Day: March 4, 2019

666. (Oooh a bad number) Sunday 3rd March 2019. A Wedding Anniversary and the words in sickness and in health sprang to mind as we are both still sick…

Monday 25th February

Tonight a good friend pointed out that over the last several years I/we have had more episodes of illness than the average person. Probably true. I did counter that with, I/We also travel and attend more public events than the average person our age. When travelling overseas your body is put through an unusual set of physical circumstances. For example lining up at security screening where bodies are pretty much close together, while on the plane itself we are confined with another 300 odd people for 14 or 15 hours straight and breathing re-cycled air. Add to that the body clock and natural rhythms are upset giving us jet lag and putting our natural immunities on high alert. It is not just International flights where we are exposed to germs while waiting for security and sitting in a plane for a couple of hours. Of course when you visit family there are young children who carry illness around unknowingly. To start off the process I am not a good public transport traveller and find timetables and security checks and waiting a bit stressful. Stress lowers the immune system.

Last year when we flew to Canada and USA, although I felt tired I was pretty much OK until we caught two flights. One from Prince Edward Island to Montreal and from there to Calgary. Just prior to the flight we spent four days in a car on a roadtrip with a young child. Also travelling from the damp cold of PEI to the hot dusty interior of Calgary was a bit of a shock to the body. Apart from the cold and the damp in one location then dust and heat along with stress there was some interaction with young children on arrival in Calgary. I was sick for the next ten days.

This year we flew to Melbourne – stressful flights – and an intermingling with young children I was sick for most of our visit.

More recently we flew to Mackay and again I got sick within a day of arriving.

Maybe, like the Asians, I will start wearing a mask when I travel by plane.

Of course that is my explanation of getting ill.

It does not cover the subject of injuries! That subject will need a full week long explanation.

Tuesday 26th February

Wednesday 27th February

Thursday 28th February

Happy Anniversary to us!!!

All this week we have been keeping a low profile as we are still not well. We watched the Academy nominated movie, The Wife where Glenn Close missed out on the award yet again. The movie was a bit slow and tedious with dialogue yet somehow I sat through the whole experience which is more than I can say about A Star is Born.

We also watched the short animated film BAO which also won an Oscar.

We even missed out on playing table tennis tonight. My mind wanted to play but stepping outside in the cool night air brought on a coughing fit. We stayed home.

We have promised ourselves a day out, when we are better, to celebrate our anniversary. Perhaps a lunch cruise on the Brisbane River, or a lunch cruise on the Gold Coast Broadwater, one which exits the Gold Coast Seaway and out into the open ocean. Then of course we could take a drive to Brisbane and catch the car ferry to North Stradbroke Island and drove to Point Lookout, perhaps later in the year when whale watching season begins. Or maybe even a day long whale watching cruise. Or even just drive to Cabarita Point to watch the whales and have fish and chips at the best Fish and Chippery in the region, the Stunned Mullet.

Friday 1st March

Getting better.

Sunday 3rd March

Friday and Saturday we watched more movies as it was raining, heavily at times, off and on and a cold wind was blowing. Not good day to venture down to the beach for a walk.

Tonight we watched a documentary called Three Identical Strangers. It was about triplets, separated at birth, adopted to three different parents and grew up not knowing they had brothers. A coincidence occurred when one triplet started a new school but students all seemed to know him…by a different name. The story escalated how the brothers met and the story made the news. Another family saw the news and the photo and now there were three brothers who met for the first time after 19 years and they all looked the same and their mannerisms were the same etc. A good but sad story if you can get hold of the movie. I am sure it would be on Netflix.

This week in 2011 I was house sitting on top of what is called a mountain at Traveston in the Sunshine Coast area. I was still putting up with storms, thunder, lightning, rain plus sunny days and humidity. This is the view from my bedroom window in WWWGO across the valley to Mount Cooran. Somewhere out there are the beaches around Noosa etc.