Day: March 24, 2019

669. Sunday 24th March 2019. Heavy rain damage, i30 goes to the smash repairer and food, glorious food…

Monday 18th March

Boy, did we have a lot of rain last night. Probably in the region of 200mm or more. I know we had two buckets in the back of the house and they were both full this morning. Other people with rain gauges are also reporting the same 200 mm or more.

We noticed a leak in our back room behind the garage. That was last night. This morning the carpet and underlay are soaked. The water came from two places. The two clear roof panels have deteriorated over the years and some hail a month or so ago has weakened them further and they leaked enormously. The floor level is lower than the river pebble path beside the house. The volume of rain flooded the near level pathway and seeped into the back room which is little more than a simple built in at the back of the garage which itself was a filled in carport some time in the past.

The room is used mainly for storage and our bookshelves. We emptied the bookshelves and moved all the furniture into the garage. The carpet and underlay were pulled up and set aside ready for the tip.

We have to replace the 2 clear panels in the roof and that will be done this weekend.

I also took i30 to the panel beaters for assessment. The work will take two weeks. Three panels have to be replaced while three can be repaired. The front and rear wheels need to go on wheel aligner to check for problems as well as the rims themselves if still OK will have the scratches polished out.  I left the car with them. A taxi took me to Europe Car where I picked up a near new Toyota Corolla and was home in time for coffee.

The Club laptop which went pop 10 days ago was returned from Singapore this evening.

Tuesday 19th March.

Rode the bike beyond Southport Bridge this morning. Later a friend, Frank, helped take the carpet and underlay to the tip in his trailer. He has the same model Corolla as our hire car although it is 3 years old.

Thursday 21st March

Very heavy rain again tonight. We were not long home from Table Tennis when down came the rain in a thunderous roar. I checked the back room. The damaged alsynite is right above the opening for the inner and outer wall. The water was pouring down on the inside of the window, hitting the window sill and splashing on the floor as well as overflowing and running down the wall beneath the window sill. All going well this should be fixed by Saturday.

Friday 22nd March

The days are still hot and Donnis is melting. Temperatures are hovering around 30° or even a degree or two below. Yes it is untypical of Autumn weather but there have been similar instances in the recorded past.

Donnis son Peter, lent us, at his insistence, a large and heavy, Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. The first recipe in the book is called Basic Vanilla Ice Cream. I was not expecting much of a result but we followed the instructions, plus an additional 15 minutes and placed it all into a 1 litre container, in the freezer. We will test it tomorrow night.

Saturday 23rd March

Actually somebody, who shall remain nameless, could not wait to test the ice cream as I found two scoops missing when I went to open it tonight. Hmmm! Ok Ok, I will jump ahead to tonight. Fresh peaches lightly blanched with a couple of scoops of our home -made ice cream. ( Just as a matter of interest Donnis had bought a case of peaches for $5 about a week ago. Yes, that is correct, $5. After she peeled and cut them she froze the slices. Then, today, she found another case of peaches, probably the last of the season. They were not so good, only half worth eating. She peeled, cut and blanched this lot but we still ended up with a lot of peaches) Well, I just have to say it was very nice, great texture, nicely frozen but not icy, strong taste of vanilla and lovely and creamy. Hmmm! I did not expect such a great result. I have not yet done the maths but it probably works out a little dearer for a litre.

I should mention that Donnis seems to find fruit and veg bargains. Usually a case for $5. Our freezer is packed with, blueberries, apples, peaches, strawberries, cherries and mango. She also bought a case of capsicum a few weeks ago so peeled and roasted them and packed them in jars in olive oil and Italian Spices. We have a fruit and veg shop across the street in Harbourtown Shopping Centre. The shop is open 24/7. Yes, 24/7. Even I have gone there at 4.30 am to buy milk and eggs. At that hour the staff are packing and checking produce is suitable, shelves are packed and a cashier on checkout.

Our friend Graham and I replaced the two damaged alsynite panels in the room behind the garage. Now all we need is some heavy rain to check for leaks!

Late in the afternoon we drove to The Broadwater 230319 boatsat Labrador and were amazed at the number of people down by the waterside. Family barbecues, couples win wine or coffee, individuals with dogs all taking in the view.

230319 wreck
I showed this wreck last week describing it as perhaps a fire. On close inspection it it just simple, total, inexcusable neglect. I have no idea why the houseboat is within a metre in shallow water. The houseboat on closer also looks neglected.
230319 wreck1
More abandoned than wrecked. All worthwhile parts including motor have been removed.

We saw a huge boat on the other side, just in front of Sea World. This luxury Trimaran is a monster capable of carrying 400 passengers. It was on its maiden voyage of a sunset cruise which had been booked out for weeks. Tomorrows cruise is also booked out.

230319 YOT
Monster passenger boat. See the YOT Club website.

230319 YOT1


It was low tide so walked along the sand all the way to Loder Creek and back.

The Broadwater Caravan Park is set on Loder Creek and faces The Broadwater. A two bedroom waterfront cabin will cost $1,300 a week in the shoulder season.

230319 vanpark1
These cabins which have a creek side outlook are available for around $1,200 per week.

That price jumps to $1,700 around December and increases again in January.

230319 vanpark1
These cabins which have a creek side outlook are available for around $1,200 per week.
230319 sunset
Just as we were about to leave the sky turned a pink and orange colour.

We wanted a simple dinner tonight so had smoked salmon on toasted Rye Sourdough with a sprinkling of capers with a nice salad including fetta cheese. So simple so tasty.

What’s wrong with having smoked salmon 3 or 4 times a week? Donnis bought a huge half kilo slab at the 24/7 fruit shop and froze it in small 2 serve packages. It is a light meal but satisfying.

Sunday 24th March

Another hot day. It was simpler to stay indoors, turn on the AC and I spent time working on Aussie Photography for Beginners the Facebook Photo site I was thrown in the deep end as Admin two weeks ago. I have increased membership, had inactive members now active. increased participation from around 7 photos a week to 142 in two weeks. I also introduced a photo competition and have been quite busy.