
280319 tc
Sams mother Tania and her stepfather, Craig.
280319 bmd
My sister Bev husband Pete and their son, the Groom. Mitchell.